Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Making

Here are some things that are making me happy today.

A new little bird for the wall bird collection. Aren't her eyebrows something?

A photo shoot interrupted by Pip. I can never get mad at her because she's so flippin' cute.

My bracelet by Eli. Isn't he a cutie? Becky over at Strumpet's Crumpets is letting him make them and sell them and he's just crocheting away, let me tell you! He only charges $2.50 per bracelet and that includes shipping. I even got to choose my favorite color. He's seven years old and I just love the idea of him crafting and making his own money. If you'd like to support his endeavor, go here. I'm pretty sure that they're the must-have accessory for Spring!

He even addresses the envelopes. Gah! So cute!

Thanks to Robbie for cluing me in to Eli and his bracelets.

Finally, I want to share this smile inducing video that I first saw thanks to the amazing ladies over at Modern Kiddo. It's hard to believe that I actually lived through the eighties without laughing myself into stitches. I guess hindsight truly is 20/20. Just watching this thing leaves me out of breath and gives me ghost wedgies.

After you're done watching, try out some fitness faces in the mirror. If you need more inspiration, check out Alan Thicke singing "Sweaty and Hot".

That's a lot of innuendo that Robin is putting down, no?

If you've never been over to Modern Kiddo, trust me...bookmark them now. They come up with some of THE coolest things that I've ever seen. You'll thank yourself.

Until next time,
x's and o's,


She's Sew Slye said...

o. m. g. so funny, so strange.

Sara In AZ said...

Lord have mercy....those workout outfits..... *shudders*

Yes, how did we EVER make it through the 80s???? :D

Barbara said...

Holy God.
Alan Thicke. He can barely speak, let alone sing.
I hope all those women are fat now.

Okay, wall birds...that's a new one.

Lisa said...

I couldn't get past the Alan Thicke lyric "But now...you met some new guy at the gym"....and "Spectacular! Cardiovascular!" The hair. The aerobic dancing. The emphatic left hand only gesturing. I am in my cubicle...backstage at the library... having a FIT. Oh! I needed a good laugh inspiration this morning, and THIS WAS IT. Thanks!

(additionally, I need to go wash my eyes out with some same-era Huey Lewis now...make the pain go away, Huey!)

Leah said...

Lol! Your posts are always so funny. Thanks for introducing me to the National Aerobic Championship. I don't know how I ever lived without it. :P

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Waahahaha... we had Mr Motivator. Check him out (this was filmed this decade believe it or not!)


cheshirecat666 said...

oh my GOD,there is nothing more cringe inducing for me than,well,everything, that existed between 1986 and 1989.People laugh about the "horrid 70's styles"...please. Late 80's,people...late 80's

This was incredible,I could barely contain my Dolly Madison Raspberry Zinger!(Take that fitties) OMG the girls faces between 1:15 and 1:18,holy crap! I rewound that part like 10 times

Amy said...

OMG...I don't want to watch...but I CAN'T stop watching....still watching. This is hilarious...I don't know why but this makes me think of Applebee's...and Aqua Net.

We have a club here in KC that plays very risque aerobic videos. You just can't look away.

BEESTLYproducts said...

eli bracelets are the hottest spring trend! i lost mine, and becky told him. he sent a new one the next day! so sweet! i have those little bunnies, too. no idea where hey came from.