Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey Nashville Peeps!

Update to this post: I just heard that the sale was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to help out Charlotte and to give a boost to the kind rescue folks helping her along! - tons of x's and o's, Eartha

If you're in the Nashville area, please stop by 1412 Woodland in East Nashville tomorrow for a yard sale and bake sale to raise money for vet bills for Charlotte, the pup. Charlotte was found on a country church step and has been battling anemia, mange, malnutrition and juvenile celulitis, a rare but very serious condition which restricts the airway until choking occurs. She is under intense medical treatment but is doing well - and is getting love in leaps and bounds.

Here is some info on Charlotte from her Facebook page written by the amazing person who rescued her:

Charlotte was found lying in the doorway of a church, way out on a country road....who knows how far she had dragged her broken, weary little body to get there? Members of the congregation gave her food and water, but nobody would take her in. Little Charlotte watched as, one by one, they all drove away, until she was left alone again...and darkness began to fall. When I arrived that night, Charlotte was still lying in the doorway of that church, lonely, frightened, in pain...but waiting still for salvation, hoping for sanctuary. I knew I had no room for her, as my home is already refuge to many rescues. I have no money for the kind of care she needs. But this little puppy had faith, so I will have faith, that you will help her, faith that she will make a full recovery and leave pain and fear far behind her. She is only a baby, about 3 months old.. She is suffering from malnutrition and severe mange.

The sale is being put on by the Labor of Love Animal Welfare Project and there will be lots of awesome buys and delicious treats to be had and it's for a great cause. I'm dropping off some dog cupcakes and cookies and will definitely be checking out both the yard sale and the bake sale - two things that I can't pass up. Especially for as great of a cause as that sweet pup, Charlotte.

The fundraiser runs between 8:00 and 2:00 on Saturday, August 20th. The organization is already up to 90% of their $3500 goal to pay for her vet bills. Come help them meet and even exceed that goal if you can. And if you want to donate yard sale or bake sale items, they'll be glad to have them too.

You can learn more about Charlotte and Saturday's event here on her Facebook page as well as see photos of her condition when she was found and how she's looking now:

Charlotte's page

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and if you can, come out and support this sweet pup who has had a long road to recovery and safety. And if you can't attend and would like to donate, here is how: Funds for Charlotte

Thanks all!

x's and o's,


Barbara said...

OH MY GOD, those cupcakes are so cute!!

I have Charlotte's Chip In link on my page - she's soooo close to getting the whole amount. Check out her FB page and see how she actually HUGS people.

Whoever did this to this particular dog will pay so badly in hell for it, if there is one. This pup is a sweetheart.

Love you for doing this!

PS: I'll take half a dozen of your cupcakes.

Sherrie said...

Oh man...these are the times that I wish we all lived in the same neighborhood! Charlotte is a doll baby...what a great event! And those cupcakes! THOSE CUPCAKES! I may have to steal that idea sometime soon! I'm going to Brooklyn in a week and may have to make these!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Barbara: Oh my gosh, I want a hug. They should have a hugging both! A dollar per hug. :) I wish that you were here to have cupcakes and Charlotte hugs.

Sherrie: I wish so too! Those cupcakes are SO easy. Email me if you want tips on how to make them.

Sparkleneely said...

Those are the best cupcakes I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. You will raise tons of money for sweet Charlotte for those!!! (I would buy them all!)

Is there a Pay Pal account we can donate to? Or can I send you some $ for it?

Bless you and your googly-eyed loving big heart.


Anonymous said...

What a story of Charlotte's rescue,it has tears running down my face. Thanks so much for being a part of Charlotte's recovery story. The cupcakes are adorable. I wish I was in Nashville, so I could bring some things over. And yes, a neighborhood of Eartha's people would be wonderful.Please take pics of Charlotte for us to see.

Sparkleneely said...

Wait! I found the Pay Pal account and sent them some $.

Save me a cupcake! ;) xoxo

DearHelenHartman said...

Sending warm thoughts for Charlotte - she's already been blessed to be found and taken in.

Eartha Kitsch said...

Sparkleneely: You rock! Thanks soooooooo much for donating. I met the folks from the rescue tonight - so nice. I know they'll appreciate the donation. And so will Charlotte!

DearHelenHartman: I know. I think that she had a guardian angel that led her to being found by good people.

Candis: I wish that you were here to come to the sale! Turns out Charlotte isn't going to be well enough to be there but they say they might have a meet-and-greet when she's much better. I'll be sure and go and send you a picture.

Sara In AZ said...

Donated!!! And bless your heart for making those cupcakes, they are AWESOME!!! You know I wish I could be there girl!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Aww! Sara, thank you! And I know that Charlotte thanks you too! :) Next time you come, free BLATS, olive penguins, chocolate chip cookies AND dog cupcakes. And then Imodium which you know I always have on hand.

Georgie Horn said...

poor puppy. we'll be there to support that sweet lil thing!

Sara In AZ said...

Girl, I CANNOT wait!!!!!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Georgie: Yay! Hope to see you there!

Sara: Amen to that!

Gina Lee Bean said...

Oh my....bless her little heart. If I didn't live so far away, I would come and help out too. How could anyone do this to an animal? It breaks my heart. I am so glad she is being looked after by so many loving people. I'm gonna go check out the FB page right now. Thanks for posting this sweetie! xo

Georgie Horn said...

too bad we missed you today at the yard sale for Charlotte. Russ did get one of you cuppies and I bought me a little something too!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Gina Lee Bean: You're welcome. And thanks for sending Charlotte some love through the miles. She had a horrible start to her life. I bet it's going to be much better now though.

Georgie: I'm so glad that y'all went! Due to an emergency, we had to drop our stuff off and didn't get to shop.
I'm dying to know what you got! And if the dog cupcakes had wilted. Hope not!

Betty Crafter said...

I'm so glad there are great people out there looking out for this little sweetie. We just rescued a dog of our own, so this issue is near and dear to my heart as well. Keep us updated on this little lady, will ya?

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

oh i am so bummed i got behind on my blog reader and am only seeing this now! I'm so happy their event was a success and i hope that sweet little baby can recover and live a full life full of love! i don't understand how people can let a living being get into that condition.

Lisa said...

You're killing me with those dog cupcakes. I don't even like cupcakes, and I LOVE THOSE DOG CUPCAKES. Nutter butters, vanilla wafers, and, dare I say it, puppy love ensues? Glad the benefit went well!