Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In A Spin...Lovin' That Spin I'm In

 Whoo Boy.

Doing the laundry nowadays is a real drag. I used to think that it was a drag before because our laundry room is inside a small, dark closet in our garage that can reach over 120 degrees in the Summertime. But that was a German chocolate prize-winning cakewalk compared to what it is now.  With the kitchen sealed off, I have to carry the laundry out the front door and then down the front walk. Then down the long driveway while dropping rogue socks and underpants for the neighbors to giggle at. Then in the sun porch door before entering two more doors to the garage. In this heat, I feel like I'm in basic training.

As one might imagine, switching out loads takes a real drive to succeed! Not even Mr. Quackers, the Hell Hole Laundry Room Duck can make me feel better about the situation.

Nice Try, Mr. Quackers! 
Thanks for not taunting me like the "Ring Around The Collar!" Parrot.

Of course, I realize that I still have it good. I don't have to walk for miles and beat my clothing on a rock in a river. Or sit at the laundromat wondering who washed what weirdness in the machines before I got there. I realize that I've still got it good. I guess this is just the Summer of my whiny discontent.

All of this laundry thinkin' reminded me of this photo that came from one of my Grandmother's photo albums.

My Grandmother told me that this photo was taken right after her  brother gifted his wife with her first automatic washing machine ever.  Darned tootin' she was overjoyed! 

Before the kitchen situation, the Mister and I had talked about having a laundry room built inside of the house (a real modern marvel!)  but after the construction woes of late, I'm not sure we'll ever have the nerve!
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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

This too shall pass. I just wish I could tell you it's going to pass soon! You're dealing with all this a whole lot better than I would be, and I think you're entitled to a little whiny discontent. (Nice Shakespeare/Steinbeck reference, BTW.)

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

oh that picture! what a gem! that is one i would snatch up in a heart beat if i saw it at the flea market or something.
oh man before i had a washing machine in our utility room i HATED the trek to the laundry mat. i definitely do not miss that.

BEESTLYproducts said...

i love that wisk commercial! my great grandma had this insane washer that you had to drag over to the kitchen sink, and the water perpetually ran while it was on. weird.

Sara In AZ said...

I think that has to be the BEST washing machine picture I have ever seen!!! LOVE!

Ooohhhhh, I feel your pain of the washing machine trek.....that must be no fun at all. Heck I drop all manner of socks and undershorts every time I wash and I just have to go from one side of the house to the other - I can't imagine dropping them all over the driveway and such!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Love that vintage photo! Laundry used to be a pain back in the day...I know from experience. Back in the early 90s, when I was living with my ex, we had one of those really old fashioned laundry machines...the kind with the rollers that you use to get the excess water out of your clothes! Makes you appreciate the simple conveniences that most of us take for granted.