Saturday, October 13, 2012

Matchmaker....Matchmaker....Make Me A Match

This morning, I was thinking about some of the jobs that I've held through the years. Some of them good and most of them? Well, not so good  - like my stint in a video store in a small conservative Georgia town that was actually a thinly-veiled front for a porn shop.

Holy heck, I'll never forget that Summer. It was the only job that I could get, having recently moved there from out of State. I could tell right away that it was going to be a hard job search when I wasn't getting jobs because nobody knew my family. That's big in those small Southern towns - people want to know who your family is. I remember always being there alone at night and having to deal with creepy guys who'd go into the back of the store for a long time before coming up and asking for a porno flick by giving me the title. All that they were supposed to do was give me the ID number but no...nooooooo...instead, they'd give me the full titles. And let me tell you, if you've never taken a peek at titles of the genre, you are in for a real treat!

Luckily, I only had to stay at the video shop for one Summer before getting a job at the local florist. I don't even know how I got that job. When I left my interview, I put my car into drive instead of reverse and plowed right into the side of the building! It turned out to be another job that I just wasn't cut out for. I never could master making ribbons (which is a huge deal in a floral shop) and soon got delegated as the one who put the greenery into funeral sprays and who tied off balloons.  The owner of the business was a very sassy and blunt little lady named Rachelene who at the staff Christmas party got drunk and revealed to me that a lady had once committed suicide in the walk-in closet of my rental home.  A home that already gave me the creeps. I'll never forget going home that night in the dark.

Okay, now back to videos.  I was once offered a job in a video matchmaking agency and like a fool, I turned it down.  I'll forever wish that I'd taken the job at least for a while. I think that it would have been one interesting story after another. Have you seen these old video dating videos from the 80's? I can never get enough of them.

Some of you younger readers might not realize it but yes, in the 80's, we actually dressed like that with no sense of irony whatsoever. You guys and girls might be bringing back some of the fashions in the spirit of retro fabulousness but I double-dog-dare you to bring back the hair!

Ellen Degeneres was able to find three of the men and get updates on how they're doing now and if they found love. Go here.

And do you remember "Love Connection"?  Check out Lee Little.

I love that guy! I'd love to know whatever happened with those two.

On the waaaaaay flip side, did you know that there was once an infamous serial killer on "The Dating Game"?  Not only was he a contestant, but he actually won the date with the bachelorette! 

To make things even scarier, Rodney James Alcala was on the show during the time that he was on his killing spree. Lucky for Cheryl, she didn't go on the date with him because she thought he seemed "creepy".   He as actually out on parole for rape when he was approved for the show. Yikes.

Wow, I really know how to bring down a mood, don't I?  Let's lighten things up. I can't think of anything that can lighten a mood like well, Rip Taylor. Let's go!

Can you imagine what taking a trip to Mexico with Rip Taylor would be like? 
I would definitely like to find out! 

And does anyone remember Jamie Foxx's character Wanda from "In Living Color"? 

It's interesting to see now how many big stars were born on that show. 

Okay, that's enough tripping down dating memory lane. I hope that you all have a great Saturday!

Until next time,
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SusieQT said...

Haha- that lady Rachelene sounds just like my MIL. She worked for years in a florist shop and is awesome at tying bows (and getting drunk and saying things she shouldn't... :)

Vivian said...

Fantastic post! I loved "In Living Color" when it aired xx number of years ago! It is still just as funny as it was then! You are so correct in saying that show launched many careers for the cast members. Jim Carey "I'm going to Europe." Funny stuff. Yes, the montage was funny too!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

oh my gosh that rip taylor video!!!! i would love to go on vacation with him. and those twins are killing me!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Oh lawdy - I so miss Wanda. Thank you for posting. That was hilarious!

Sara In AZ said...

Oh my gosh.....thinking about old jobs. Wow, I had some crazy ones too - TCBY Yogurt shop, a golf store, a wedding place......... the list goes on. Oh boy crazy times girl, crazy times.

I think Love Connection had to be one of my favorite shows back in the day....... we'll be back in 2 and 2! :)

And don't even get me started on how we dressed in the 80s! hee!!!

Jenny said...

Oh My Gosh!!!!! I used to LOVE watching Love Connection. I totally forgot about that show. I'm gonna have to dig and find some more episodes!

DearHelenHartman said...

Too fun! Not the dating scene but seeing how it was done in days gone by. I hope people remember this when they criticize computer matchmaking!

little rosy runabout said...

I love Ellen so much! That 80's video reminded me of the dating video from the movie Singles:
I wish I could have found the video that Debbie, the Singles character did. It features her flying through the air at the end, giving a salute. Fabulous.

Kelly said...

Great stuff! Love that Lee Little!

Unknown said...

Dating Game was seriously the BEST show ever.

The Curious Holts said...

OMG there was a SERIAL KILLER on the Dating Game? That FREAKS me out. Did you SEE him? and HER? I watched that all the time as a kid/tween/teen. No wonder I ended up so effed up!

Jamie Foxx - hahaha

Rip Taylor - drinks on me for that trip!

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

awesome awesome awesome
I read/watched while at work! YES! Had my little headphones on - secretly dying laughing!! Hahaha. Oh Wanda.

Unknown said...

Hey mamacita!
I always bring up to my hubs how much I loved staying up late and watching Love Connection!
I didn't have cable at home but my grams did, and every time I would stay the night over her house...we would cuddle on the couch and watch Love Connection while eating hot sugared grapefruit right out of the peel :)
Ahhhh weird as that memory might sound...its one of my favorites!

Unknown said...

Oh. My. God. That first dating video has probably the most mustaches per minute of all of the videos on YouTube. Thanks a lot for plummeting me headlong into the vortex of 80s matchmaking videos