Friday, December 30, 2011

Fireworks and Furry Friends

Hello buckaroos!

Just stopping in to remind you about fireworks and pets. I know that a lot of us and our neighbors will be shooting off fireworks this weekend for New Year's Eve. Some people even start as soon as tonight where I live. And in the daylight even...don't get me started. We often think about how to take precautions for our own safety but what about our pets?

Please remember to put your pets safely inside this weekend. Every year, thousands and thousands of pets run away due to the fear of exploding fireworks and are never found again. They just keep running and before they know it, they're lost. They don't understand the noise and the lights at all, let me tell you. They can run into traffic or deep into the night due to this fear. Every year, on January 1st, I read the ads of people who have lost their pets due to fireworks. It might not be a bad idea to keep them in the day after either as some people seem to still be popping away their leftover fireworks the next day.

I've also read many lost pet ads this holiday season where pets have been lost due to their slipping out the door during holiday house parties. If at all possible, give your pets a safe, closed room of their own during party time. You don't want your friends giving your Fluffy the queso dip anyway.

I'm still in the middle of searching for Skippy Lou, who has been lost for four months and believe me, a lost pet is a very horrible thing. Did you know that a healthy animal can travel hundreds of miles in a single week when lost? I know, this isn't very festive - but I care about you guys and your pets.

While I'm here, let me implore of you to have your pets microchipped. It's safe and really cheap these days and SO worth it. While I've been searching for Skippy Lou, I've heard story after story of pets being found years later and many, many states away because of a simple microchip. Get you some happy tears here and here.

And please make sure that they have secure collars and tags with your updated information. The time to think about this is not after they've become lost and you are panicked. And this just in: Barbara just clued me in on QR Tags. This is an additional tag that can be put on your pet's collar that can be scanned with a smart phone if your pet is found. You kids with your technology today - you KNOW you love that! The finder can then immediately get your contact information and hello, happy reunion!

Also make sure that you have clear, updated photos of your pets in case you have to quickly make a lost pet flier or post them on the internet. Oh! And if you ever switch out your pet's collar, keep the old ones wrapped in gauze in a ziploc bag in a drawer somewhere. We've been using a bloodhound in our search and those collars are the best scent item ever for tracking. The gauze helps keep your pet's scent intact.

Click on the photo below to go to a site with some great tips on helping your pets feel safe and calm during fireworks:

I hope that you and your furry families have a joyous New Year's Eve! Please pass the word to your friends, families and neighbors that have pets as well. This is an exciting, hectic time of year and it's easy to forget to take these precautions.

Until next time,
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Barbara said...

I MUST recommend a Pet QR Tag as well. This tag can be scanned by a smartphone and will show whoever finds your dog it's picture and all your contact info. You can get them at Add it to your pets other tags on their collar!

Miss OLJS said...

Miss Eartha!

Thank you for being an advocate for animals.

I really dislike fireworks, firecrackers and anything that makes noise (except for the dinner bell).

Here's to a much better 2012 and a safe return of Skippy Lou to her momma!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Barbara: Thanks! I've never heard of that and will look it up now!

Miss OLJS: I'm with you sister! And thank you...I hope, hope, hope so too!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

great post. my girls will be safely on the couch snuggled up together tomorrow night. I'm calling my parents to make sure they remember to make sure their border collie is in before dark tomorrow. she is really scared of fireworks.

Eartha Kitsch said...

Great idea! And glad to know that your beautiful little ones will be safe and sound. I know very few pets that like fireworks. Bless their hearts..

DearHelenHartman said...

Our 3 are not worried by fireworks but our Cairn terrier is a barker when things get noisy so we tried the thunder shirt for him and it has helped so much! In fact, we got one and tried it on him, then the same one on our doxie mix and now the doxie is such a dim (but adorable) bulb that we put the thunder shirt on the Cairn and a regular doggie jacket on him and he calms down too like he has the real thing on. Happy New Year!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

In my old neighborhood they would shoot off fireworks every night during the week leading up to New Years...very annoying! My poor Aspen, when he was alive, would be a shivering mess because of it! Thankfully in his later years he had lost a bit of his hearing and he couldn't hear it.