Sunday, October 9, 2011

Christmas with Pam and Family 1958

I'm absolutely in love with this Christmas reel showing Pam and her family. Pam would have been a little over two years old here. The woman in the plaid pants is her Mom and the man in the red sweater is her Dad. I thank that from the sequence of events and decor and wardrobe changes, they probably opened presents at two different locations: her family home and then her grandparents' home.

This is pretty much how I've always pictured Christmas in 1958 to be. Red ruffled underpants and cowboy outfits. Enjoy!

And as a p.s. - thanks SO much to those of you who donated and passed the word to help get postcards to assist in finding Skippy Lou. Our goal was reached and the postcards will land in mailboxes on Tuesday. All fingers and paws crossed for her safe return home soon. We're still working day and night and hope that we can soon report to you that we've found her. Please send prayers and good thoughts.

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Sara In AZ said...

Awwww, love that doll in the buggy! SO super sweet to see their family Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

i love this so much! the ruffle grannie panties! do you think those were for baby doll pjs?? classic stuff. love pam's new dress and her bonnet! killer.

bitter69uk said...

Fascinating stuff -- this is real social history, a glimpse of what an average family Christmas in the late 50s would have been like. And I would totally wear the red and black cowboy shirt with the white piping the little boy is wearing!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

i'm so happy the goal was reached! skippy lou just HAS to make her way home.
and that video is perfect. i recently got to watch my dad's family movies and i wanted to cry the whole time because they were so awesome. i watched a video my grandparents made by playing a projector and filming the wall. i hope i can convince them to let me have a few of the reels to play on my projector! they dont' have one anymore .

Johanna said...

If we could just step inside the picture. . .

My aunt had a doll just like that but with black hair. It was saved and became one of the dolls I played with as a youngster at my grandparents' house.

Thank you so much for sharing these priceless gems!