Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Scores

We had no plans to go out treasure hunting this weekend but while we were out working, we ran up upon a four house yard sale where everything was either a quarter or fifty cents. Oh yes, I can work with that!

                                                                 Here's what we found!

8 matching place mats, three mugs, four chalkware wall hangings, some vintage cookbooks, cute animal stationary, a pitcher, a sweet blender, a matching trash can and tissue box set, a table cloth, a necklace and a purse. Whew...that was a mouthful. The people having the yard sale reclined limply on the porch and weren't too enthused but I was!

Here are my favorites from the batch:

I saw this baby from the road and we went straight to it. This was an exception to the pricing and was a dollar. It was completely covered in cooking grease when we got it but when I woke up this morning, Mister Kitsch had cleaned it within an inch of it's life.  I told him that he has to remember that we're a blogging family who takes 'before' photos before cleaning anything. I really wish you could have seen it before. It was an Ick Fest. Good on him for being such a cleaning monster though!

Why don't they make beautiful appliances anymore?  I love the starburst and those bright orange buttons. And it works like a charm! I can't wait to frappe' something. Whatever that means. I also can not wait to donate our modern black plastic one. It's hideous and deserves to be cast out onto the thrift store shelf.

This is actually a weird story. A couple of days ago, one of my Flickr friends listed a mug like this in her Etsy shop. I flipped for it but unfortunately, couldn't afford it. Saaaaaad. Then at this yard sale, we were paying and I told the Mister that I wanted to go make one more loop around -  and then, I saw it. THE mug! I let out a war whoop and everyone around me turned to see me holding the mug up in the air and waving it at the Mister who was up on the porch. I'm sure the other yard sale goers were puzzled about why I was so stoked but I had SO wanted that mug. Crazy magic!

                            Mushroom pitcher.  Hmm...No good stories about this but I love it!

Funky floral tablecloth with tassel trim for our patio table. It reminds me of something that should be next to a pool. Gah, I wish! I'd give everything that I own for a pool.

                    Sweet. These little rascals will go in the shop as alas, I am out of wall space.

We also found these guys. Though not at a yard sale. We found them while hanging up lost dog signs. No, the irony of that does not escape me! Poor little guys were lost and rooting through trash for food. This story is still unfolding but aren't they cute?!

What about you guys and girls? Up to anything good this weekend? Are any of you who are using Blogger as addled and confused as I am about the new format? Yesterday, I accidentally lost my entire blog design -  and this morning,  I couldn't even find my own blog!

Until next time,
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bang Bang

This week has been really hectic and has had some really happy parts and then some really sad parts. Today, I'm in self preservation mode. I've got chocolate covered peanut brittle and Grey Gardens (okay, and I'll admit it - there is pizza too) and I'm getting ready to go into the zone and forget the world for a while. It's rainy outside and if anyone needs me, they can just talk to my staff. Okay, I totally don't have staff but wouldn't it be cool?

On a supremely unrelated note, I don't feel like Nancy Sinatra gets enough love. She's the Queen of Cool. Let's take a moment to admire her, shall we?

Hope that y'all are having a good week!

Until next time,
x's and o's,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Colors Realized with Chip It

Have you ever looked at a vintage magazine scan online and wished that you could match the colors to use in your own modern day home? How about that perfect shade of pink in the cute curtains on a catalog page? Sherwin Williams has this really cool program called Chip It that can help make it happen.

If the photo of the item that you want matched is already online, it's super easy. If not, just scan it in and post it online yourself. Your blog account would work great for this. You just drag their program into your toolbar and it's at the ready whenever you feel inspired. So when you're tooling around online and see a glorious color, you just click twice and hello, color swatches.

Take for instance, this beautiful photo from Homes and Antiques magazine online:

I clicked Chip It on my toolbar and two more clicks later, their program told me which colors from the over 1500 colors in the Sherwin Williams line of paint would be the closest to what's in this scene:

If I had been trying to do this by holding up paint swatches to the computer monitor...oh, what a nightmare! It literally takes less than sixty seconds to see the color swatches.

Here is a shot of some fabric that I sold on Etsy last year.

Let's see what kind of colors the program will give us.

I think that it did a pretty great job. It's interesting that it even tries to match the tiniest little bits of colors in a photo. Sure, if you have the fabric on hand, any paint store can match it with their color matching service. If you don't though and just see a color online that appeals to you, I think this program could be aces.

Super cool, huh? It was so quick and easy that I've already done a dozen of them in the past ten minutes just for kicks. Click here to see a quick tutorial : Sherwin Williams Chip It. Then you can grab the program for free and put it in your toolbar. Easy Peasy. Done.

So, if you've ever wanted to match that pastel cabinet color in an ad from a 1956 issue of Better Homes and Gardens - or the beautiful shade of mint green in that old photo of your grandmother's living room, you just might come pretty close!

Until next time,
x's and o's,

"There It Is"

I love me some possums so this commercial has me laughing so hard.

I hope that you all are having a great Sunday and that today is exactly what you want - and not an ill-advised hissing, charging version of what you want!

We've been doing some window washing and flower bed sprucing and are excited to be having some really loved guests over today. It's sunny and breezy enough for the mosquitoes to be briefly thwarted. And I had an everything bagel. All is good at the ranch.

x's and o's,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Be It Ever So Humble

I found this really old photo today of my home place down in South Carolina. This photo was taken shortly after my family first moved in. I was around five years old and my brother was six.

No, that's not our house in the background. That was an old series of sheds with a little workshop and an old well built onto the side. I really love this shot because it shows how things started there. My parents moved there because my grandparents lived next door and my grandfather, a wheeler-dealer thought that it was a steal of a deal. When we moved in, there were old sheds and the leaves hadn't been raked in so long that they were knee deep and rotting. The yard was absolutely huge and perfect for kids. My parents worked on that yard for at least twenty years and in the end, it was a beautiful place with tons of flowerbeds, seating areas and a goldfish pond. And actual lush grass which is hard to believe from this photo.

There's so much about this shot that moves my heart. That's my Dad and me on the swings. I'd love to know what we were talking about. And there is our little dog, Oscar and most likely one of her pups nipping at our legs. In the background, you can see my brother wearing his Batman cape made out of a blue bath towel!

I got to be Robin.

In the first photo, that board over the shed door is because that spot was our home base when we played baseball and the missed throws were completely tearing the door in. There's a door behind the tree that you can't see. That was briefly my playhouse but being a kid who was always scared of spiders, it didn't last long. Eventually, my Grandfather made me a heck of a deal one day where he'd rent it from me for three bucks a month. He needed extra storage for his yard sale stock. He'd have yard sales constantly and even let people buy things on credit! It's kind of funny to think that my parents let me make money off of that little room in the shed but I remember being super excited when my Grandfather gave me that three bucks a month. He did it until I was eighteen and moved out. Ironically, I think that most of that money went towards buying things at my grandfather's yard sales. When younger, I'd buy every cat knick-knack that he came home with and later on, I bought housewares to stock my hope chest. Yes, hope chest! Ha! During the later days, my Grandfather gave me the cat knick-knacks for free.

Today, my Dad sent an email to my brother, Mom and me that let us know that the old place is up for sale. I lived in that house for thirteen years and it was in the family for over twenty five. He told us that the yard was a real mess and had gone back downhill. I knew that I shouldn't have but I looked up the real estate listing online and saw photos of the exterior and interior. I'm still dealing with what I saw. Sometimes, it's better to see things through the intoxication of memories and not know the truth.

Gone is the huge Cedar tree that nestled against the house. And the porch swing where I did my first bit of courting. Gone too are the grassy green yard and flowerbeds and planters that my Mom meticulously tended to. The once manicured goldfish pond that my parents took such pride in is now a pool of black sludge and overgrowth, the huge goldfish long gone. Next door, my Grandparents' beautiful ranch is lived in but not loved and would surely break their hearts. I guess it's true when they say that you can't go home again. What they don't mention is that you shouldn't even try.

Until next time,
x's and o's,

Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Finds - Mine and maybe yours

Last night, I was trolling through Craigslist and I found an ad for free vintage patio furniture. For once, I was the fastest texter and within minutes, we were trying to fit this stuff into my small car. Whoot! <--that whoot is hiding the horror when we saw that they were full of spiders.

It took several trips but we got them home. The set is more mod than what we usually go for but I love it. And who can beat free furniture? I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the three pieces on the right?

Nathan, a friend from Flickr kindly researched the one on the left for me through the book 1000 Chairs and says this: The chair at left is by Sergio Mazza for Artemide. Here is the info from my book: "The stackable, single-material single-form 'Toga' chair was first shown at the 1969 Milan International Furniture Exhibition to wide acclaim.. It was manufactured in compression-molded fiberglass-reinforced polyester. No longer in production, the chair was initially produced in only orange and white and later in red and black."

From photos online, this chair was sleek and shiny when new. Looks like we've got some work cut out for us!

The pieces are really huge and made of fiberglass. They have seen many years and need a lot of clean-up and work but I think they'll be really cool on our patio. I'm thinking the other pieces might be from the sixties too but a Flickr friend showed me a similar couch in a photo from a mall built in the mid-seventies. The ladies that gave them to us were really awesome and said that they had bought them all on eBay years ago. At that time, they were told that they were all from the sixties and by some designer that they can't remember now. They said that they wanted to see them gone and were just sick of sweeping the water out of them after rain storms. And sure enough, first thing this morning...I was outside sweeping water out of those babies.

I've been unable to find the other three pieces online anywhere but do remember seeing them somewhere before. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

In other Craigslist news, if anyone is in the Nashville area and needs some slammin' vintage double ovens, you HAVE to get these!

Sweet, huh? One of my favorite colors for appliances. The Seller is letting them go for a super cheap $150. or best offer.

They're so clean! The insides look beautiful too.

I'd have those in a heartbeat if our kitchen were set up for wall ovens. Also, check out this single wall oven in another beautiful shade!

This one is $300 and comes with the original manual. Also in the Nashville area.

If you're interested, all the photos link back to the sales ads. Click on towards happiness! Disclaimer: And if you do, be sure and have them checked out by a pro. I'm only a professional in the "Ooh! Cute!" department.

Until next time,
x's and o's,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cooking Like Loretta

Anyone remember the tag line Crisco Will Do You Proud Every Time? If so, you'll remember sweet Loretta too.

Doolittle! There's a wealth of song material right there!

I decided to celebrate Loretta Lynn's birthday yesterday by baking one of her favorite desserts from her cookbook, You're Cookin' It Country. No, lucky for you it isn't the recipe for Butcher Holler Possum. I'm a vegetarian and sugar junkie (and short on possum at the moment) so I chose the Loretta Lynn Gooey Cake instead. And yep, I greased my pan up nice and good with some Crisco!

Here are the ingredients:

You can probably tell where it get it's "gooey" from!

The eggs aren't sure how they got mixed up with such shady characters.

The cake was super easy. Basically, you just bake the cake from a mix and then poke holes in it and pour the condensed milk over the top. Then, you pour a jar of caramel topping over that. Oh yes, this thing is gonna be sugary. Then you pop it in the fridge until it cools and then top with Cool Whip and crushed Heath Bars. Here's where it got sadistic: Refrigerate overnight before serving. Oh! Don't you hate it when a recipe says that? Why, I could die in my sleep and never get to taste it! But for the love of Loretta, I did as she said.

Upon reveal today, the cake looked nice and presentable.

Ooh! Whee! Ain't Loretty purty?

The cake turned out well. It's definitely moist and "gooey" but my lawd, it's so rich and sweet! This coming from the sugar junkie. Whoo...this cake could hurt a person. You may be familiar with this famous Les Leverett photo of Loretta being told that she was invited to join the Grand Ole Opry.

However, I'm not convinced. I think that she might have just had a piece of that Gooey Cake of hers!


If you'd like to try Loretta Lynn's Gooey Cake, here is the recipe:

Loretta Lynn's Gooey Cake


18 oz german chocolate cake mix
Water (as called for in the cake mix directions)
Eggs (as called for in the cake mix directions)
Oil (as called for in the cake mix directions)
1 cup cool whip (I used lots more - enough to make a thick layer)
3 Heath bars frozen
14 oz sweetened condensed milk
8 oz caramel topping


1. Prepare and bake cake according to package directions.
2. Pour into a 13 x 9" cake pan (grease as cake mix directions require)
3. While warm, poke holes halfway into cake about 1 inch apart.
4. Pour sweetened condensed milk into holes.
5. Pour caramel topping over entire cake and chill in the refrigerator.
6. When cake is cool, top it with Cool Whip and crushed Heath candy.
7. Refrigerate overnight before serving.

Until next time,
x's and o's,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Loretty!

We here at the ranch would like to wish a rousing Happy Birthday to Loretta Lynn today.

It's hard to believe that she's seventy seven years old today. She just seems to get more lovely every year. My memories of Loretta go back to when I was a small child. My parents had her records and I can remember looking at her pretty face on the covers with those high Cherokee cheekbones and most excellent big hair. I always thought that she looked like my Mom who also has been known to have both.

And I can remember one of my sassy female relatives singing "You Ain't Woman Enough" between cigarette drags. Even as a small girl, I knew what a bad-ass Loretta was. She told it like it was - and still does. Even when I didn't fully understand who she was telling what, I knew that she spoke with authority and well, nobody was going to walk all over her. I wondered if one day, I'd be offering to take someone to Fist City too. Turns out I did. I've never thought about it before but Loretta was and still is an excellent role model for girls. And grown women too. In a world full of cattiness, I've never heard anyone say a single bad thing about Loretta. You can't say that about many people.

Today, is going to be an all day Loretta celebration which will definitely have records and well, cake. And feeble attempts at big hair. Here's to Loretta, definitely one of the patron saints of Ranch Dressing.

Until next time,
x's and o's,

Friday, April 13, 2012

Random Whackadoodleness

Meet Grumpy Ewok Kitten!

Mine? No, but I wish! I was actually mulling over adopting him and in the meantime, he got a new home. Have you ever seen such an adorable old man face in your life? I had dreams of him wearing a little striped necktie. And of me doing photos of him sitting behind a tiny little desk covered in mounds of papers and illuminated by a wee little desk lamp. A little kitty cat Lou Grant. Gah, the more I think about it, now I'm really kicking myself! Can't you just see him barking at his secretary to get him some coffee?

I hope that he's happy in his new home. And that he gets a corner office.

Next up, some of you may know that I've been a Mister Rogers' Neighborhood fan for my entire life. Have you seen this clip of Mr. McFeely and his unwelcome friend, Purple Panda visiting a group of small kids?

Pandamonium! I can actually kind of relate to these kids and their freak out. When I was a kid, I was completely terrified of theme park characters dressed in these types of costumes. I'd run screaming from those suckers every time. And embarrassing story: When I was twenty six, I was at Six Flags on Halloween night and watching a spooky stage show. There I was chilling in my seat when up behind me came a man dressed like Beetlejuice. He touched me on my shoulders and I turned around and saw him doing that classic Beetlejuice face with his tongue wagging. I stood up and started swinging and shrieking in front of everyone. The crowd erupted with laughter and I was completely mortified.

That was the same night that I started crying and begged to get off of the mine train ride. The mine train ride full of little kids. I couldn't stand it because it was on tiny little rails and for some reason, I thought we were going to die. They had to stop the ride to let me off! Can you imagine being twenty six and having coal train cars full of little kids pointing and laughing at you for being too scared to ride their ride? I stumbled off and limply fell across a park bench and waited on my ex-boyfriend to finish the ride. He said years later that he knew at that very moment that we weren't compatible. Ha! I wish he'd told me earlier and spared me the grief!

Okay, where was I? How about some Wacky Tennessee news? I've been saving some for ya!

It's sweet to see parents doing things with their kids, isn't it?

This next one is also from the city of Bristol.

Okay, I have never visited Bristol but from the sound of things, I'm simply going to have to. Between the dirty underwear bombs and their wacky napping places, those townsfolk take lawbreaking to a whole new level! Here's one last news story for you:

Oh, like you've never thought about it!

Next, I have a little Twitter snippet to show you. This is a friend request that Mister Kitsch (who isn't even on Twitter) received:

I like how she has 303 followers but has never made a tweet. There must be a lot of people interested in Criminal Justice.

Until next time,
x's and o's,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This video is making the rounds so you've probably already seen it but I couldn't help but post it. Henri reminds me SO much of our Pip, always longing for something.

His first video slayed me (has that really been FIVE years ago?) but this one takes the cake.

Until next time,
x's and o's,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

From The News Desk

This guy really packed a lot into his evening in Nashville! I'm sure that all of this could have been avoided if he'd just spent the evening at Coyote Ugly like most single male visitors to town.

Metro Police Shocked By Man's Wild Crime Spree

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Metro police say they've never encountered a man quite like William Todd, who they say in just nine hours managed to wreak havoc on Nashville.

"He was just on a terror. I've never seen anything like this before," said Sgt. Tony Blackburn.

Police said Todd traveled to Nashville on a Greyhound bus. During his nine-hour layover, officers said he committed more than 10 felonies.

Officers said Todd broke into the Slaughterhouse and stole a Taser, revolver and shotgun. Then, they said he shot the business up, stole a T-shirt and set the business on fire.

Police said Todd then found four people leaving a local bar. He held them at gunpoint, tased one, pistol whipped another, then took off with their cash and credit cards.

Five minutes later investigators said Todd carjacked a cab at gunpoint, then headed off to commit fraud, and used his newly acquired stolen credit cards to buy food.

"He was able to find the Walmart on Nolensville. He goes there and purchased $199 worth of items," said Blackburn.

Next stop: Hotel Indigo at 6 a.m.

Police said Todd broke into a law office there, ransacked the business then defecated on a desk, smearing feces on some of the framed law degrees.

He then knocked on several hotel room doors pretending to be a female housekeeper.

In one case, police said Todd stole $600 from a Canadian couple at gunpoint, crying the whole time.

Before taking off in his stolen cab once again, officers said Todd opted for a new look.

"We have him on video leaving the hotel with a shaved head," said Blackburn.

At 9 a.m., police said Todd crashed the stolen cab into a parking garage.

At 11:30 a.m., he hailed a new one and headed to Opryland, then held the cab driver at knifepoint.

Police finally caught up with Todd at noon. They said he was hiding on top of Opryland, submerged in a water-cooling vat with water up to his nose.

It was just a quick nine-hour pit stop in Nashville, but now Todd won't be headed home any time soon.

"He rode the Greyhound bus and had a layover, then left in blue lights. There definitely could be more charges. We hope that there are no more victims," said Blackburn.

Todd is now facing 11 felony charges. Officers said he's also wanted out of Kentucky.


I've got a monster reorganization project going on today but wanted to stop by to bring you this video of sweet Loretta. And some of the most disturbing Muppet babies that I've ever seen.

Happy Tuesday Buckaroos!

Until next time,
x's and o's,

Monday, April 9, 2012

Coping After Cuteness

Today I am having the letdown feeling that comes with the day after a really cute holiday. Easter is the epitome of such a holiday with the gay little rabbits and lambs and bright colors. And okay, the chocolate. Today, I have been trying to keep myself from driving to the drug store to take part in the other thing that comes with the day after a really cute holiday - the chocolate sale. Oh my lord. Half price hedonism.

So instead, I took a walk around the yard for a really long time. It didn't particularly quell my desire to stockpile cheap chocolate but I took some pictures and enjoyed nature nevertheless.

While hanging laundry today, I realized that I had finally found what I want to do for a living. I want to hang laundry on a breezy line. It makes me so happy. Then I sadly realized that we don't live in a world where such a vocation exists. Hanging laundry should be a career path. Or at least a religious practice.

I was happy to see that our gardenias are starting to bloom. They're always so beautiful and we have rows of the bushes but I can never bring them inside because they get absolutely infiltrated with ants. Thus, I have to admire them from afar. Much like my dream of a successful career as a laundry hanger. Are you starting to feel sorry for me yet? My life is a series of unattainable desires. A sham.

Our sweet little deer that we got in Cave City, Kentucky.

Yesterday we went to the garden center and bought herb plants. This is another thing that makes me kind of uncontrollably happy. Mmm..Cilantro and basil and dill. There is something so satisfying about cooking with herbs from your own patio. That purple flowering plant isn't an herb but is my prize for going to the store. I'm perpetually a four year old and we can't make it out of any store without me begging for a prize at the register. Candy bar. Potted plant. Tiny keyring flashlight. Scratch-off ticket.

Every time that the Mister cuts grass, he always seems to accidentally leave one dandelion for me to make a wish upon. Yes, I wished for chocolate. What do you take me for?

Oh, Pip. I love her. I fought the urge again today to get her a little kitten friend. She's so lonely what with living with Sobu and Mishka who think that they're too cool for her. I was *this* close to taking in a little male tuxedo kitten with tiny white paws.

Okay, back to holidays. I guess, next up we'll have Memorial Day and 4th of July. Both admirable and important holidays but very short on the cute. So I went online and looked up other lesser known holidays that might be more cute to celebrate!

April 12th - Big Wind Day. I can roll this into my love for laundry on the line. I'm SO in! The rest of you...go fly a kite! Or if you're a particularly gassy person, this holiday is for you.

April 14th - National Pecan Day. Y'all know that I love some nuts! And nuts with faces? Cuter. I'll bake a pie. I'll paint a pecan and give it a name.

April 24th - Pigs in a Blanket Day. You know..those little wieners wrapped in dough? I'm all about things that look like other things so I'm on board with this one.

April 25th - World Penguin Day. Yesss! Penguins are totally cute!

May 16th - National Sea Monkey Day. You ever see that one with the tiny hair bow? CUTE!

Actual Holidays that I will not be participating in:

Reach As High As You Can Day
- will blow my back out
National Stress Awareness Day - duh. seriously?
Take Your Daughter To Work Day - I'm as barren as a breadbox.
International Panic Day - What the?
Rat Catcher's Day - Seriously. I'm not making these up.

Until next time,
x's and o's,

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hop Hop Hop Hop Hippity Hop

Hey buckaroos! I hope that you all had a great Easter weekend! I want to share a few Easter related goodies with you.

First, I want to give you this clip from one of the best movies in the history of the world, Harvey. If you haven't seen it, please do. It's ah-mazing and it has my boyfriend, Jimmy Stewart in it. Oh, he's glorious. Let's take a moment to admire. Yes...yes.

I've never wanted to be a stuffed rabbit so much in my life.

The movie is about a man and his very tall, invisible rabbit friend and the hilarity that ensues as his family attempts to cope with it all. The moral of the story is one that I especially LOVE. I cry when I watch it every single time. It's currently on YouTube in full if you'd like to see it.

Here is one of my favorite parts and a very nice Easter theme song:

And next up, this photo that I love of my grandmother and my great aunts on what most likely was Easter.

I totally wish that women still wore corsages for special occasions. And definitely sweet hats and gloves. That's my grandmother on the far left. I look just like her now. It's kind of insane how much. I especially love my great Aunt Etrulia's ensemble on the far right. Very chic.

And speaking of chic, here I am with my "boy" Jack many Easters ago in my favorite Easter ensemble.

Yeah, I don't know.

And finally, I wanted to tell you a cute little story about my friend, Libby and her daughter, Violet who is almost four. Here was their conversation about dying eggs this week:

Libby:Vio, would you like to dye Easter eggs tomorrow?
Violet: Mama! We can't. People would be sad!

Libby: Oh. No babe. Dying means to color them. Not killing them.
Violet. I forgot. OK then. How about green?

Until next time,
x's and o's,

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Pip and I want to show you an easy treat that we made today!

Chocolate Birds' Nests!

If you want to make some, here's what you'll need:

Just kidding! Here's what you'll need:

Crunchy chinese noodles + Milk chocolate morsels + Candy robin's eggs (or jelly beans)

Here's what you do:

1. Melt a bag of milk chocolate morsels in the microwave and stir.

2. Add 5 ounces of noodles and stir until covered well.

3. To make a nest, spoon out a large heaping spoonful of the mixture onto a waxed paper covered tray or pan, making sure to leave a well in the middle for the eggs. They pretty much look like nests on their own. Repeat until nests are complete.

4. Put eggs in the nests.

5. Leave on waxed paper and refrigerate to firm up. Ready in minutes!

Make sure that they're not refrigerator cold when you serve as they'll be very hard and you'll actually believe that you are eating twigs. Room temperature and not melting is perfect. I wanted to use large eggs so I made six big nests. If you make smaller ones that might hold jelly beans or smaller eggs, you can probably get eight nests out of the recipe. Super easy and no-fail. They probably took ten minutes tops. And cute! You can also put little Peeps chicks in your nests instead of eggs.

Oh Easter Eve! The wait is torture!

Until next time,
x's and o's,