Monday, February 13, 2012

Look For The Silver Lining

If you read my post yesterday, you may remember how excited I was about our Tofurkey dinner plans. Alas, the whole thing went awry. It started well enough - The Mister and I predicted that this week would be hectic so we were going to make lots of dishes so that we'd have food for the week. We both cooked for about three hours and then put all of the pots and casserole dishes out as a buffet on the counter. It was an enormous amount of food - I'm talking family reunion proportions. I'd made so many mashed potatoes that my arm ached from mashing them. As I made room in the refrigerator for the leftovers, we talked proudly about how we wouldn't have to cook all week.

We fixed our plates and put them on the dining table and then the Mister went back to get a drink. I heard glass breaking and him screaming, "Oh god!" and ran in to see what happened. He had reached into the cabinet and as he grabbed his favorite glass, it slipped and hit the counter below, exploding into thousands of pieces right into the freshly cooked food, all over the counter and the floor.

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. So we had to throw all of the food out because we could see tiny glass shards glittering and gleaming in them. The poor Mister. He said that right before he went for the glass, he thought to himself that maybe he should cover all of the food so that it didn't get cold - but unfortunately he didn't. He felt terribly awful as all of the food went into the trash and we spent the next long while with him cleaning up all of the glass and me washing all of the pots, pans and now empty casserole dishes. It was not our finest hour.

To save ourselves, we had to remind each other that at least we got a plate apiece before the food got ruined. And it was terribly yummy. And thankfully, we hadn't been cooking for guests who were about to arrive. And like our Mothers would have told us as children, there are a lot of people who don't even have as much food as we had on our plates. And hey, the crescent rolls were spared.

Here was the soundtrack in my head as I did the dishes:

P.S. - As I was writing this, I heard glass break on the other side of the house. Running towards the scene, I found that our little gremlin cat, Pip had shoved one of my prized cafe china saucers off of the bar where it shattered all over the ceramic floor. Then, she was running amongst the glass, attempting to eat it. Oh yes. Luckily, I got to her in time and I don't think that she got any. THAT was the silver lining in the scenario. And that I happened to remember something that I hadn't thought of in years - whenever someone would break something in front of my Grandmother, she'd say, "You breaking up housekeeping?"

Until next time,
x's and o's (and dishpan hands),


Lisa said...

Food tragedy! :( But I'm glad you guys were able to look on the bright side. That aside, the Judy clip was cheered me right up this morning! My kitchen looks about like the background of that scene, so it's nice to think about something great just around the corner after I tackle them this afternoon.

Chins up! I'm borrowing your attitude for the afternoon.

frecklewonder said...



ok. WOW, you guys. just wow. i think i would have had a complete meltdown.

so sorry for the broken favorite glass and good god almighty! so sorry about all that food.


Betty2Tone said...

Sorry you're having such a bad week! :(

K0dama said...

ohhhh noooo! But I'm glad to hear nobody was hurt in either scenario. Hope your week improves, and you have a fabulous Valentine's!

Sara In AZ said...


I am SO sorry to hear this happened to you and the Mr, but I am so glad y'all are OK.

In an eerily similar situation my Mr's Dad was getting his favorite wine glass out of the cupboard and it caught on a shelf and started to fall. As it was falling and partially broke. Natural instinct is to try to catch it, and his Dad tried to, only the broken part severely sliced through his wrist and they had to go to the ER immediately. His hand and wrist were wrecked up for months and he needed surgery to repair everything. It was a nightmare.

Moral of the story, let the glass drop!

Kitsch and Curious said...

Oh, you poor thing!! If you lived nearer, I would come round with a big pot of bean stew! Well done for looking for that silver lining - I'm not sure I would have managed that!

DearHelenHartman said...

Breaking a glass used to freak my mom out, she'd sweep and mop and no one was allowed to walk over the floor near the break for weeks without shoes on. We rarely break a dish (knocking wood) and yet when we do, I have those old feelings of glass everywhere.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh nooo! Disaster, I think I'd have cried :-(

Takeaway for Valentine's Day then?

(oh, and I have the most unsuitable Valentine for you on my blog)

shopatmoxie /megan said...

oh man .... bummer with a capital B!! But you've got the right attitude because sometimes that random stuff just happens and there isn't much you can do about it except celebrate the saved crescent rolls. Glad you got a plate full first!

alix said...

OMG, what a night!!!! breaking favorite things is so so sooooooo frustrating. The other day i came home and Sam dog had stood up on the counter and knocked down my favorite Franciscan Starburst butterdish on the floor (shattering it AND eating half a stick of buttah. GROSS and sad!!!).

I'm so sorry......waaaah!

Amber Von Felts said...

Every time I hear a glass break (restaurant, store etc..) I always say Opa! There is a Greek restaurant here and they dance and purposefully break glasses, shouting Opa! That story of your is one big OPA!!!