Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Better To Have It

Barbara Lynn! Holy moly, she is smooth! Ladies, I'm posting this video today to remind you to be sure and channel your inner bad-ass.

If you want to see Barbara in person, she's still out there doing her thing and doing it well. In fact, when I was researching what she's up to these days, I learned that  she's playing Deke Dickerson's Guitar Geek Festival in Anaheim, CA on the 25th of this month. And lo and behold, good friend of the ranch, Dave Gleason will be playing too. He and his pretty lady recently left the winky-blinky neon lights of Nashville to go back to the bright sun of California and we sure do miss them. Check them out if you're in the area!

Have a great weekend, all!

Until next time,
x's and o's,


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I love "You'll Lose a Good Thing" by Barbara Lynn. Great to know she's still performing.

Donna said...

Wow! I've never heard of her before, but this blew my head off! Consider my inner bad ass channeled! Thanks!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Great voice! I've never heard of her before, but she's really awesome!

Mr. Tiny said...

Isn't she one of the greats?!! When she performed out here a few months ago, Mary was lucky enough to sing back up for her - no joke! Mary leads a charmed life!

letthemwin said...

Oh Heavens to Betsy.....Barbara. She is awesome. Totally tracking her down to see in person.
BTW the pic on your header always reminds me of Wanda Jackson, catch her show if you ever have a chance.

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