Friday, July 27, 2012

Pack It Up. Pack It In. Let Me Begin.

We finally got word that Monday is the big day. Some rogue crew of God only knows who is going to crack into our kitchen floor like it's a big ole walnut. Whoo. Hoo. To ready ourselves, I've started packing up the kitchen. Seriously, you never truly know how much stuff you own until you start packing up a kitchen. It all seems so harmless and manageable when it's behind closed doors and drawers. But when you start to really dive So, I thought I'd show you a new treasure before it gets lost in the fray.

This morning, the Mister hit an estate sale for me in the hopes of finally landing the taxidermy swordfish that I've always dreamed about. Oh yes, I have dreams. I've wanted one for years and after seeing a tiny sliver of one's tail in an estate sale ad picture, I became absolutely frenzied. Had anyone noticed but me?? Surely the entire world wants this fish too!! Trust me when I say that you don't see many taxidermy sea creatures in landlocked Tennessee. You'll find woodland creatures of all kinds but the chances of finding a swordfish are slim. I couldn't even sleep last night for picturing how it was going to look over the mantel.

When I woke up sick this morning, I was crestfallen. I swiftly made an "I'll bake you cookies!" bargain with the Mister to swing by there and snag the fish o' my dreams. Alas, he was at the sale bright and early but the family had decided to keep the swordfish. D'oh! Dammit! My little heart was crushed. I had already named him. And visualized him in this year's Christmas card picture. He matched my eyes. There is no justice in this world.

Why couldn't they have squirreled this away for posterity instead?

(Don't even get me started. With all of the hat racks in the world, don't you think that the poor deer needed his feet more than we did?  Uggh.)

 Even though the poor deer lost out, not all was not lost on the treasure hunt, it's always fun to see what Mister Kitsch picks out when he goes to estate sales alone. First he'll hit the boxes of 78's but after that, he's really good about combing the wares to make sure there aren't any undiscovered Eartha style treasures like old cleaning products, hillbilly memorabilia or sixty year old rick-rack. Or wacky glassware. He's really good at the hunt and I always wait with anticipation to see what he'll bring home. He brought a few lovely glass treasures home today and there are rumors that there are some concrete planters in his car trunk at work. Here is my favorite of his finds. It's an old alcohol jigger:

This illustration made me laugh so hard! No alcohol for rabbits, apparently. 
I bet it has something to do with how promiscuous they are. 

Men get twice as much booze as the ladies. 

Obviously, if you're in the three ounce zone, you're a pig that drools on vacationers. 

And well, nobody wants to be the Jackass!  Hic-Haw! 

As an additional bonus, this little jigger came from Rock City where the Mister and I were married so there are little scenes mixed in like the swinging bridge. 

Here we are on that same bridge on our wedding day. 
Thankfully, not getting drooled on by a giant drunken pig!

Though in retrospect, the Mister probably could have used a few more ounces of elixir. 

Here you'll see him taking Lover's Leap a little too literally. And this was only mere minutes after our wedding. Can you imagine how he must feel years later?  I love how the tourists don't even notice that some guy is about to jump. 

And speaking of "about to jump", I'd better get back to the packing so that we can enjoy one last weekend before the dust starts to fly again. I hope that y'all have a great weekend! 

Until next time,
x's and o's,


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

There truly is no justice! That may be the only mounted dolphin that surfaces in Tennessee for the next 10 years. I promise you I'll let you know if I see one in landlocked Fort Worth, Texas, but don't hold your breath. :)

Lisa said...

I love the two wedding pictures of you guys; one, you look totally cool and two, TALK ABOUT A BACKDROP. Hope you get to feeling better, so dang disappointed about that fish. The sales were so hectic today I hardly got anything so you didn't miss much!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

im so sorry about the swordfish. i know that sinking feeling when the thing you saw in the pictures and got into a frenzy about it not there for you. such a shame. i want a taxidermied squirrel REAL BAD but haven't even see one for sale.
i love that glass! i've see that same graphics before,but never from rock city! and what a perfect wedding photo! i love that you went to rock city, and i love yoru dress and the jump for it picture! my dad has a picture of his wedding day where some friends are dragging him out of an army recruitment office, in his snazzy white tux. haha.

Anonymous said...

Did he go to the Dogwood estate sale? Because I got a taxidermied largemouth bass there this morning, and I swear that I spotted the deer feet rack...but no swordfish was in sight.

susie said...

Ah, geez. Lady who's is really afraid of heights here just totally imagined taking a swig from that jigger and walking that bridge. Not a good thought.

Peace said...

What is it about pointy fish that we find so appealing?? I am not in the swordfish market, but I do have an Atlantic City Marlin Fishing Tournament ashtray with a nifty illustrated blue marlin jumping out of some crazy waves that I LOVE. I actually went back to the thrift to get it and nearly cried that it was still there. I have no idea why except maybe as you suggest, the landlockedness of Colorado. It will come to you one day!

Anonymous said...

Do you think you pets will be jealous? Of the deer hooves I mean.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Bummer about the swordfish, but that jigger is an excellent find! I love the coy look on Mr. Bunny. I also love your wedding photos!

Unknown said...

We just love your Rock City wedding photos!

And to think out very first visit to Rock City (with Miss OLJS) even) was less than 24 hours after eating supper with you all while a two-headed dog watched over us.

On a positive note, you did want a new kitchen floor vinyl black & white checkerboard if I remember correctly...

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

If I get married again, I hope I look that cool on my wedding day!

Good luck with the kitchen. It can only get better, right? :-)

Sara In AZ said...

Hope your packing is all buttoned up by now, I don't even want to think about packing up this place one day! eek!

I'm sure you will be SO glad once all of this mayhem is over - keep us posted.

Y'alls wedding pics are the BEST!!!!

suzieQ said...

That hoof rack ranks as one of the most bizarre, ugliest and strangest items I have ever seen. Is it yours or is it just a photo to share?

I think you are going to have to go to sales down South to find that fish. I would promise to look for one since I am about 15 miles from the ocean, but marlins aren't real plentiful here in Maine.
Wicked neat wedding pictures, you two look adorable. Love the touch of red-very chic and classy.

Laura said...

Uh, this post makes my mind spin.
1. You are the most adorable wedding couple.
2. The coat rack is the yuckiest thing ever.
3. If you could briefly loan out that shot glass so I COULD dose the rabbits around here, maybe in their drunken little hiccups they'd be too bombed to find my lilies, which they've been munching all summer.
4. Having no kitchen (even temporarily) makes me feel like a woman without a home country, and I feel bad you have no place to hang your dishtowel. I wish you were close enough to drop in for pie and coffee. Keep your sense of humor, ma'am!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

That shotglass was adorable! I used to collect them years ago...oddly enough I do not drink or have ever used them, so I got rid of them. My favorites were always the ones with animals on them. Lovely wedding photo!

Vivian said...

I adore your sense of humor! The captions for the shot glass are hilarious. Those two photos taken at Lover's Leap were on your wedding day? Was that your wedding dress? So pretty, unique, inspiring and even a little spunky! The Mister looks wonderful too. I would have noticed him mocking the "jump" and most likely got into a conversation with you, to the chagrin of my family! Great photos! Good and extennded luck on the floor rip out and replacing of all things live able. Sending good thoughts!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Aah what fab wedding photos, you both look gorgeous. Sorry about the pointy fish fail, you don't see them much in London either.

I went on a school trip to Austria years ago and they had those footy coat hooks - truly grim.

Lesley said...

I fell in love with that shot glass thanks to you....I was happy to find one at a yardsale on Friday...I picked it up, took it to the elderly lady running the sale only to be told, "Sweetie, I'm selling all of those on that table as a set for $50. They're collectables, you know." Seriously? All of the other "collectibles" were cheap and not collectible. I asked her a few times, nicely, if she would reconsider and I only wanted the one. She said no. Boo. I'll just have to keep coming back here to look at your photos!

alix said...

that deer hoof coat rack is HEEEEDious!!!!!
I too love the sword fish. did you ever see the giant one at our friend Enid's house? (it was in a post i did on her vintage holiday sale) It's HUGE and it's AWESOME.

I'm gigglin' over that alcohol jigger...I JUST thrifted one in Michigan that is the exact concept, only with an "Indian" theme (not very PC i know....but it starts with "Low Man on Totem Pole" getting the smallest shot....haha)