Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Writing Gigs - and my life has gone to the dogs

Hey y'all! Thanks for all of your truly great advice on the house situation. We are looking at homes just in case something strikes our fancy - but being very cautious. We looked at a house yesterday that we had high hopes for but unfortunately, it didn't work for us. I did take photos of all of the best parts and will share those with you as soon as I can. Man alive, it had the best pool. I can't even talk about it without feeling a little sad that I'll never be that pool's Esther Williams.

After the house looky-loo, we found two dogs who for all intents and purposes should have an owner looking for them but alas, they have not shown up. This morning's lowlight was when the dogs jimmied the back porch door open and ran through our house. Now, we're a four cat house. Three of which have never seen a dog in their lives. All of a sudden, we hear a huge commotion and realize that there are large dogs running through our house - and cats flying everywhere! Poor little Pip got the worst of it. We think she's okay but she looks like she saw a monster. We're just glad that she wasn't killed. One of the dogs had started chasing her like prey and she ran under the sideboard out of his reach.

I need a vacation. I know. I had a vacation. I need another vacation.

In other news, I've started two new writing gigs. Both for the "No Pattern Required" vintage blog. It's a great place and I love the ladies over there. I'll be doing their time capsule real estate listings and also their Etsy roundups. I've done one of each so far and you can find them here if you want to follow along with my new jobs!

I hope that you all are having a great week so far!

Until next time,
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pellibaby said...

You had the Bumpus hounds from A Christmas Story!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the new writing gigs lady! That's awesome! As for the house situation, that is so so hard. It's difficult enough to find a dream home these days let alone find two in the span of a few years! But the no mortgage thing is hard to pass up. I know you guys will weigh all the pros/cons and make the right decision! We are also in the early stages of house hunting, and I will say that there are still some good deals to be had on ranches in East Nashville. We have seen some super cute ones that are decently priced. Food for thought, although I'm sure you're probably already looking there! :)

Amy said...

So weird. I was reading through your blog archive yesterday afternoon. I looked out the window after I heard some knocking on the door downstairs, and I saw a woman walking away. (Sorry -- I don't answer the door when I'm home alone if I'm not expecting anyone!)

I just googled "Eartha Kitsch" and the name on the note, and I think *you* might have knocked on my door and left a note asking if my household was missing a dog (or dogs). Thankfully everyone was accounted for here.

I live on a street in Inglewood that's full of tudors and cottages and that boasts one single enviable ranch home. Hmmmm...is one of my favorite bloggers a neighbor, too?

If so, neat! I love your blog. And I love that single ranch house down the street (if in fact it's yours). :)

I'm not a creeper, I swear.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the new gig! You're a big deal!!! I'm bookmarking so I can keep up

Rita said...

Loved your pieces on the other site--especially the party one. That looks like a lot of fun to write. And that house! Although the house is gorgeous, it was the round bed that really captivated me. I always wanted one when I was a kid--and a turret room to put it in. But now I'm wondering: Where do you find sheets for a round bed?

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Congrats on the writing gig! That house you wrote about is unbelievably cool! The round bed was amazing and reminded me a little of Austin Powers.

Eartha Kitsch said...

Thanks so much y'all!

Kimmie: Hardly a big deal but definitely keeping busy!

Suzy & Rita: I saw round sheets on a website once...but ONLY once.

Michelle: let me know what kind of house you're looking for and the specifics and I will be happy to send anything your way that I come across! You're right about EN for sure.

pellibaby: I thought the same thing! It was SO Bumpus up in here!! We just lacked the turkey thank God.

Amy: Holy heck that is CRAZY! Yes! Can you please email me at earthakitsch(at)gmail(dot)com. I'd love to show you a photo of these dogs to see if you know them. I still have them. Thanks!

Amy said...

Being a creeper again. But I'm not, really, I swear! I follow the Nashville Lost and Found Pets page (and a few other local animal rescue pages) on Facebook, and I'm pretty sure I've seen your posts there. Unfortunately I don't recognize the dogs. But it's SO nice to know that there's such a good network for missing pets in East Nashville/Inglewood. I'll share your post on my profile.

We call one of our dogs Poo-dini because she loves to dig out under the fence and roll in as much poo (and dead animals) as possible before she'll even think about coming back to us. It's a comfort that there are good neighbors like you around. :)

Barbara said...

At least I get to say "I knew her when". Now that you're famous, you won't have time for the little folk like me. I cling to my memories of you, living in a house Patsy Cline hung out in and being a cat lady. Oh, woe is me.


Adrienne said...

Congrats on the writing gigs, so exciting! Your poor kitties, I am glad they are ok.

I am so happy to see your blog is back! I read your previous posts about the ranch (possibly) being up for sale, and I laughed when I read your feelings about HGTV. I own a modern, two story house and that station even annoys me! Why does every home have to have an "open concept" and appear grand and large and...have no character? It kills me. Good luck with the house situation, whichever road you choose.

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