Sunday, February 3, 2013

Show Them With Our Votes!

Hey y'all! If you haven't already, please skip on over to the Apartment Therapy "Homies" Awards voting page and give your clickety-click to Retro Renovation  in the "Best Home Design and Inspiration Blog" category.

The Retro Renovation ladies are currently in the lead - but just by twenty votes. There are five days left to vote so it would be fun if we can get them a big margin going!

I admit that it really gets me happy to see a website like Retro Renovation which is aimed at the appreciation, restoration and revival of vintage things in the lead on a site like Apartment Therapy. Okay..okay...maybe I still harbor a little resentment at how so many of their readers hate knotty pine but even so, it would be a real exciting moment to see Retro Renovation take this thing - and for those in the blogging world who haven't ever done so to give  a second thought to possibly keeping and loving the original items that they find in their homes.

If you'd like to vote, please go hereIf you're not already a member of the Apartment Therapy website, you'll have to start an account but it's super easy and I've never had them send me any unsolicited mail. And if you've never been to Retro Renovation, do go on over and see what all the talk is about. It's a great site and one that I always start my day with. The resources for period homes (or just dreaming about one) are absolutely endless over there.

If anyone else has their blog in the running, please tell us about it in the comments here. I just found out about the contest moments ago and am afraid that I won't have time to read all of the entries today to see how many that I'm familiar with. I don't want to slight anyone as that's not my game, y'all. If you're in the running, feel free to give your blog a little-shout out too! And be sure and let us know which voting category it's in so that we can check it out.

Thanks y'all! Enjoy your Sunday!

x's and o's,


nickarmadillo said...

Retro Renovation already got my vote. Don't forget, you can vote multiple times. Mid-Century Midwes ( could use a little blog love too ;)

Eartha Kitsch said...

Aha! So you can vote for more than one blog? Or do you mean that you can vote once a day? Do tell! Will do!

nickarmadillo said...

I think that you can vote for up to 3

Pam Kueber said...

EK, what a wonderful surprise to pop on over and see this post! I LOVE YOU! All Hail to the Knotty Pine! xoxo, Pam

Eartha Kitsch said...

Nick: Thanks for the info! Voted for you too! : )

Pam: No problem. I hope it helps!

Lauren T said...

Will do! Go Team Knotty Pine! :)

Lisa said...

Retro Renovation for the WIIIIN (voting now). :)