Monday, July 2, 2012

Three Shots From The Day

Here are three shots from the day today!

Mr. Kitsch took a helicopter ride up to a glacier and got to taste water fresh from a stream of melted ice running through it. No, he hasn't fallen. This is apparently the real deal way to drink from a stream. I've seen cowboys do this in movies so I have a good feeling that the guides weren't just trying to make a fool out of him.

Earlier in the day, he took a walk around Juneau and two guys tried to pick a fight with him outside of a bar as he walked past. This has been Mister Kitsch's most testosterone fueled day in a while what with all of the action adventure and near-fisticuffs with local nary-do-wells. 

Here is the fur bikini that I didn't buy. Very The Clan of the Cave Bear, no? 

We were sitting on the balcony of our room at the foot of a glacier watching chunks of ice go floating past. All of a sudden, we noticed this cute guy. He was snoozing and just floating through the ocean. It's so very cool  to see nature doing what nature does and not trapped in a zoo somewhere.

On a related note, that's pretty much what I look like after the ship buffet lunch. I'm not sure that I'll ever fit into a fur bikini again. Sigh. 

Until next time,
x's and o's, 


Anonymous said...

You're in Alaska?!? Awesome!! We were there around this time last year, didn't do a cruist, our friend lives up there so we used Anchorage as home base and did some traveling to various AK towns. Where all is the cruise going? If you dock in Home, you will LOVE it, hands down my favorite place we went. Have SO much fun!! :-)

Lisa said...

Look at that little seal! Just chillin! Look at Mr. Kitsch, almost getting in a barroom brawl! Look at you, not buyin' that fur bikini, haha... man, what wonderful adventures you guys are having. I love to go on vacation vicariously. And it has been m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e weather wise in the 615, so you're better off in the great tundraland! :)

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

Just trying to wrap my head around the whole concept of a fur bikini. Which is preferable to trying to wrap one around my body, I guess! And if you have to choose between bikini and buffet, we like to say around here: We're too old for that $h!t. ("That" referring in this case to the idea that one must sacrifice to look good in a bikini.) I am so enjoying traveling vicariously to Alaska.

Unknown said...

Are you able to see Russia from your balcony?

Be prepared not to eat when you return home -- when we got home, we sat around and waited for dinner -- realizing at bedtime that we would have to get it ourselves.

We splurged and had them deliver coffee to the stateroom every morning as our wake-up call, hit the breakfast buffet like clockwork (had eggs 17 different ways), ordered two or three of everything on the menu at dinner (including escargot).

Glad you all are having fun! You are some hardworking folks and needed the break! Plus it was smart of the in-laws to choose Alaska instead of the Caribbean in July!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Looks like an amazing trip! I especially love that nature shot of the Seal? Walrus just napping on the ice...too precious!

Betty Crafter said...

Oooh! Looks amazing! And since I too am sweltering down here in Texas, I am SO jealous of you getting to wear mittens. In July. I don't even get to wear mittens in December!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Wow, looks like an amazing trip. Maybe a bit chilly to be rocking the Betty Flinstone look though!

Jen said...

So disappointed that you didn't buy the bikini. Really. When will you have that opportunity again?

Laura said...

I just found your blog from being nosy on RetroRenovation. :) I live in Alaska and am glad you're enjoying your visit up here!