Saturday, June 11, 2011

"So in Love" Saturday



Sara In AZ said...

SO sweet, and the skirt with the little hearts on it - adorable!

Becky said...

Love! And I love your blog. So glad I found it/you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Eartha, I have tried pickin petals, I have tried mixin juleps while strollin
thru tulips and honey, I have baked many a biscuit! Who knew a box of
Wheaties and a well choreographed energetic dance number could possibly
do the trick!!!!! I'm off and filled w/ inspiration!. Love your blog, Vera ellen
and a sassy pair of tap pants! -Kathy

Susie O said...

I could watch Vera Ellen dance all day! White Christmas has been my favorite movie since I was about four years old, and I always tried doing that fast tap with my toe...but it's impossible! I wanted to be a dancer so bad because of her.

"The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing" is the perfect movie scene in my mind. I LOVE Danny Kaye.

Miss RM said...

Oh gosh! I've never seen this video, but I wake up with this song in my head quite often!

Rebecca Jean said...

Did you see the gams on that girl?! And that rapid tapping thing she did with you toe? Wow. That crazy spinning at the end made me dizzy just watching it. The girl's sure got spunk.

♥ Rebecca Jean
Midnight Maniac