Sunday, February 10, 2013

There are wants...and then there are needs

I'm not sure which one this is.

I saw this giant Easter Bunny at an estate sale Friday morning. It was shoved on a dusty basement shelf amongst too many homemade ceramic doodads and knickknacks to count. I mean, there were so many ceramics in that house that my mind couldn't even concentrate - and let me tell you: I'm pretty well immersed in hoarderly knick-knack pickin'! I'm not easily overwhelmed - but this place overwhelmed me. I didn't buy him because he was twenty five dollars. Yes, twenty five dollars.

This was the waaaaay overpriced sale that I told y'all about on Friday. Now, even though I love crazy stuff like this, I am of a pretty firm understanding that a good portion of the population wouldn't piss on kitsch if it were on fire - and if that kitsch is a giant big eyed bunny driving a truck? Yeah..there is not much competition. So, of course, he was still there yesterday morning so that I could get him at a steep bargain basement discount.

He's just driving his wooden truck with the equally wooden wheels...minding his own business. 
Ain't nothin' wrong with a hugely out-of-scale Easter egg in his mind. Everything is normal.

I like that he's enormous. To give you the scale, he barely fit into my kitchen sink. I think I would have had an easier time washing a real rabbit in my sink. This means that he packs major drama and that more than likely, Pip won't be strong enough to send him crashing to the floor. Oh lordy, don't let those be my famous last words because I think he might be hard to replace. (If you have ten of these, please don't tell me.)

In other estate sale news, we had actually gone to the sale to look at a record player that I saw yesterday. Mister Kitsch took it down off of a shelf in a dark corner of the basement and this dealer got mad that he got to it first and caused a real scene. It was beyond ridiculous. Now, mind you this record player had been on that shelf for sale since Thursday morning at daybreak and the man who caused the fuss wasn't even looking at it when the Mister grabbed it. In fact, he was looking the other way at another table and as far as we could tell, didn't even know that the record player existed.
He caused a big stink and kept talking smack to Mr. Kitsch (who kept ignoring him) before it was done the man told the Mister that he "should have slapped him". What on Earth? I couldn't believe that some random jackass in an estate sale basement told my husband that he needed to be smacked. Now, the Mister is the non-confrontational type and just kept completely ignoring him but I was 110%  steamed. I don't know what gets into people at estate sales sometimes. It's not like it was the last square inch of breathable air in a coal mine. It was a dusty, used record player - that in the end, didn't even work!  

People are crazy sometimes, y'all.

I hope that you all are having a great weekend! We're moving furniture around today. Should be fun and I'm sure we'll finally figure out where all of the fuzzy mice and ponytail ties went. Win/Win.

Oh, and to my Nashville/Tennessee area peeps: Please do me a huge favor and quickly sign this petition to get reform at our Metro Nashville animal shelter. It is with a saddened, animal-loving heart that I report that it's a horrible place and currently has a 76% kill rate - that is out of control and there is a group of us that is trying to get changes made. Quite honestly, as an animal rescuer, I can't take their unwillingness to treat animals humanely anymore:  Help Reform Metro Nashville Animal Control.   And please pass the petition around if you know other animal lovers (or heck, anyone with a heart) in the Nashville area. We need 20,000 signatures before it can go to the Mayor. Thanks y'all! 

Until next time,
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Mick said...

Ugh is it not enough to feel guilty about ransacking someones home at an estate sale in the first place?! LET ALONE cause a scene... I've had that happen before and the people running the sale asked the lady that was accosting us to leave. You pretty much hit the nail on the head when you said "people wouldn't piss on kitch if it was on fire". So just picture the shock I was in when a random lady starts a ruckus over- you ready for this? A pair of worn out "Reddy Kilowatt" pot holders... I mean this lady was all but screaming "YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THAT IS, YOU ARE TO YOUNG TO APPRECIATE SOMETHING LIKE THAT!" and after that I kept them on a matter of principal, she doesn't know me, or my fabulous Lake house... so I spent the whole $1.00 on these priceless pot holders. People are crazy!

Unknown said...

I love Mr. Rabbit!

On the subject of pets and knick-knacks, have you ever considered Museum Paste? It's awesome! Museum's use it to keep their breakables from toppling over. It doesn't hurt the breakable or the surface you adhere it to. I love it.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Get it on Facebook about the animals. FB petitions can go viral and they've gotten a lot done. Friend me on FB if you're on there--Debi Kelly Van Cleave--and I'll start passing it around in my neck of the woods. I have friends from all over and they have friends from all over... Don't give up. Jersey animal shelters used to have high kill rates too. Nowadays, it's pretty much unheard of.

Years ago I used to do a little buying and selling of antiques and my main source of finds was estate sales. I used to take my toddler with me when hubby had to work. She was an EASY baby and was no trouble at all. But the fellow estate sale hunters were not easy. I had to laugh when you said it was like you were fighting for the last square inch of air in a coal mine! So true! The straw that broke the camel's back for me was when my daughter was almost trampled by a bunch of idiots frothing at the mouth for a bunch of junk. That was when I quit. But I'm getting ready to start again because I'm getting the bug. And now my daughter is 16. If she has to, she's big enough to start swinging, lol.

Unknown said...

Mr Rabbit is quite big. I had to go stare at your dining room table to figure it out. I hope you got a deal because $25 was silly!

nickarmadillo said...

I've met several good friends at estate sales and most people there are perfectly decent folk, but they do seem to bring the crazies out of the woodwork. The sales have gotten so competitive and people so worked up that I've pretty much given up going. I've been cursed out, argued with, shoved, etc and there's been a couple situations where shoppers have just about resorted to fisticuffs. Then there's the estate sale companies who now price many of their goods above retail. Nowadays I just do all of my purchasing on Craigslist, which has it's own issues, but you generally don't have to deal with the abuse.

nickarmadillo said...

Oh, and I love that dining table. Is it teak?

Unknown said...

I know I have never met Mr. Kitsch but I love his ballsyness. Any man who would go to fisticuffs over a record player is good peeps.

Peace said...

I am not NEEDY. I am WANTY. Yay for giant bunnies driving trucks like some Easter noir horror film.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Oh wow! That bunny and cart is an awesome find! Really looks great sitting on your table!

Sorry you had to deal with such an asshole at the estate sale. Yard and estate sales bring out the "crazy" in folks. I once had a guy haggle over something that I was asking a quarter for (but could probably get at least a couple bucks for). He told me that he would offer me five cents for it. I told him that he shouldn't insult me with his low offer. He left, then came back at least two more times. Each time he would offer me a really low price. After the third visit I asked him...."you mean to tell me you can't afford a quarter?" He stood there for a really long time thinking it over, then finally gave me a quarter for it. Hard to believe that someone would haggle over something that was already so cheap!

Betty Crafter said...

76% kill rate??? That's insane! Austin is no kill, but the surrounding counties are so we rescue a lot of animals from there. My own sweet Karl came from a nearby shelter with a 96% kill rate. It's horrific.

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

I LOOOOOVE that rabbit! his serious face is the best part. no cute over the top hijinx for him!

Lisa said...

Haha, I'm so glad you ended up with the bunnymobile! I think the crazy huge size of it only adds to its awesomeness. The heart wants what the heart wants, Eartha! :)

Rita said...

I think the size is what makes him awesome. And that whole crazy person story? That is why I never go to estate sales right when they open. I know I miss out on the best stuff, but it's just a little too intense for me.

letthemwin said...

I had bad experience with an old bat at one sale.
estate sale adventures
Your mister sounds so much like my Mr. G.
Honey Stop The Car Vintage

cheshirecat666 said...

That is SO something my Mom woulda made in her 70's ceramic madness,this is like looking at one of my old family photos

Mister is like me at YouTube,ignore the meanies! That dude was the estate sale version of an Internet troll!

Amanda Z. said...

My new thing for when people go all crazy is to whip out my iphone and start taking photos of them. It seems to shut them up real quick. Plus you have photo id for the police if you need to press charges.

And congrats on the giant bunny. It would be the best M&M keeper ever.

Sara In AZ said...

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure in my book a giant bunny in a car is a NEED!!!! Super glad you got it!

Unknown said...

Garage sales and estate sales tend to bring out the crazies. The last garage sale I held brought in more than a few weirdos. One lady was really angry with me because I hadn't advertised the sale in the newspaper - "I didn't even know you were having a sale until I saw your signs!" My favorite comment of the day was from an old guy who said, "Guess you already sold all the good stuff." Dude, it's a garage sale, I deemed all of it "stuff to get rid of," sorry it ain't up to your standards.

Just as an aside - when I lived in Seattle, people called every garage sale and yard sale an "estate sale." for a while I was like, "geez there sure are a lot of people dying in Seattle." And then I realized people just though estate sale sounded more hoity toity.