Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hidden Dangers for your Pets

I usually try to keep things pretty light over here but I wanted to post to get the word out about something. As you know, I love my pets like they're my kids and I know that so many of you do too. For some time now, I've been a member of a group that is fighting to get dangerous pet treats off of store shelves and when reflecting on  all of the sweet photos that so many of my friends post of your own pets on their blogs, I wanted to share some info with you.

Did you know that on the shelves of most retailers, you can find pet jerkies and treats that can not only make your pets horribly ill but can kill them? Sadly, it's true. Most vets and pet owners don't even know about this situation. Though word is leaking out, it's slowly leaking out - and that's just not good enough if you ask me.  Of the known cases, 360 dogs have died and 2200 others are currently very ill from eating pet treats made in or with ingredients outsourced from China. And those are just the cases that are known about. There are no doubt countless thousands of other cases were pets have become sick and in many cases died and the owners do not know why. I can not bear the thought of any of your pets becoming ill or dying.

Please take a moment to see what is the treats that your pets are eating. If they're from China, dump them. If they're made by Waggin' Train, Canyon Creek Ranch or Milo's Kitchen, then dump them. You may be saying, "They have to be safe! The government wouldn't let them be on shelves if they weren't." Unfortunately, that's not true. Most of you can probably remember news stories about people and pets dying from tainted foods that have come from China. There was a reason that this happened and it's because inspections and laws are not nearly strict enough. And in the case of these treats, the FDA does know about them but as they have not been able to specifically identify the ingredient or ingredients that is harming pets, they can not issue a recall. And quite honestly, they're not trying hard enough to. One manufacturing plant even refused to let them come in to inspect and still, their products are being shipped around the world for consumption by beloved pets.

Please take the time to watch this informative news story about why these treats are still on shelves:

And these news stories:

If you or someone that you know are feeding your pets treats, please google "dangerous pet treats" and view the news stories in both video and written format. The word has simply got to get out. Thousands of pet owners have lost their pets and have seen them suffering in horrible pain and will never realize that it was from the jerkies and treats that they were giving to them out of nothing more than love.

Besides the news links, you can learn a lot more on this Facebook page:

And if you are feeding your pets a treat or jerky and can not tell if it was made in China or if it includes ingredients from China, the resources there can be very helpful in discerning the truth. Just click on the tabs on that top of that page for resources. And if you're in doubt, just post and ask. People are always glad to help there. 

If you'd like to sign the petition to help get these treats and jerkies pulled, please click here

This is not a lie nor is it propaganda. It's a very sad truth. Please learn what is in your pet treats and pet foods. We're the first line of defense in keeping our pets with us for long, happy lives. The focus is in a large part on chicken treats , but experts are recommending that we do not feed our pets ANY food or treat products made in China - or with ingredients outsourced from China.

To date, there are also pet foods and treats that have caused adverse reactions and deaths that are not from China. Please check out the website Truth About Pet Food here. By using the tools on the left hand side, you can look up your pet's food and see if there have been any complaints on their site. You can also join their email list and they will send you notifications of any reports or recalls. 

Thanks y'all.

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3 comments: said...

Thank you so much for sharing the information! I looked at the link you shared and didn't see Blue Buffalo or Milkbone listed. Have you ever heard anything bad about those? Those are the only things Lucy gets right now...

JefferyK said...

Thanks from me, too! I adopted a 10-year-old Maine Coon/Siamese mix in June, and his owner said that he had been raised on Nutro cat food. So that's what I have been feeding him. Then I checked out "Truth About Pet Food" -- so many complaints about Nutro! Yikes! Will make a trip to the pet food store tomorrow. -- Jeffery

RetroRuth said...

I am glad that good people like you are getting this out there! This is the actual, honest to god truth, even though no one likes to talk about it for some reason. My vet has pictures of these chicken jerky treats up in their office with a big sign that says "DO NOT GIVE THESE TO YOUR PET!"
Every time I see that Milo's Kitchen commercial I just want to break something.