Thursday, February 2, 2012

Burn my clothes, but hurry up!

When my Grandfather passed, my Dad gave me a box of his papers. There were all sorts of things in there from old pay stubs to report cards from when my Dad was a kid. There were also some old photos like this one of my Grandfather from a photo booth when he was young:

There were many photos of him dressed up in dapper suits and posing with different lovely ladies. I have no doubt that he was popular with the girls with his wavy hair and startling ice blue eyes.

And those white buck shoes!

Also in the box were several printed postcards with funny sayings on them. I thought that this one from 1926 might be fitting for Valentine's Day time. I like to imagine that one of his love interests gave it to him or that he kept these in his pocket to make the girls giggle:

Feel free to use any of these lines on your own Valentine's cards this year - especially the ones about hooch and burning clothes. I have a feeling that those sentiments span the decades and are always relevant to young lovers, wherever you are.

The slang here reminds me of one of the best songs ever by the amazing Betty Hutton:

Until next time,
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SUZY8-TRACK said...

That postcard is just the Bee's Knees!

bitter69uk said...

Your grandfather was a stunner! And I'd kill to have straight, thick hair like his!

frecklewonder said...

you have GOT to be kidding me.

that card made me misty! WHAT A TREAT!

oh happy day!!!!!

frecklewonder said...

oh i'm back.

BETTY HUTTON, i'm in love!!! what a doll!!!!!!!

Dakota said...

These are just fantastic, thanks for sharing!! I can't get enough of '20s slang, it's so giddy and fun. All for bringing these phrases back into circulation, haha.

Amber Von Felts said...

What! That card is a riot, sounds like a drunk whose clothes were on fire wrote it! LOVE IT.

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

haha, i might have to copy that postcard word for word and send it to my husband this year. i especially love that it was your grandfather's and not just a random find!

Bandita said...



Lisa said...

I. LOVE. THAT. VALENTINE. And the third picture of your grandad where he's, as the kids say, totally "mean muggin" the camera. The girl with him looks like Sylvia Sidney!

My favorite nonsense inscription-- in an autograph book from the 20's-- "Oh for heaven's sake... I shall be real rude and crush a grape." We used to use that line all the time, still completely oblivious of its meaning. I'm going back to the card now to take notes. Thanks for posting!!!

Sara In AZ said...

How completely awesome is that card!!! LOVE!!!

I think I might have to use the 'Burn my Clothes' line in my next valentine to my Mr!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Suzy8-Track: Another good one! Bee's knees!

bitter69uk: Thanks! He was a great guy too.

frecklewonder: Thanks! And isn't she? Betty had a really, really hard life but she was an amazing lady.

Dakota: me too! We show absolutely no creativity with our slang these days. Let's go old school!

Amber: Ha! A good metaphor for being in love. Drunk with your clothes on fire.

Rae: You should! Travis would be in awe of your romanticism!

Bandita: You're welcome! Glad you like! :)

Lisa: She does! I didn't realize that! "I shall be rude and crush a grape." - awesome.

Sara: I think that you should! But make sure he knows that you don't really mean it. You have some CUTE clothes!