Friday, September 6, 2013

Our Visit to Deck's Glassware - Part 2

Thanks to everyone for your kind and enthusiastic comments about the post yesterday on Deck's Glassware. Special thanks to Pam with "Retro Renovation" for sharing the word on Facebook as well. It's good to hear that some of you are close enough to visit him and plan on doing so. I'm sure he'll be excited to see you! I promised to share some of the dishes that we brought home with us from our visit there so here goes!

But first, I forgot to mention the number one find while in Chattanooga:

Of course. Because those of you who know me best realize that I can't even leave the house without finding a lot pet. Even in other cities. We found this rascal pants right before we got to Deck's. We stopped at a rest area and saw a couple out front, watering a very exhausted dog. Something didn't seem quite right and I knew right away that he wasn't their dog. I have some kind of radar, much to the chagrin of Mister Kitsch, I'm sure. I met their eyes and of course they said, "You want a dog?" Oh lordy. The rescuer in me knew that offering free dogs to random strangers at rest stops could not end well. We learned that he had been running in and out of heavy interstate traffic and the couple had fortunately caught him before he was a fatality. 

The next thing we knew this guy was riding shotgun in the back of the car with my Mom, who named him "Camper".  Long story short but the next few hours were spent going to the vet for a microchip check and then to the humane society (where we all cried after surrendering him). His owner never did show up for him but fortunately, I was able to drum up some interest in him and before long, they had adopters standing in line to try and make him a family member. We here at the ranch wish him the best in his new life, hopefully never to dodge in and out of interstate traffic again!

Okay, so back to Deck's. We got there reaaaaally late even though we'd meant to be there at his 10:00 opening time. Looking back now, I think that we might have even stayed past the 2:00 closing time. I hadn't realized what his hours were until yesterday when writing my piece about the place. Wow, do I feel like a heel! At least we bought some stuff, I guess. 

Mister Kitsch asked me yesterday if I'd fully gotten across how dirty parts of the back warehouse of the store can be. I think? that I did but just in case:

Super glamorous dishes-in-the-driveway shot! Kapow! 

Now, Mr. Deck cleans up a decent stock of items and brings them to the front of the store, just to be clear. It's not like he expects for everyone to go back and bring up the most buried dishes in the place. There is plenty of nice, economical shopping to be had in the front part of the warehouse. It's just that since we want the oldest and the hardest-to-come-by, we are the people who like to scrounge. And he seemed cool with our doing so.

Here is my personal favorite:

Nobody but me thought that it was going to come clean. Stay tuned to see if it did!

We put a big ole washtub full of boiling water and soap out in the driveway and let them sit in the sun and then Mister Kitsch washed them. We fought over who got to wash them, believe it or not. We loooove bringing things back to their glory. Honestly, that wash in the driveway made them look as good as new. The hot water melted most of the grunge away. We still put them in the dishwasher on the hottest, longest wash possible though just to deep clean them. I haven't counted how many we came up with but we had an entire dishwasher packed full and we paid less than forty bucks for the lot of them. 

Here is the dish, saucer and platter portion of the show. 

We concentrated most of our search on saucers because we have more room for them. 

And of course cups because those are kind of our weakness. I have cup hooks under the kitchen cabinets so it's fun to switch out the different patterns from time to time.

I love that we found some in great colors that we didn't have. 

Here is the very filthy dish from the teaser at the beginning! Good as new! 

The one with the sweet little green bow is marked "Sample" on the bottom. 

This little vase is a "second" but I'd never seen a vase and was stoked to find it! 

This one is Mister Kitsch's favorite set.  Cute! 

I actually dreamed about Deck's last night after posting yesterday. There I was in my sleep, rummaging through piles and piles of dishes with pigeons cooing in the background. That place kind of gets into a person's blood! Once again, if you'd like to visit Decks Glassware, it's located at: 

4118 Dodds Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37407
(423) 867-9352

And there is a Facebook page though it isn't updated too often. 

He has posted hours but call ahead just to confirm. 

Happy hunting y'all!

Well, I've got to go meet the Mister to look at a house. Wish us luck! We have ten days left before the possible deal with our buyers expires. Will we stay at the ranch? Move on to a new place? It's anybody's guess at this point! 

And be sure and watch "No Pattern Required" for this Sunday's posted house find from Kansas City, Missouri. It's super cute and the bathrooms? To die for. I love a big fancy mid-century modern home but the more modest vintage family homes are what I love best. 

Also thanks to all who visited Thrift Core and for your kind words on my interview with Van! I had a blast doing it and the house enjoyed finally being dusted for the occasion.  

Have a great weekend, y'all! 

Until next time,
x's and o's,


boopsiedaisy said...

These Deck's posts are exhilarating, Eartha! Wish I lived close enough to rummage through all that mind-blowing mud-caked treasure!

Btw, I may not comment all that often but I read you religiously and can't get enough of you, my dear! <3

Betty2Tone said...

The white/pink dishes with the blue rim are my favorite!

Mary Lee said...

So, so happy to find you through the Retro Renovation Facebook post! I'm close enough to go check out Deck's and plan to do just that. Love your style and humor - I'll be going back and reading your previous posts :)

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I created a new Pinterest board about Deck's, and I did a couple of tweets about it.

I love everything that you found. What a haul!!!

Unknown said...

I need to go here next time I go to Chattanooga! Those mugs. I have such mug envy

Jen said...

Oh, those are ALL *so* cute! I love the daisy one, too—those jazzy daisies seem so happy!—and Mr. Kitsch's coffee set. Gosh, stuff like this would look so great in our vintage RV someday when we get one!

BTW, I've pinned a few of these and have a post about it scheduled for next week in the hopes of drumming up more business for Deck's!

Kelli Davidson said...

So now I want to drive to Chattanooga to buy some dishes! I wonder how many miles it is from here to there?

Sara In AZ said...

Oh wow, I LOVE all of the dishes you found. What an amazing place.....I really hope that I can make it there one of these days!

cheshirecat666 said...

If you love me,you will use that wonderful Fall leaves green band cup with the green band saucer for now & forever. That would fill me with joy

Lisa said...

WANT. TO GO. THERE. What killer finds you made! All of 'em! And they cleaned up like nobody's business. ((makes mental note to visit chattanooga ASAP))

Amy said...

Uggg. I live for restaurant ware, and my boyfriend's been itching to take a weekend trip to Chattanooga. I have got to check this place out!

Vanessa said...

Scoooore. I'm plate obsessed too and love all of these. Maybe fate will take me to that wonderland someday. :D ! Thanks for the shout out again at the bottom of the post, LOVED featuring your glorious casa.

RetroRuth said...

How did I miss this??? Probably off in baby-land! Oh my gravy I am SO TOTALLY COMPLETELY JEALOUS. And yes, I am yelling!