Monday, September 12, 2011

The Search Goes On

Sorry for missing our scheduled Sunday episode of Pam's home movies. We're still on the frantic hunt for Skippy Lou. Today is her birthday and on Friday, her Mom starts chemotherapy.

If you're praying folks, pray for a miracle. And if anyone has any media contacts (TV, newspapers, blogs - local or national) please let me know. We had the following local coverage from one news station but due to the tennis matches, it came on right before midnight instead of the three earlier time slots when people would have seen it. We really need media coverage right now. And reinforcements. Skippy Lou has been missing for a month tomorrow and though we have possible sightings, she isn't home yet.

x's and o's,


DearHelenHartman said...

Prayers for a positive outcome for Skippy and her Mama.

Barbara said...

They say the best way to find a missing dog is to make huge signs and stand with them near where they were spotted. They say people don't even notice the small signs any more, but a bunch of people waving big signs (with huge phone numbers) gets results.