Friday, August 23, 2013

You've Got That Right, Carolyn

I think that Carolyn here fully expresses how our house hunt is going.

Or maybe she looks too happy. Last night before we went to bed, a house suddenly came on the market. Oh, it was a dream of a house in a dream of a neighborhood! We rubbed our weary eyes and realized that no, it had not been a dream after all. We called our agent to set up a showing.  I didn't sleep a wink all night, excited about how we were going to be the first ones through the doors this morning to snag the house. I was placing furniture in my mind and picturing myself humming while drying dishes at the cute kitchen window and the Mister in the den...I don't know, smoking a pipe. 

Unfortunately, it just didn't look as great in person as it did in pictures. And it had a basement that was essentially a fourteen hundred square foot murder shack. I actually got lost down there in the dark maze of paneled rooms and the neighbors could probably hear me shrieking, trying to find my husband. The house even has an elevator that doubles as a panic room. I almost needed it for the latter.

Tomorrow we are looking at two more. Send good vibes!  Oh, and yes, I am taking photos of every single house so that at least, I will be able to show you all and we can have long talks about the bad and good parts. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Until next time,
x's and o's,


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Oh man, poor you!

Just caught up on your previous posts - I'm sorry for all the mishaps and let downs and all, but gee I love your writing style! I love reading all about what y'all are up to even the shite parts.. because your writing talent is BOSS!

Hope house joy comes along..

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Most people's worst nightmare is getting stuck in an elevator. Wouldn't that just increase your panic? I can't force myself to go there. Yikes!

Vanessa said...

Good luck, that house does sound like a place of nightmares! Aaah!

The Frugal Shrink said...

WHY are so many basements murder shacks??? When I was house hunting, in some real estate pics I could swear I saw blood stains. :/

Rita said...

Cannot wait to see pics! I think looking at/for houses is fun. We still walk around neighborhoods and look at every house that's for sale. The best ones are the ones that are empty, so we can peek in the windows. Our kids think we're weird!

Lauren T said...

ooh, girl...the Mister and I saw some serious murder basements when we were on the hunt. Scary! Good hunting is so fun for some people but I find it to be kind of emotionally fraught.Hang in there!

Sara In AZ said...

I think I feel like Carolyn about everyday now and in a 'not happy' way.....ha!

Good vibes being sent...with any luck we'll both find our dream houses this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eartha,

We haven't met yet, but I get the feeling we'd be good friends if we did. You are a hoot! I look forward to each of your mailings, and even before I open one, my funny bone starts going off and I begin laughing. You are too much. Your house is great, but maybe God is nudging you that something better is out there. Thanks for bring all of us along for the ride.



P.S. I was a Bellevue, TN girl for a while, but moved back up north to NJ. No, I'm not a Joisey girl, but a Jerzee girl. That's how we say it up in northern NJ, anyway. : )

Hope Thompson said...

OH my goodness, this is so exciting! I love looking at houses so I can't wait to see what you've been doing. It'll fill the void left after buying our house-- I looked at real estate for so long that it's way too hard to quit cold turkey, haha!

Jen said...

"Fourteen hundred square foot murder shack" with panelled rooms...WE LOOKED AT THAT HOUSE TOO! But it was here in Ohio, and right next door to the Incredibles House we'd pulled up to see a few weeks earlier, only to have the listing agent call OUR agent before we even opened the doors to go in, telling us it had just gone under contract.

Anyhow. That basement—you expect to have a serial murderer jump out at you, don't you? Ugh.

Sorry to hear, too, that someone made the house look much nicer than it was. That does frustrate me.