Sunday, December 18, 2011

That Year Of The Giant Snow People

I bought myself a little Christmas gift. My friend, Joan found this photo on Etsy and passed it on the link to me. And I just had to have it.


It's got everything that makes my heart happy.

Enormous Snowmen? Check!

Stern Slightly Distant Lady?Check!

Freaky Flat Santa Guy? Check!

Eep. What a pair, huh?

I'm still waiting for the photo to arrive and I can't wait to get a better scan of the details. Or to map out my own freakishly gigantic snowmen for the lawn next year. What do you think is in there? Ranch Dressing friend Peashells suggested that they might be bushes - and I think she's right. That would be perfect.

As we don't have any bushes, I think that mine will be chock full of cat hair, dryer lint and Sonic grilled cheese wrappers.

Until next time
x's and o's,


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I collect vintage photographs & kitschy Christmas items so of course love this image! It always amazes me to see how people decorated their homes back then, I was thinking the snowmen were stuffed with leaves? It would be fun to attempt a miniature version of these indoors.

Bandita said...

THIS IS AWESOME! Who needs crazy plug in blow up decor when you can rock THIS shit! yesss can't wait to see your attempt next year :)

peashells said...

I'm guessing they are the bushes that grow there. I don't see how else you'd keep everything from settling. Wonderful photo though. So much Christmas little smiling.

BEESTLYproducts said...

wow!!!! the best photo.

Anonymous said...

That SO makes total sense that there are bushes under there!! You've got a hedge, no? I envision either one extremely W-I-D-E snowman, or many small ones bunched up together. Shall we start sending you our old sheets??

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

holy cow! that is a great vintage christmas picture! I have a few i keep meaning to scan and post, i better hurry up!
I really hope those are bushes. I should do this to my dogwood tree!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said... this! In addition to the freaky pepperpot snowmen I'm also a little concerned about Father Christmas - was he moonlighting from his usual job as captain of a pirate frigate? As he appears to have two wooden legs...

mmMoxie said...

I think they're the ghosts of snowmen.

Betty Crafter said...

My favorite part of this is that such a stern lady would put such effort into crazy, fun-loving Christmas decor. Awesome.

Pam Kueber said...

There is something just So Wrong about these poor fellows...Great photo.