Monday, January 21, 2013

What Today Is About

What are you folks up to today? I've been watching the Inauguration and getting completely weepy. I'm such a huge sap. I don't know how people even go to those things without having to be taken out on stretchers. If I were there, I'd be the one on the ground weeping and wrenching the garments of a complete stranger next to me. We're strong supporters of President Obama at our house and it's hard not to admire him and at the same time, worry about the immense weight that is on his shoulders.

It's also Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the United States. It's good to see everyone giving this day as much respect as it deserves. Especially e.l.f. cosmetics who left this in my in-box this morning. 

Sooooo classy. I'm pretty sure that discount cosmetics were the very thing that Dr. King was thinking of when he said "I Have A Dream"! And here's to all of the retail outlets today who are offering discount sales on mattresses, furniture, clothing, cars and housewares. I'm pretty sure that's what he had in mind too. Last year, K-Mart offered free shipping on their website when customers put in the code "MLKDAY" in the checkout's coupon code field. No sign of that this year. Maybe they finally figured out that it was just a bit too, too much?

 If you want to be inspired by some of Dr. King's speeches today, go here. There is full text of the speeches and you can hear audio from the majority of them through the players at the top of each speech's page. It's so hard to believe that he was only thirty nine years old when he was killed. Thirty nine years old. Just think of what he accomplished in those short years. One can't help but imagine what more he would have done if his life hadn't been cut so brutally short.

Here is his very last speech, made the day before he was killed: I've Been To The Mountaintop. Click the audio player under the photo to listen. And if you haven't already, please watch Freedom Riders. It's an absolutely amazing documentary. I'll readily admit that it made me wonder how brave I would be if put in the place of just one of those souls who climbed on the buses and headed South, risking their lives to fight for equality and justice.

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10 comments: said...

Yikes, that ELF email is tacky!!

Loved, loved, loved his speech!

Unknown said...

I am always amazed at retailers ability to turn something around to their favor. Seriuosly, this is wrong on so many levels.

Dottie said...

Oh man, that is pretty appalling of elf cosmetics especially considering that today is such a truly truly special day.

My Dad was one of the first black journalists at Newsweek during the sixties and covered a lot of civil rights issues for the magazine. He still can't believe that is alive to see an African American president. And hopefully more to come!


Rita said...

Appreciate this post. I feel the same way on almost every holiday (about retailers). I especially appreciate it when we've got this kind of thing going on:

Unknown said...

I loved the speeches and music a day for promise and reflecting at the same time. It is very cold here so a quick run to the store for sustenance, bundled up now. I did a quick look for the celebratory MLK or Inauguration day cake but there was none so I have a snickers for a private celebration later .

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

omg, really? Free shipping--what an inspiring dream! Gah. Jon Stewart last night had a pretty funny collection of the ways in which MLK has been used lately to endorse various things.

I know what you're saying about the weepiness. I really enjoyed the bits of the day that I saw, but my favorite was watching the first family hanging out during the parade, the girls taking phone camera pics of their parents, etc. It's kind of crazy how up close and personal we can see the first family now...they really did seem to be having a great time!

DearHelenHartman said...

You think that sales tactics can't get any tackier but in reading old magazines, it's been anything goes for a long time now. Nice to stop and reflect on the importance of the day and leave fixin' one's self up in discount eye shadow for tomorrow, I think.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I watched the Inauguration too! Really gives me a sense of pride to know that our country elected a President who cares about everyone and comes off as sincere and genuine! But I mainly tuned in to see what Michelle was wearing, and she looked fabulous, as always!

Lisa said...

K-Mart's coupon code...COME ON, K-MART. Come ON. You know they knew better last year, too; they just went with it anyway. ((shakes head))

I got totally teary listening to Obama at the inauguration yesterday, too. You are not a sap! You are a freedom loving American! :)

letthemwin said...

I feel the same way regarding Veteran's Day, my son and daughter have served for everyone to have cheaper sheets....UGH I better stop there.
Honey Stop The Car Vintage.