Thursday, June 2, 2011

Got Dirty Laundry?

Hey buckaroos! Seen the "flashback" laundry products that Proctor & Gamble is selling at Target? They're based on their past package designs. This little teaser came out in the paper with coupons:

Ooh Whee! She's happy, isn't she? (I wish they'd bring back that washer/dryer color too!) When I saw that coupon insert in mixed in with my stack of coupons, it instantly cheered me up. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who stares at old packaging and advertising and wishes for the beauty of it all to come back. I mean just look at this zippy old ad for Tide:


Why, that makes even me want to do laundry!

Here's what Proctor & Gamble had to say in their press release:

In a bygone era when women wore dresses and high heels to carry their families’ laundry in a wicker basket to their very first automatic washing machine, they turned to Tide for “the cleanest clothes possible.”

Wait one cotton pickin' minute, P&G! :
Dress? Check!
High heels? Check!
Wicker laundry basket? Check!

It seems that I'm of a "bygone era". Yay! No wonder my joints hurt..

These products are on shelves for a limited time at Target. I'm trying to get it verified but have read that they're only available until June 10th. So if you're jonesin' for them, get on out there as quick as a bunny's hop!

Here's a shot taken of a store display by Look In The Tunk over on Flickr:

Pretty, huh? They'd look great on a laundry room shelf. As you can see, they are keeping the modern designs on the bottles but using the old designs on the labeling. I think they're reaching on that Tide but if they weren't tested on animals, I'd be ALL over the Downy and Bounce.

I'll take you out with some commercials to put you in the mood to do laundry flashback style.

First up, Tide!

Notice how the whole family was wearing white? They are totally a Tide family! And did you see how Mrs. Christian was polite but stern with him? She was one "bless your heart" away from bare knuckle fighting that guy. She was thinking, "If my pork chops thaw, you are done for!"

Next, look at him as he tries to intimidate Mrs. Jenkins!:

(Note: the volume is recorded loud on this one so you might want to get ready for a
real "blast" from the past.)

Oh hell to the no!

There are two things that we women will never let anyone come between.
Our soap operas and our laundry soap!

And now for a little less snatch and grab intimidation. Here we have Downy!

Failed side pony!
Shelley Long perm!
Lightning bolt!

Remember when kids used to only sniff laundry?

And finally, Bounce. Boing!
Keep your eye open for some super sweet appliances:

My wow, but they're happy! Maybe I should buy some Bounce!

Until next time (hope that your whites are their whitest and your softs are their softest),
x's and o's,

p.s. If you're interested in a run-down of which companies do and don't test on animals, go here for a comprehensive list. Download the PDF's for a faster read: Do They Test?


Barbara said...

Goddammitsomuch! Where the heck is that where Tide is $6.49??? The cheapest I've ever purchased it ws $8.99! ARG.

It would be better if they put the vintage logo on the boxes, since they didn't have bottles or little square cubes then, just regular cereal type boxes.

Oh being picky...again.

The videos, as usual, are a scream. How could we live without these items, huh????

Eartha Kitsch said...

You want me to send you my Tide coupons? I'd be glad to! And yeah, I wish that the Tide was in a box so it would look more original too. That's the one that really throws me the most.

Barbara said...

PS: The second commercial? I thought she was going to punch him and roll her cart away. Your Oh Hell NO! was quite fitting...

Hell YES send me Tide coupons. Like these women, it's all I use. With dogs, you need a really good detergent and Tide can clean ANYTHING.

Charm and Poise said...

No one better get in my way with foolish questions about Tide if I'm shopping at Target, darn it! I need to concentrate on the deals!

Bandita said...

yay! cute post, i had no idea!

Jen said...

"Remember when kids used to sniff only laundry?" ROFL

Also being of a "bygone era", I thought I should point out that my current kitchen wall calendar features nothing but vintage ads. EVERYTHING is so super-wonderful in these ads. One has to love the optimism!

Averyl said...

I wonder what people like me did in the 50's. The fragrance in detergents gives me hives so I have to use "Tide Free."

Club80 (Robever80) said...

So very cool!

cheshirecat666 said...

I totally applaud them for "getting it right". Of course,ideally,the Tide should be in a box,and the Downy botlle should have that huge tall cap,but still,good job. The General Mills cereals repros from my childhood are perfect as well. Total 99.9% exact replicas

Now for the anal pet peeve: Hostess put out 70's repros for Twinkies,Cupcakes,etc with the 70's style mascots on the boxes,awesome. But they messed it up by splashing offers for new retro premiums across the box

And Pepsi,Mountain Dew and other sodas have put out 60's & 70's cans,but splashed the word THROWBACK across the cans,which ruined it for me

look: if you're gonna make a retro package,I want no indication whatsoever that it's a repro. Know what I mean? And Cheetos and Pringles put out retro packages recently. The retro Cheetos bag has Chester the Cheetah. Really? I want the little animated mouse who used to be in the commercials and on the package in the 70's. And the Pringles "retro" can has the 90's style mustache man face. Really? The 90's?

FAIL as the hip kids say. Yes,I'm way too anal

So good job Tide/Downy/Bounce!

Anonymous said...

I remember those Tide ads! And it reminds me of this:

- Shannon