Friday, December 16, 2016

My Baking Supervisor

Meet Mr. Caspurr Burgers. He says: 

"I helped you get up three hours earlier than usual this morning and this is how you repay me? What is with this glass? We said we'd never let anything come between us!"

"I have a great cookbook called 'Cooking with Former Ferals'. If you'll just let me in, we can make my favorite recipe! Tuna scones! You'll love them! Come on, ma! Come on!"

"Wait, is that salted butter? Heavy cream??! This ain't even fair!"

"Your cookie press technique is laughable. Let me get my paws on that thing!" 

Yeah, he's talkative. Also, send up some prayers. I'm about to make a recipe where online reviewers lament about how stiff the dough is and how some of them ended up on back pills just from their attempts to use their piping bags.

Yay, Christmas baking! It's not truly festive until someone ends up in physical therapy.

How is your holiday prep coming? Are you in there like a maniac? Ignoring it completely? Do tell!


Rita said...

I am so excited to see you back blogging! I've missed you terribly. (Rita, formerly of This Sorta Old Life.) You know I'm pretty much in the ignoring it completely camp. We're on our second snow day (yay! early winter break! but I can't drive my car anywhere) and it is 1:30 in the afternoon and I am still in my pajamas. I've done nothing but write a still unfinished blog post and watch the president's press conference and have a stupid FB argument/debate. At least I got to read you. :-)

mary scott said...

Loved the feature on y'all in FMS magazine! Thanks Your cookies look delicious.....

Susie Q. said...

My kitty is also pretty ungrateful--she starts meowing for more food about 30 seconds after she stops eating (and I do not relent). I did Thanksgiving this year, so I'm not in much of a Christmas baking mood. Decorating, finished. Shopping, almost finished. I'm interested to see how you've decorated your place!

Maureen said...

I just sat down after FINALLY getting decorating done. I've been working a lot these past few weeks, and haven't had the energy. My daughter got home from college last night-so we decorated the tree today, and I got everything else set up.

We have a kitten experiencing his first Christmas, I've chased him out of the tree once (we've had cats for 20 years, he is the first one to climb the tree), and I am a bit worried about my display of vintage Christmas figures. Fingers crossed everything makes it through the season!

I think all I am going to bake this year is Spritz cookies, unless I get super motivated. My daughter will make fudge, and that will be our Christmas treats. I still have to do my Christmas cards-that MUST be done tomorrow!

Once again, so happy you are updating again. I totally agree with what your friend and other commenters from your previous post said-in troubled times we all can use a little lightness, joy and fun.

tubby3pug said...

looks tasty im so glad you are blogging again

retro rover

Christaface said...

Last year I baked *so* much, and delivered everything to friends all over town in bakery boxes with ribbons. Yeah, way to set the bar high, right? At the time we had an immobile 6 month old baby. This year, with a very mobile 18 month old, everything is at a standstill. I made some delicious saltine bark, but that's about it, and I ate it all myself. Today I delivered homemade yogurt and strawberry compote to friends. Really felt like I was phoning it in with that one- no pink coconut or glacé cherries or butter-drenched things in sight. Basically I delivered baby food. Still holding out hope that I will get into some butter and sugar this week.

Sadder, though, is the beautiful tree we cut and put up last weekend and still haven't decorated. I know I'll be skipping my vintage glass bulbs, what with the toddler, this year, and I have no motivation to get out whatever paper/plastic we have. It's a bummer.