Friday, January 25, 2013

Ice Storm! Estate Sale! Kitties!

We had a whimper of an "Ice Event" here in Nashville last night. An "Ice Event" - that's what our local news channel called it as they were predicting Cold-mageddon last night.  Now, don't get me wrong. It was really cold - especially in a house with no storm windows - but it wasn't nearly the ice storm that deserved everyone running to the store for milk and bread like they did. What do people do with all of that milk and bread anyway? French toast? We may never know.

After the tiny bit of black ice had thawed this morning, Lisa and I went up to Ashland City for an estate sale. It was my first time in Ashland City and the estate sale went well. Usually estate sales are jam-packed first thing but there were only two other customers there besides us. The Ice Event had served us well! Here are some of the things that I came home with:

Without good reason: this cat. Honestly, I felt sorry for him. Once I got him home, I felt sorry for myself. I hadn't realized that the darn thing was molting and before I knew it, my entire desk, floor and table were covered in so much mohair that it was as if God himself (with his most-likely enormous beard) had shaken out his electric razor right on top of me.

In other cat related news, the house belonged to a lady who obviously loved kitties. There was a lot of cat related stuff there and unfortunately, the house did smell like a little bit of kitty. I always ask the people holding estate sales if they can tell me about who lived there. I like to know more about the people so that I can appreciate the items that I'm buying even more. I like for things to have history - even if I have to bug estate sale staff to get it. Today, I learned that owner of the home had gone to the hospital and that in the two weeks before she passed away, her neighbor was coming by to check on her kitty. Throughout this time, the kitty was alone at home and most likely, very nervous without his Mom. So, it seems he went crazy doing some spraying. Poor kitty! Admittedly, since I don't have children I often wonder if at the end of my days, will it be just the Mister and me and our kitties....will we be able to keep up with things...will our house go to pot...will the neighbors call us "The Crazy Cat People".... etc.

The estate sale lady assured me that a family member came in and adopted the kitty after the lady died. I felt like she might have been telling me this because I got all weepy faced when she told me about Mr. Home Alone Kitty being without his owner towards the end. Either/or...I immediately went and found Lisa and launched into this rambling conversation about houses that smell like cat pee and made her promise to tell me if my house ever smells like cat pee. Then I went even further with, "Oh no....wait... does it already smell like cat pee??!" She assured me that she hadn't noticed anything in her brief time at my house as I implored of her, "I REALLY want you to tell me if it ever does! You're my lifeline!" as she tried in vain to look at the estate sale wares.  Sometimes, I think it must be really hard to hang out with me.

Or to read the stuff I write. How many other blogs talk about cat pee? None. You know why?  It's disgusting and completely out of vogue.

Besides getting myself a reputation as a desperate goon at the estate sale, I also got:

Try as I might, I can not make a pot look exciting but I was plenty excited about this super clean Club pot in yellow.

I also got this large children's book.

From the inscription inside I could tell that this book was given to the lady of the house back in 1957. I'll do a post one day about the amazing illustrations inside but let's just say that the book had me at this one: 

Dogs and pigs in britches! Maybe I'll tell you one day if the cheese got spoiled or not. 

I also got this book: 

Oh, ho, ho! 

I don't want to spoil the entire plot in case this adorable book is made into a movie but...

At one point, she turns blue!! 

I also got this painting. 

The lady ran a framing shop and had some interesting art around. To me, he looks like a preacher but turns out after reading the back, it's Leonard Bernstein!  Still, he's handsome and he's a keeper.

I also got: 

....because he made me giggle. After close study, he's running at full trot but at certain angles, he looks quite honestly like he's about to lighten his load on someone's lawn. I have big plans for a confectionary creation with this guy that more than likely, you will not want to see.  Also more than likely, expect me to show it to you anyway. I'm pretty sure you all don't come here because I practice the mystical art of restraint and class.

Anyway.. Do you all have big weekend plans? I hope that you've got something good on deck. The Mister and I are going to attempt to build something. I'm also going to scan some slides that my Dad sent me. They appear to be of sailors back in the day. Cha! Cha! Cha! and Ooh La La!  Well, whatever you do - have fun doing it! We'll see you on the flip side!

Until next time,
x's and o's,


Anonymous said...


DearHelenHartman said...

Great find - though that kitty gives me the willies. But I do so want to create a new persona to go with the name Watty Piper. I bet she's a corker.

Marty said...

I love the idea of asking people about the person that lived in the house during an estate sale! I never thought of that. Love all the things you found, my favorite being the molting kitty and the peppermint kitty book!

Crystal in Texas said...

You are so funny on so many levels...I feel right at home! Thanks for your intuitive and heartfelt observations on the estate sale owner and her former possessions...really makes you think about what people are going to say about us when we're gone, right? (While they're clearing out the stuff, I mean)!

Unknown said...

I love that mohair cats face! And I didn't know if friends could tell other friends their homes smell like cat pee. I sure have been holdin back out of sheer politeness. You crack me up!... As far as the weekend, the folks are comin out to see our home for the first time. So, I better go dust the puppets ;)

lilynymph said...

A) Oh god that puppet
B) cat pee shall never go out of vogue. In fact it shall never go out of anything. May your house remain cat pee reek free
C) that's a great yellow pot! Is it a dutch oven?
D) that book should be titled "gateway to Nightmares" there's something about 1940-50's anthropomorphisized animals that creeps me right out.
C) I would totally hang out with you even if you were an estate sale distraction. You're my kind of homegirl.

Georgia Peachez said...

Well, I was hope-in and a prayin for some decent estate sales this weekend, but the estate sale gods have not come through so far. Not to mention that my big girl job is totally in the way of my schedule. So thanks for filling in the gaps.

SusieQT said...

I have that Club dutch oven in turquoise. Believe me, it is fabulous; I can definitely see why you would be excited about it. I cook in it all the time.

My mom has a whole set of Club pots in avocado. I already told my brother that I get first dibs on those when the day comes. (Our family is weird like that :)

Eartha Kitsch said...

lynxymama: Thanks! : )

Helen: Ha! Dont' you just love that name? "Watty" is NOT one you hear every day.

Marty: I usually chat up the estate sale people first. Only once have a had one kind of treat me like I was weird for asking.

Crystal: Thank you for your sweet words! : ) I know...I only hope that we can hear from the other side. Could be hilarious!

Laura: Good luck with the folks! I know they'll love your beautiful home! And Uh Oh...sounds like you have a cat pee house friend!

lilynymph: Ha! Yeah, you're right about cat pee! The pot is. A medium sized one, I'd guess. And ha! sounds like *someone* doesn't like animals in clothes. : ) It's totally not for everyone. You either love them...or fear them. And thanks for saying you'd hang out with me! : D

Georgia Peachez: What a drag! For some reason, there were tons here this weekend. I only went to that one but it was enough. I hope you can get back in the trenches soon!

Susie: I cooked in one last night for the first time in a long time and completely forgot that the handles get just as hot as the pot - I'm used to a newer pot - and wowee...burned! I only need to try that once though. I only have a few pieces but my Mom says that she has some pink ones waiting for me back home! Hot dog!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

oh man! i'm planning on hitting up that sale tomorrow! i hope there is still come cute stuff and it isn't too crowded. and oh my gosh i live in fear of my house smelling like cat pee too! i think "maybe i just can't smell it!"

RetroSandie said...

Oh, you crack me up, too! But, you, I too, wonder if my place smells like cat pee. So see?? It's a good thing to blog about!You got some fun things-can't imagine WHAT you're going to do with that funny dog ... And I would also totally hang out with you. OMG-we would have so much fun ... !!!

Pat said...

The version of The Little Engine that Could that I had as a kid was written by Watty Piper. Odd that I remember that, but it's a crazy name (real? or pen name?). I am going to have to go look him up.

I love the cover of the Peppermint kitty book!

Jen said...

Eartha, this had me laughing so loud. French toast! Molting toys! CAT PEE! Ceramic dogs of uncertain poses! This has it all, really!

That pot is gorgeous, I love it. It's really beautiful and is probably going to last forever. Peppermint Kitty looks cute, too.

Also, so far as the cat pee? Yes. Completely paranoid about it myself, and I clean house like a crazy person. Gladly, Mom has promised she will tell me if there's ever a problem.

Sara In AZ said...

Totally jealous of ALL your amazing finds - esp. that cat book I love that! Now I'm on the edge of my seat wondering whatever will happen to Peppermint next!?!

No big plans here - it's looking like it's going to rain all weekend long so we'll probably just stay around the house and try to get stuff done around here.

BEESTLYproducts said...

you got some great stuff! we suffer from cat pee paranoia. we're constantly sniffing the rugs and each other. haha.

Mick said...

"It's disgusting and completely out of vogue." I'm in love with your blog :)

Kitsch n' Keen said...

Oh man, amazing stuff! I loooove the mohair kitty! I'm also a crazy cat lady though, so not shocking there...

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I, too have brought home something I felt sorry for.
I also like to know about the elderly owners of Estate sales, but then I also start 'grieving' and it is weird that I feel I lost someone who was of the generation I wished I was I'm talking about coming home, getting depressed and crying stuff. Estate sales just seem hard for me. I also get mad when I overhear that the original vintage home is gonna be gutted by new owners...this is frickin' los angeles after all...little respect for the past and no soul.

Mr. Tiny said...

I keep threatening it, but one of these days I am going to force my company on you guys and invite myself on your estate sale adventures! Is it wrong to bring a video camera? I have a feeling you all would make for some hilarious documentary-style filmmaking.

Anonymous said...

Love it all, especially the dog and Peppermint. Wish we had estate sales around here. We do have yard sales when an elderly person dies and their stuff is put out on the lawn for passerby to ogle.

I celebrated a belated birthday this weekend, one of my gifts was something that would be right up your alley. A pair of thrifted owl salt shakers. Bilious green with red around their eyes. I love them!They came with caked down salt and pepper inside so I know they were once well loved. A quick wash took care of that.Also there is glue residue on ones head. His/her mate has flowers on their neck so I assume that there once was flowers on the head. Anyways I think it is awesome.

Adrienne said...

Dude, I seriously love reading your posts, they crack me up! Poor Mr. Home Alone Kitty, I hope he really was adopted!

What Lola Wants

Lisa said...

HA, I love this whole post-- you are not hard to hang out with at all! I had so much fun comparing vintage wares and our shared, guilty thought process on what makes something buyable. And I still think that cat's little eyeshadowed face is worth his molting mohair problem. :) Let's do it again ASAP! (And we'll bring Mr. Tiny if we can ever get him to Tennessee!)

Unknown said...

The pig in the storybook has a man face!

frecklewonder said...

OH, EK! How I've missed you!!!!! This post had me grinning and giggling like a fool!

That first molting cat, have mercy! The face on that little guy!!! Surely we can forgive the excessive molting, yes?

And omg! I have Peppermint! Such a fantastic little blue cat!!!

Thank you for this perfectly Eartha, perfectly happy and oh so funny post.


letthemwin said...

We were flying through the Smokey Mountains at the time of the Snowmageden. We sadly didn't get to stop in Nashville and got stranded in Newport. Up the next morning and off to Memphis. A future blog topic for sure. Love the painting!!!

Honey Stop The Car Vintage