Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recent Finds

I have accidentally started a small collection of "we missed you in church" cards. I found these at one of the thrifts still in the package. And found these pins in the same store.

And then on my way out, I found these bracelets and had to get back in line.

This top is actually from Old Navy. I saw it on Scathingly Brilliant and fell in love with it's classic old lady styling. And it's a silky polyester that feels just like you stole it from Granny's closet. They also have a cherry red version with dogs on it! Check them out here. The bow goes in the back but I wear mine in the front because I love vintage secretarial style. And Kriss Kross.

They also had a different style that had beautiful birds on them. Oh, and if you want any of these, they're cheaper in the stores than online. Just a tip. Right now, they have a few great things that will easily incorporate into a vintage leaning wardrobe.

I have a weakness for metal boxes with designs on them

(and then I store things in them and can't find them because I'm an old lady)

And speaking of old ladies:

Pregnant Granny

"You and your once more for old times sake!"

She's actually part of a salt and pepper shaker set. I've seen her geriatric baby daddy before but so far just have Granny.

Another big weakness: vintage cleaning products

Yep, I'm the annoying lady at the estate sales who is digging under the sinks!

And speaking of estate sales, these two purses came from a recent local sale. That straw one is huge and will even hold my camera.

The Mister is my secret weapon. When there are estate sales that I can't go to, I look at the sale pictures online and tell him what I'd love to have and off he goes. He's an early bird of a man and has long arms for reaching over other customers. Sometimes, I'll just tell him "Oh, you know what I like. Surprise me!" and it's fun to see what he comes home with. Recently, these were my surprise. He's a great shopper. And I think that he likes to go shop for me so that I don't go with him and spend two hours just admiring a house or spending thirty minutes sorting through used washcloths while his life slowly ticks away.

Last weekend we had twenty minutes to kill so of course, I suggested a thrift store! When we walked in, we saw this chest of drawers that happened to match our bedroom dresser. Score! The weird thing was that while we were looking at it, a store employee came up and started moving it to another place in the furniture department. So, we had to follow him while he was rolling the chest around the room just to get it. And he refused to acknowledge that we were talking to him about how we were buying it. He just looked right through us as we talked to him, parked the chest of drawers and then turned and walked away.

For a minute I wondered if we had passed away and were invisible to mortals and just didn't realize it yet. Maybe we'd gotten run over in the parking lot and our spirits were still determined to shop. Sometimes, thrift stores are great and weird. The chase got our adrenaline up and we bought it in a rush and then stopped to wonder if it would fit in my small car - which was already full of old little kid school chairs that we'd found at a dumpster behind an elementary school. I'd show them here but they're in the garage where I cram impulse buys and am afraid to go. And no, we don't have kids. But if we do, we've got the chairs. Anyway, it did fit in the car.

Note: Do you ever find things that won't fit into your car and it just kills you? Recently, we were with an installation artist who had this giant ..I'm talking giant school eraser that he was giving away. But it was the size of a couch and made out of wood. A giant fake pink school eraser as big as a couch! I don't know what I would have done with it but that's the kind of thing that it's hard to pass up. Oh, and it had hinges and opened up. I could have just been buried in it. Buried in a fake school eraser! Dang...that would have been sweet. Not having a truck keeps me from getting whimsical coffins and giant lawn dinosaurs.

Meet Peter Peppers!

He's a huge chalkware dog that I found in one of the worst antique stores in town. He was down in the floor behind a bunch of really bad junk. This place is so packed that you feel like you're going to break half the shop just by turning around. But alas, I got Peter Peppers out of there safely!

I love to picture some tourist bringing him all the way home from Mexico. He's in our foyer, greeting guests as they come in.

What about you? Found anything squeal-worthy lately? Do tell!

Until next time,
x's and o's,


Jamie@OwlReally.com said...

fun finds!! never thought about digging for vintage cleaning supplies! what do you do with them?

Eartha Kitsch said...

Thanks! I just display them. I love the old packaging. Never sniff them though.. usually cough inducing!

hannah said...

here's my old lady tip for finding what you store tins...write what's in it on the bottom. i have a few dozen tins that i store craft supplies and little things in and since i started writing what i put in them i don't have to open up every single one when i need something. and when i die, i'm sure somebody rummaging through my things at my estate sale will get a kick out of it.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

We missed you in Church cards? Is that guilt post for when you've been groaning and hungover for the 3rd Sunday in a row? Yowzer.

Pregnant Granny is an utterly bizarre concept for a cruet - here, have some salt from my aged, hormone riddled head.

Peter Pepper is pretty special too. He looks like he's been left too long in a train siding in Mexico city and has been tagged by a passing anarchist.

DearHelenHartman said...

Yea! That was just about too dang much for my fellow old lady heart! I soooo want to go to Old Navy now. Seems fitting for someone who used to buy her clothes at an Army/Navy surplus store (they had the best bell bottoms!). Bracelets, worth the second trip into the fray. The metal boxes are perfect for storing things and forgetting them. Think of it as a present to your future self. Your future self is going to love it... if she can remember what it is and why she wanted it.

K0dama said...

one day I want to go thrifting with you. And go to Sonic afterwards, my treat! :)
I have a circa-70s recipe card tin with a few recipes still inside and I've been trying to think of another use for it 'cause it's so cute.

GoVintage said...

I recently bought a mid-century modern three drawer dresser from a thrift store. We only had one bed side table, so this was perfect for the other side of the bed. It's big enough for my vintage lamp and framed photo of Doris Day : )

Amber Von Felts said...

Fantastic Finds! I have a massive collection of the enamel flower pins. I love that they are everywhere and very affordable! Yours are pretty as a picture. As for everything else, too great for words! I love the comment about the snooty thriftstore clerk. The two of you passing away reminded me of Beetlejuice, when they haven't figured out that they are dead yet! Great Post!

Sara In AZ said...

That dresser is freakin' awesome!!! And the Chalk Dog too! And that shirt!!! Heck, everything is!!!

I actually managed to find some vintage mermaids at Goodwill today, I was stunned!

erin said...

nice! ohhh, how i love me some junk. but you already knew that...

Barbara said...

I want to come visit this summer and go thrifting with you. Got an extra sofa I can sleep on?

Damn, I am so jealous of thrift stores outside of CA. You guys get awesome stuff.

And I need those church envelopes.

Bandita said...

nice finds! i'm especially jealous of the metal flower pins. i never find those! grr

Megan said...

Those enamel pins are fantastic! And the Mexcio dog? Greatness.

Johanna said...

Hilarious! I'm still chuckling. Geriatric baby daddy-best quote ever! And, I laughed when you wondered if you were both run over in the parking lot of the thrift store and were dead, but wanted to keep on shopping! LOL!

danielle thompson said...

please join twitter! i love you and your blog so much but only seem to keep up with blogs thru twitter. i know, i'm so lame. Love ya, gal!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

oh lordy, there are too many things i need to comment on in this post. i had to keep a little notepad open and take notes!
i LOVE those missed you at church cards. so passive agressive! and i NEVER find flower pins at the thrifts! never ever.

I have all kind of goodies stashed in cute vintage tins. and like you, i can never find anything. i have bought the same pom pom makers twice because I couldn't find my original set.

I LOVE that granny! hilarious! i'm going to look for that set now!

what do you do with the cleaning supplies? i am always tempted when i see them but just don't know what i would do with them!

your husband sounds like mine. he is always bringing me home goodies from the goodwill outlet (i swear that place is like a siren song to him, he goes at LEAST three times a week)

i would have been crying about the school eraser too! that sounds amazing!!! travis is willing to strap anything to the top of his saturn wagon so i can usually bring whatever home. which is sometimes terrible.

i've only been to one estate sale this year. it is terrible. i've been saving my pennies to buy something awesome at the wizarding world this weekend and i can't wait to get back in my old junking habit as soon as we are back!

and uh brb i'm going to old navy. to get the cat AND the dog shirt.

yossk1 said...

Klear Floor Wax! I remember my mom using that. That was the every day stuff, mind you. For super duper cleaning days, she would drag out the electric floor cleaner/polisher, strip off all the old wax and then do the floor with Johnson's paste wax. And, then she would down a couple of Miltowns to give her the ability to think she could handle the next job.
How she never got hooked on them is a wonder to me. One day she read an article about them, and how they were addictive, so she called the doctor, stopped cold turkey, and just went back to being a bitchy, depressed housewife.
Oh, and she stopped being so obsessive about the floors, too.

Jodi said...

I also collect vintage cleaning stuff from estate sales. I thought I was the only one that did that, now I know I have competition!

RetroRuth said...

You know, your finds are great (especially that dresser! Yow!) but I CANNOT get the image of you being buried in a giant eraser out of my head! That's the kind of thing that just sticks with a person...

Also: Come and do posts for us. You know you want to. :)

thursday said...

I completely second Danielle. Please get a Twitter account. I was just looking for you over there.