Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fun Things in Nashville This Weekend!

I know that I have many Nashville area readers so I wanted to put a bug in your ear (where on Earth did that phrase come from? Isn't it completely strange?) about a couple of fun events happening in Nashville this weekend.

First up, the first-ever Nashville Print Revival will be holding all sorts of fun events. My boo is involved with this so I'd love to see big crowds, showing their love for the art of printmaking. You can read about the events here in The Nashville Scene's article from today. If you're looking for some great prints for your home or fun and original gifts for your friends and family, be sure and stop by the Print Fair on Saturday night between 7pm and 10pm at the Barista Parlor in East Nashville. At that event, the Doughworks Donut truck will be parked outside. I hear that they not only have speciality doughnuts but also sandwiches and hot dogs on doughnuts. I want to pretend to be disgusted by the idea of sandwiches on doughnuts but I'm soooo not, y'all!

Here is the website for the Nashville Print Revival with more info about the events and mission behind the Print Revival. Nashville is a town that notoriously appreciates not only its rich printmaking history but also new printmakers who come onto the scene - so give 'em some love!

Second, the big Family Tree Estate Sales vintage clothing and accessories sale starting tomorrow (8am until 6pm) and going through Saturday (8am to 4pm). I've heard that any items left on Saturday will be 50% off! Whoot!  From what I've seen so far, even their first-day prices are going to be very fair. You heard a little about the sale in my post yesterday where I was working through the process of donating. The ladies keep adding photos to the sale preview page and I just saw some of the cutest little square dance style dresses. There will be great vintage items for ladies, men and even the little kidlets.  For all the details on the sale, go here. Besides hoping that I get a nice commission check, I'd love to see this sale be a hit for the Family Tree ladies. They're always so nice and I never fail to look forward to going to their sales and chatting them up.

If you go to the sale and you haven't already, check out the new thrift store that has taken the place of our dear old Salvation Army down the street - if for no other reason than to make you appreciate how decent the old store was in comparison to this new place. Lisa and I hit the store after we took our purged consignment items to Family Tree (what can I's ironic that we'd do so, yes) and let me tell you, it's kind in there?

The tone of the place was set pretty quickly when as we were entering the store, an employee snapped at us like we were misbehaving puppies for attempting to go in the wrong door (which was only mere feet from the approved door). The place has a real dark, dirty feeling and instead of keeping their stock in the back, they keep it all crumpled up in black garbage bags underneath the clothing racks, making shoppers feel like we are crashing a nasty teenage boy's bedroom. We did see some cute things mixed in there (including some vintage evening dresses and cardigan sweaters) so it's worth a stop (and some hand sanitizer afterwards). If nothing else, go by to get haunted house style chills at the ill-advised stack of stained mattresses (why?? WHY??) and the truly bizarre assortment of stuffed animals, home items and even bicycles and lawn chairs hanging from the ceiling, giving the feeling that pretty soon, your family is going to be involved in a wrongful death lawsuit after you get hit in the head with a dangling child's chair or briefcase and get sent on home to Jesus.

One wonders how pissed the staff would be if we tried to buy something from the ceiling.

Like a sorority girl at a biker bar, that festive party banner has no clue how it ended up in such a place. 

We also saw chairs being held together by duct tape and crumpled sections of "real human hair" weaves for sale amongst the dishes and knickknacks. A retro green velvet couch set brought us hope until we saw the crusty white stains. The shoe section was partly made up of shopping carts full of jumbled shoes that weren't matched in pairs. Maybe they'll get their act together soon and we can all say that we were veterans of the old store when it was still "hardcore". I'm usually not opposed to rooting around in madness and dirt to find treasures but as it stands now, I got some real " it places the lotion in the basket" feelings from the place. I can't recall the name of it and have no idea if they're a charity thrift store or not. If they are and you know what they're raising money for, please let me know.

Wow, I went from making Nashville seem hip and fun to making everything sad and horrible. That said, wherever you are - and whatever you do this weekend, have a great time of it!

Until next time,
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art deco dame said...

I hope the event is a success!And anything with doughnuts can't be wrong.

Unknown said...

OOH! I have so many prints already but think I may have to go to that print revival. sounds amazing! Maybe I will see you there.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

The Print Revival sounds great. The new store, not so much.

Lauren T said...

I drive by that thrift store every day, but I have to admit that I have been too straight-up terrified to go in. You and Lisa totally took one for the team. Thanks, y'all! And I am planning to hit the Family Tree sale early...looks like they have a lot of great stuff.

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

i drive by that store all the time too, but haven't been brave enough yet. i'm glad you checked it out first. that USED to be the best place to find furniture around! i always found just what i was looking for!

sandy lawrence said...

Ewwww,old mattresses. Check your clothes for bedbugs if you walked by them. Used mattresses are banned in some States/Cities because they're a source of bedbug infestations.

Unknown said...

Just like every cool city, you have a big mix of awesome to downright scary! As someone in Austin, I can tell you I have been in similar situations ;) The " it places the lotion in the basket" quote had me laughing so hard my cat ran from the room! I'm such a movie dork lol

Dolly the Bird said...

Lardy Mercy! That new shop looks like a Tijuana Junk Shop....only dirtier...and creepier....and more likely to give you some hand fungus you'll never get rid of. *little shudders*

Other stuff sounds brill though. Wish I was a little further west!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I am longing for a green retro couch. Or maybe that maroon color. One of those couches with the scratchy fabric. Is it naugahyde? (sp?) You used to see them all over the place. But I haven't seen one in years. I am so desperate, I might have overlooked the stains! lol

Lisa said...

That place was bonkers. I can't stop thinking about the mattresses. I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT THE MATTRESSES.