Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Scores

We had no plans to go out treasure hunting this weekend but while we were out working, we ran up upon a four house yard sale where everything was either a quarter or fifty cents. Oh yes, I can work with that!

                                                                 Here's what we found!

8 matching place mats, three mugs, four chalkware wall hangings, some vintage cookbooks, cute animal stationary, a pitcher, a sweet blender, a matching trash can and tissue box set, a table cloth, a necklace and a purse. Whew...that was a mouthful. The people having the yard sale reclined limply on the porch and weren't too enthused but I was!

Here are my favorites from the batch:

I saw this baby from the road and we went straight to it. This was an exception to the pricing and was a dollar. It was completely covered in cooking grease when we got it but when I woke up this morning, Mister Kitsch had cleaned it within an inch of it's life.  I told him that he has to remember that we're a blogging family who takes 'before' photos before cleaning anything. I really wish you could have seen it before. It was an Ick Fest. Good on him for being such a cleaning monster though!

Why don't they make beautiful appliances anymore?  I love the starburst and those bright orange buttons. And it works like a charm! I can't wait to frappe' something. Whatever that means. I also can not wait to donate our modern black plastic one. It's hideous and deserves to be cast out onto the thrift store shelf.

This is actually a weird story. A couple of days ago, one of my Flickr friends listed a mug like this in her Etsy shop. I flipped for it but unfortunately, couldn't afford it. Saaaaaad. Then at this yard sale, we were paying and I told the Mister that I wanted to go make one more loop around -  and then, I saw it. THE mug! I let out a war whoop and everyone around me turned to see me holding the mug up in the air and waving it at the Mister who was up on the porch. I'm sure the other yard sale goers were puzzled about why I was so stoked but I had SO wanted that mug. Crazy magic!

                            Mushroom pitcher.  Hmm...No good stories about this but I love it!

Funky floral tablecloth with tassel trim for our patio table. It reminds me of something that should be next to a pool. Gah, I wish! I'd give everything that I own for a pool.

                    Sweet. These little rascals will go in the shop as alas, I am out of wall space.

We also found these guys. Though not at a yard sale. We found them while hanging up lost dog signs. No, the irony of that does not escape me! Poor little guys were lost and rooting through trash for food. This story is still unfolding but aren't they cute?!

What about you guys and girls? Up to anything good this weekend? Are any of you who are using Blogger as addled and confused as I am about the new format? Yesterday, I accidentally lost my entire blog design -  and this morning,  I couldn't even find my own blog!

Until next time,
x's and o's,


Lesley Jean said...

He did a helluva job cleaning that blender!!! Daaaamn. The mug is sweet, too. I love the lady's hair helmet. My grandma always did her hair like that. :) I cannot wait for yard sales to get into full swing here. Next weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm. There have got to be some deals to be had! :)

cheshirecat666 said...

We totally had that EXACT same blender,but my Mom moved up to the Oster blender/mixer combo in the late 70's. Only the best for Momma Burns! It still works as good as the day we got it,I mix my holiday cupcakes in it all year long

Okay,how INSANE is it that you found that Mom mug that DoNotDestroy had?? That is just unreal!

Poor doggies,I hope they get reunited with their families,if they have any

One good thing about the Blogger,um,"improvements" is that the "email me follow up comments" is back all of a sudden

Tami Von Zalez said...

I too had some great finds this weekend. Kudos to Mr. Kitsch on the blender cleaning job, I could only imagine.
Blogger has me fluxomed sometimes too.

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

that mug!! it was the first thing i was drawn to in that top picture! AMAZING!!!!! I would have snatched it up in a heartbeat!
and i'm totally guilty of making travis wait to put something away, or start a project because i need to take pictures.
AND looking at that chihuahua i saw his flea collar and it looked like an off the shoulder white shirt to me. haha.
i haven't been to a yard sale in a long time. i just don't know if i can handle the heart break of going to a bunch of crappy ones.

DearHelenHartman said...

Crazy cool finds. That mug story is so wild but have had things like that happen to me. Junk finds its way to the right home. Hope doggies do the same.

BEESTLYproducts said...

i thrifted everyday, ate overpriced vegan foods and drank faux cocktails.

good times :-)

Jackie Jardine said...

That mug...rules! What a great story of thrift karma... you were just fated to be an owner of THAT mug. Love it! And that mushroom pitcher is adorable.

<3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

Unknown said...

I covet your old lady mug...and I think my parents had that same blender until about 5 years ago.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Waaaaaaaaaa, the blender is amazing! I love it. So much prettier than modern (aside from the madly overpriced retro looking ones). And the mug is fab too - you have clearly pleased the Gods somehow! x

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

OOooooo WEE those place mats are pretty.
Well, I did manage to take a Rosie the Riveter type photo while having beer with the gals but that's about it. I keep on passing by this wonderful flea market. One day I'm gonna stop. Sucks because I had to put myself on a shopping ban. But it's over on July 4th!!!

Floyd Lawson said...

Mr. Kitsch did a superlative super-d-duper job on that Mixer. I was expective to hear that is was a NIB!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Great finds! I believe my mom had that blender back in the day. So nice of you to help those poor lost poochies. I hope that they find their way home or find a new loving home. They have such sweet faces, please keep us posted on what happens with them!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so following on the heels of a comment I left on Frecklewonder's latest post, I have to say this: I LOVE your blog so very much. I decided some time ago to be very selective about the internet content I read, because so much of it makes me feel crappy and inadequate. Your blog never fails to make me feel *so* happy and light. I love the crazy-awesome videos you find, I love your stories, I just plain love it all! So thank you, thank you! I thought I should let you know. :)


Sara In AZ said...

Wow, did you score this weekend or what!?! Great finds girl!!! That blender is absolutely FAB!!!! I saw those same chalk pieces at my local thrift recently, but they were totally chipped up so I had to pass them by - yours look perfect though! LOVE that mug too!

Stacy @ Stacyverb said...

Awww sweet pooches. I hope they find their way home. (But wait--why were YOU hanging up lost dog posters?)

That blender is the same one we had at home when I was growing up. I remember the orange buttons being the useful ones like "chop," and the white ones were more FANCY with names like "frappe" and "liquefy." They seemed so mysterious. :)

Jessica said...

Just a random fan dropping by to say that your hilarious posts always make my day!

meghan said...

we had that exact blender when i was a kid. ;)

Ash said...

What an amazing random stop!
I absolutely LOVE when that happens!
My hubby and I just had an estate sale date! We dedicate our very few and far between "date days" to doing fun things like going to estate sales! If you are up to it, you should stop by my blog and check out the pics of all the stuff we snatched up ;) I always love living vicariously through other peoples thrifting and estate adventures!
You found some really cute stuff!
I especially love the awesome tablecloth and I totally want to steal that mug! Haha! Is it someone famous or maybe a custom portrait? I'm so curious! Its so awesome!

She's Sew Slye said...

I think when you whooped and hollered when you found THE mug the other shoppers at the sale deflated just a bit. Their hearts sagged like pressed linen in a Washington, DC summer. You really are the lucky one. :)

ps. I closed my previous blogs and have been baking my ass off - thaaaaat's not really possible, but all the same, I'm thinking up next will be, drumroll...a baking blog. what a concept!