Monday, February 28, 2011

They Can't All Be Good Ones

Hey buckaroos! Done any good thrifting lately? I sure hope that you've had some successes as I sure haven't. I keep having dud thrift store days. Coupled with the fact that Easter is coming up and the thrift stores use this as their excuse to bring out every basket ever donated, I'm having to keep a sense of humor about my thrifting. It's not hard though. I've always enjoyed the novelty side of thrift store finds almost as much as the great scores.

My latest trip yielded the opportunity to purchase the following items (and no..even though I'm not always known for my tasteful choices, I didn't buy any of these!)

First up..

Ain't nobody here but us grandchickens!

This one especially made me giggle because I feel like I know just where the person who made this was coming from and who it was probably gifted to. As a person who has no kids, my parents get lots of talk about the alternate grands from my household - "alternate grands" being anything that isn't an actual living, breathing human grandchild but something else that we barren children use to try and replace living, breathing human grandchildren though they often fall short of the goal.

Such as:

Badly Behaved Mannequin Boys

Badly Behaved House Cats

Kind of makes grandchickens look better and better, doesn't it? As someone who has actually given my parents gifts or notes signed from alternate grands in the past, I especially appreciate the cheerful gold glitter paint on the frame here and the sheer size of the frame (huge!) and have to wonder if it was gifted by a child to their parent or if perhaps...just perhaps the grandparent made this for themselves because they loved their grandchickens so much. And what is the resale possibility of this item? I love thrift stores - if for nothing else than their unfailing optimism that there is a buyer for everything...and let me remind you that there is:

Didn't expect to see her again, did you?

Sorry about that. Need something to wash the bad taste of pantyhose crafted thrifting past out of your mouth? Maybe this next item will be useful. Here we have something that I have never seen in a thrift store:

A Pimp Cup!

Bless it's heart with it's crookedly applied glittery ribbon trim. Not nearly as "royale" as advertised on the carton. Did the receiver of this gift keep it in the original carton for a while before resigning themselves to the fact that they just weren't pimp material and never would be? I'd like to have seen the thrift store pricer deciding what price category a pimp cup should go in. $8.99 is hardly royale. It's hard out there for a pimp cup.

And to round things out:

Cute Kitten Resting In A Stripper Heel

(You hear that? That's my blog hit counter working overtime from stripper heel fetishists hitting the pavement at Ranch Dressing after phrase searching on Google. Welcome y'all!)

Okay seriously, how can a jacked-up pimp cup go for $8.99 when this beauty is a mere $1.99? And that poor kitten! Left pining at home alone again while its owner goes out to earn the cat litter money. Story of my life, I tell ya.

Well kids, those were pretty much the highlights of my latest thrifting trip. It just goes to show that some days are epic "oh my god, this vintage Pyrex bowl doesn't even have a chip!" days and other days are well, Grandchicken Pimpin' Kittens In Stripper Heels kinds of days.

Until next time (one man's trash is another man's treasure, yo),
x's and o's,


MissGinger said...

i am with you all the way - one mans trash etc - i may blog on some of my favourite in my house and im sure it will send shivers done some people spins... i love the chickens! x

Betty2Tone said...

I haven't had much luck the last few thrifting trips I've been on either. I wonder what's going on

Eartha Kitsch said...

Miss Ginger: I'd love to see that post! And yeah, I've got a lot of that stuff too. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. And thank goodness for thrift stores bringing us items that we'd never even realized that we needed until we saw them there there on the shelves. :)

Betty2Tone: I think that with the economy being so bad, lots of people are keeping stuff or selling it instead of donating it. Also more people are out there trying to stretch their money by buying used instead of new. There might also be more people reselling vintage stuff these days to make ends meet.

I sure do remember those good ole days!

Sara In AZ said...

I agree thrifting sure has been real lean these past few months. I hope it gets better soon! You are probably right that more people are selling the stuff instead of donating it.

How on earth could you pass on that "Pimp" cup girl??? I'm drinkin' outta mine right now! :)

I sure did miss that pantyhose doll, glad we could see her one more time!:)

Eartha Kitsch said...

Sara: I just bet that you are! Classy! And as soon as I can find the right sized box, that pantyhose broad will show up at your house. :D

Charm and Poise said...

I'm sad about that kitten shivering in the stripper shoe. At least mama could've tucked a thong in the toe to keep it warm!

I need a pimp cup to take to class with me. Instant respect from my students!

Eartha Kitsch said...

I know! Kittens don't need much. :(

If I could know that you were drinking out of that cup in front of your students, I'd gladly pay that king's ransom!

Charm and Poise said...

My pimp cup needs to be heat proof so I can put my coffee in it. If it were, I totally would use it!

Eartha Kitsch said...

I'm sure that we could do a custom order pimp mug!

Bandita said...

samsies, i haven't had any luck either besides a random cool frame here or funky mug there... bring on spring cleaning already!!!

Eartha Kitsch said...

I'm with you, Bandita! Folks, clean out your that we can have it! :)

Sparkleneely said...

I actually just scored big time last week, after a long, long dry spell... I haven't found anything in thrift stores in AGES. Of course it was all junk and records, but it was so fun to go up to the counter with an armload of stuff for once. My favorite from the haul: a paperback copy of "Born Innocent" with Linda Blair on the cover!

And I'll have you know, Jennye sent me the photo of pantyhose doll the other day, laughing so hard she was crying. So she will NEVER go away!!!


Jen said...

Oh, that pantyhose doll...I have to Listerine my brain!

I've never thought of sending my parents cards and gifts from their grandcollie and grandkitties. That is a superb idea, and I am getting RIGHT on it. With glitter on.

Also, can't get over the cute kitten in a stripper a cheap 'oak' frame. They didn't spring for, I don't know, ebony?

Jen said...

OH! And your bad thrifting...It may be MY fault, Eartha. I just found three darling pair of gloves and a KILLER vintage hat. On the same day. In the same shop. So...sorry. Come on up & we'll go back as a team. The vintage linens in this shop would make your eyes pop out!

monogirl said...

Your badly behaved grand-cats made me laugh. I've got a pair of those.
And the chicken photo is hi-larious!

Amber Von Felts said...

Oh gawd, that's funny! Great post, you are right not all thrifting days are winners. Way to find the silver lining!

RetroRuth said...

Those naughty, naughty kitties!!! I know how that is. Sometimes it seems like the fighting will never end. :)

Thrifting has been okay here. Since it is too cold for garage sales, most everything gets donated from now until May. I picked up the most amazing vintage purse ever yesterday and another vintage suit to comfort me after having to sell the other one.

Chin up, lady! Spring is coming soon, and lovely, lovely spring cleaning!

Miss RM said...

Oh, thrifting up here is the pits right now! It's like the store KNOWS they only have five good items, so they put them in those annoying bags so that you have to take home a pile of plastic crap just to get the good stuff! That said, thrifting down south, you know, closer to Detroit where I'd come pick you up, is still excellent! Just sayin'....

That chicken art is marvelous! I'm glad you photographed it for posterity!

She's Sew Slye said...

each and every item you showcased was absolutely frightening. I'm scared to go to the thrift store now! ok, I'm not.

you always make me laugh, awesome writin's skills darlin!

Lisa said...

Update: I saw the Grandchickens picture at that Goodwill last week. I wonder why no one's... oh right. Dry runs at usually great Goodwills can be so disheartening!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Oh my gosh, ha! Someone is going to get that thing sooner...or later. I think? Maybe?