Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here we go!

Welcome to my new home, Ranch Dressing! I'm Eartha Kitsch and I'll be your tour guide
through my little corner of the world. I hope that you'll stop by often! It's my hope to
share a lot of the things that I love including vintage crafts, recipes and design. I'd also
like to show you some people, places and things that I think that you might find fun and
interesting. You may know me from Flickr but if you don't, expect me to say "Y'all" a lot
(and some other Southern colloquialisms that may or may not confuse the pants off of you).
I live in Nashville, Tennessee and before that, South Carolina and Georgia...so the twang
is liable to run deep. Picture Hee-Haw without the cleavage and corn fields.

This isn't just the birth of a new blog but today, I am also celebrating my 40th birthday
AND the anniversary of getting engaged to Mr. Kitsch. Also celebrated this week is the
one year anniversary of our moving into the Kitschderosa (our little ranch) AND meeting
the Mister for the first time. July has always been eventful for me it seems.

To celebrate, I thought a contest might be fun! If you'd like to enter, just leave a comment
and if you you'd like, tell me about your most memorable birthday, anniversary or relocation..
be it good or not so good. I can't wait to read your answers! I'll put all of your names into
a drawing and announce the winner on July 13th. Deadline for comments will be noon,
Central time on July 13th.

Want to know what you can win?

That's right! A feral kitten!

Okay...okay...not really. My staff informs me that she stays here at the prize headquarters.
You can actually win all sorts of other equally cool stuff...

Kapow! Prizes!

The "Better Homes & Gardens Salad Book" from 1958.

I own a copy of this book myself and it's great. It's got lots of colorful photographs and
inventive ideas as only they could do it in 1958. Get your jello molds dusted off and your
green olives sliced! This ain't your grandma's salad book! Oh wait...maybe it IS! Sweeeeet!

A nice little Fire King loaf pan in the Meadow Green pattern. You just can't beat Fire King.
And if you don't cook, this dish would make a great organizer for your carry-out menus!

A rooster tea towel with really sweet designs on it in avocado, harvest gold and green.
It's easy to tell what era this one is from! Just look at that plucky rooster!

A vintage Avon door hang-tag. Avon ladies used to leave these on doors when they
couldn't reach anyone at home. The Avon lady on this tag is wearing the BEST outfit
complete with pillbox hat and white gloves. I bet that she's got some Coral lipstick
samples in that bag of hers.

So what are you waiting for? Enter, why don't ya?

Note: If your comment doesn't link back to a way to contact you, make sure to check
back on the 13th so that I can make sure that the winner can be contacted to receive
their prizes. If not, I'll have to draw again and go to the next person. Oh, and if you
leave a comment under "Anonymous" please make sure that you leave your first name
so I won't have more than one "Anonymous" in the drawing. Thanks!

If you'd like to mention this drawing on your blog, I'd LOVE for you to. The more the
merrier! Once again, thanks so much for helping cut the ribbon here at Ranch Dressing
with me, Eartha Kitsch. It's good to see you here!


Sherrie said...

Omilanta! Hi chicky! It's so good to "see" you...it's been gloomy without the Kitsch! First of all, Congratulations, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday (it's true what they say about getting old..all of it), um...and Happy Ranch Dressing!

My most memorable birthday was Duane actually winning a raffle online to see the new baby panda at the Washington DC Zoo at his "coming out" party...ON my birthday! 40th Birthday! He did it by giving me a stuffed mommy and baby panda (not a real one, mind you! sheesh!) Now, they let you in by groups of 10 to see the baby panda and it was hit or miss if you saw him. He was a baby after all! Well...when my group went in, he had just woken up and he was ON! They let our group stay longer and I just had a ball! Now, I hate, HATE zoos so I had to let my hatred go for a bit, which is hard for me. But little Panda baby love made it all easier.

I hope I win!

Love to you and the family, skin and fur alike!

Little Rosy Runabout said...

Welcome back, Eartha, dear, we've missed you so much! I love your new pad-- I've already bookmarked it! Happy Happy birthday to you!

My most memorable birthday was my 40th one, when many many of my Flickr peeps posted videos of themselves wishing me a happy birthday. I laughed all day long! I hope your 40th is just as fun!
hugs and smooches to you, birthday girl!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back, Eartha lovey!
I adore your new pad and have already bookmarked it!

My most memorable birthday was my own 40th, when many many of my Flickr peeps posted videos of themselves singing Happy Birthday to me! I laughed all day long, which was NOT what I'd expected to do! I hope your 40th is just as fun!

Anonymous said...

My life is NOW complete....where is death when you need it. I dont know if there is anything to top the Return of one of my favorite folk on the planet.

Happy Birthday...Happy Anniversary(s)...and welcome back.

My most memorable Birthday was when one of my best friends took me on a surprise trip To Biloxi Mississippi. They would not tell me where we were going OR why.
When we arrived...I could not fathom how this person could understand the significance of this place for me...it was there that I had had life changing events that I had never shared with them...but the surprise was even bigger. Back stage passes and Dinner with my all time favorite Country Singer Toby Keith.....I cried for one solid hour....(not in front of him of course)
It will forever reign as the biggest most satisfying SHOCK of my life!!....a CLOSE second on to the return of MS EARTHA KITSCH!!!

cheshirecat666 said...

Oh that's an easy one: my relocation as a 17 year old from the horrid racist homophobia of 80's Texas to the land of fruits and nuts,California! Not to mention a 20 minute drive to the Holy Land,Disneyland

Which is a great lead in to my best birthday ever: my very first trip to Disneyland

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Yay!! You're finally bloggin... it's about stinkin time! I always get a good chuckle reading your flickr posts and I look forward to many more chuckles here! ;)

No amazing birthday bash memory is popping out at the present moment but my new bus and I did make fireworks on the 4th, so that's pretty much what's stuck in my head at the present! :)

Happy BIRTHDAY and I hope you have a wonderful week with lots of your own fireworks!


erin said...

cute new blog!

my favorite anniversary was the getaway i took with my boyfriend of 2 years last week. we visited one of ohio's oldest resort towns, geneva-on-the-lake. i felt like i was living in a beach boys song! vintage hot rods driving down the strip, a 50s hamburger stand complete with a counter that opened onto the sidewalk, and plenty of neon signs. we even got to ride a gorgeous ferris wheel (from the 40s!) next to the lake at sunset. i just posted pictures in my blog so feel free to check them out :)

LRMonkeytoes/Lisa said...

Miss Eartha! So darn happy to "see" you again:)
Hmmm, let's see...a birthday story. O.k.,When I was a kid, on my birthdays my ma would make me a cake and I could choose my birthday meal. I always picked chinese food and my favorite place to go was in a very run down part of Detroit. At that time, I didn't realize that same part of town was also popular with drag queens. Sooo, one warm May evening, while out with my Mother and sister at our favorite resturant, we see a group of the most FABULOUS looking "women" picking up a carry-out order. I couldn't take my eyes off of one of the ladies. She had BIG, blonde hair lots of make-up and jewelery and the most gorgeous gown on! I had never seen such elegence in all of my young life. I stood next to her and looked way up at her long spider like false lashes and whispered in a little voice, "you are so beautiful...like a princess" She looked down, smiled a sweet smile and in a big booming mans voice said, "Thanks Doll!" LOL! It confused the heck out of me! Best darn chinese food in Detroit, though.

Blank said...

Welcome to blogville! I am newcomer to the whole blog thing myself =)

I wish you lots of luck!!!

Joules said...

I am so happy you started this blog! Happy Birthday!
I don't have a memorable story like that to share; it's all been pretty low key and uneventful, and I don't have the world's best memory either.
I guess I can remember the move here, to "the spa". The contractor hadn't even begun to finish the work that was supposed to have been completed (why was I shocked?), and I had to live in the East Wing, with my fridge in the garage. I pretty much lived on Tang and Cheez-Its. There was a huge dead lizard in the spa, and we found a really cool tarantula out back. There's probably more, but I won't bore you with the rest.

Your prize package is incredible! I have the identical fish already.
Thanks to Little Rosy, for posting the heads up about your new blog. I'm excited about it!

doradadama said...

first of congrats hun and happy birthday too love your blog title ranchdressing..so cute..I'm a new follower and I already love your blogin..ooh I love cooking and that fishy with red lips.. i been looking for one of those cuteys..that avon door tag is adorable.oh I will be blogin about this great give away. ;)

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to reading your blog. We just bought a 1956 ranch, too, and I'm having the best time working on it. I checked-out your photos (love your house) and I just hung nearly identical gold pinch pleated drapes!

My most memorable birthday was my 16th. My mom arranged a surprise party and hired my best friend's brother's band. All my friends managed to keep it a secret and it was truly a surprise. I haven't had that big of a party since and I doubt I ever will. My mister always takes me out and we have a great time, but he's not much of a party-planner ;-)

Hope everyone has a great day! Stay cool if you're in the hot zones.


Chelsea said...

Hello! I'm very excited to be able to stalk your blog and super kitchy life :)

My most memorable birthday was shockingly my 21st! I know, I must not have done a very good job celebrating, huh? hehe Well, on the very day of my 21st birthday the Reverend Horton Heat happen to be playing in our smallish town of Champaign, IL (where there is rarely anything going on, especially on a TUESDAY, which is the day this all happened)

It was as if it were meant to be, my boring Tuesday 21st became a rockin', cocktail-filled, Jimbo-gawkin' event! It was great :)


ellyn said...

boy howdy, have i missed you, miss eartha! hippo birdies two ewes and a merry anniversary and blog launch as well -- when you do it, you do it up right, pal!

my own 40th (last year) was a surprise party held by mr. kocher at a fun spanish restaurant. friends came from far and wide! my in-laws came from new jersey! and best present of all? my chelsea faye, all of two months old. the biggest and bestest surprise to close out my first 40 years on the planet.

i hope your day is as joyous and momentous. with much love from the kochers, dear girl -- expect me to be a regular pest, now that i know where to find you!


Straight Talking Mama! said...

hello! I don't think we've 'met' like the other above, I came through Deluxeville, just so you know!

Looks like this is going to be a fave blog, look forward to getting to know you!

Theresa Thompson said...

Happy, happy birthday dear Eartha!

On my 4oth birthday I threw a party, invited everyone I'd every met and served all my favorite "elementary school snacks." - Cupcakes, candy necklaces, wax bottle cokes...

40 is only a number.

Unknown said...

Welcome to the blogging community! The feral kitty cracked me up! The Avon lady is kinda cool/creepy isn't she, LOVE IT!! I turn forty in July too, what day does it happen for you? I'm kinda happy about turning forty. I didn't expect that at all!:)

Kerry said...

Hi Eartha!
I'm so glad that you are ready with your blog for your 40th birthday - 2 wonderful occasions!

My favorite event is the celebration of my 15th anniversary with my husband Marc (it was just this past June 22nd). I felt the anticipation of it for at least a week ~ 15 years is a long time and we are very happy together. We went out to dinner at our favorite Greek restaurant, and then had the house to ourselves for the whole night ~ very nice! (our 3 kids were all elsewhere!).

Congratulations on your blog and your 40th - 40 is a good year.


Sara In AZ said...

HOORAY! Eartha is Baaaaack!!! Happy Birthday girl...and anniversary...and everything else too! Oh crap, I am going to turn 40 this December and am kinda dreading it. Maybe you can help me through. :)

My most memorable B-day was last year. I was not feeling great on my B-day, but I thought it would pass. My B-day is on Christmas Eve and the very next day, on Christmas Day, I got really, insanely sick. I was in the ER 3 different times between Christmas and New Years! EEPS! I NEVER want that to happen again. I am hoping for a better B-day on my 40th.

Love the new blog. I will post about it in my Thursday post!

idontknowher said...

Yay Eartha!

My most memorable birthday was in the 6th grade in the bay area. I was having a sleep over. We were all sitting around the table having cake & my friend kept shaking the table with her foot. Finally I said "Stop it!" & she said "I'm not doing it anymore!" Then the floor started shaking, & that walls, & then the whole house. It was an earth(a) quake, we all dove under the table. The rest of the party was spent doing earthquake drills. We slept under the table.

<3 ~An

miss jille said...

What a wild kitten attacking the shower curtain! Haha

My most memorable relocation has to be the one I'm making right now.. I'm taking advantage of my dual citizenship and moving to Canada. I'm looking forward to a new house to decorate and more thrift stores to visit!

Margaret Cook said...

Fabulous blog ..... Mom had one of those rooster towels, and I love those 50's colored cookbooks, and the Avon card ..... super.

So glad to see you are back, congratulations and happy birthday.

Averyl said...

Yay! You're back! I sent you a birthday email before I saw this. I didn't know you were turning 40 today! That's wonderful!

My most memorable birthday was my 40th, too, because it was so unmemorable. I hope that makes sense. I had spent 39 years wondering what it would be like since it's when supposedly all goes south. Well, my life hasn't been better since and now I see 40 was the best! Enjoy!!

jesse.anne.o said...

Oh, hello! July is also my birthday month. Perhaps we're both Cancerians?

My most memorable relocation was when I moved to NYC (Astoria, at the time). I was moving in with a friend who'd be living in the apt for years. I didn't know how to get around at all and was expected to start work the next morning at 8:30am. My friend neglected to tell me that the front doorknob falls off frequently, locking me inside, and neglected to leave me with a subway map or any map at all. I only knew my street address.

Sure enough, the door handle falls off. The one takeout menu I found in the place never showed up. I ate a slice of thawed frozen bread from the freezer while crying to my ex-bf who lived in Brooklyn at the time. He offered to bring me food and I gave him my street address but he had no idea where that was - since I didn't know what subway station it was near!

To top if off, I couldn't get my mattress on top of my loft bed so I had to sleep on the couch. My roommate came home at 2:30am and notated a map of my 7:30am subway commute for me so I could get to my new job on time. I walked in and my bosses didn't show up for another hour, but it was a dot com so at least I had the guy who'd just woken up on his air mattress under his desk to talk to!

(I still live in NYC.)

Carleen said...

My favorite birthday would have to be last year, 31 yrs old. We didn't have that much, fiance being laid off in all. The family made the whole day special with dances and songs and a birthday cake that was decorated with candy. I will never forget it.

Unknown said...

Howdy Miss Kitsch! Welcome to blogland- prepare to get addicted :) The delightful Deluxeville sent me your way.

My most memorable anniversary was the 1 year anniversary of the date I met my husband. We met at a WWII reenactment in IL and one year later at the same event he proposed. Our 1 year wedding anniversary is coming up on the 18th, so perhaps that will be stellar as well.

By the way, I also have a vintage giveaway going on, so if you get a chance stop by and visit and enter. Would love to have you as a blog friend!

SusieQT said...

Love your blog- I'll post a link on my blog: http://practiceintime.blogspot.com/. I collect those BH&G cookbooks- they're a blast and easy to use too!

My favorite borthday would probably be my 16th. I've been a car gal from way back and my mom arranged for me and a couple of friends to be picked up in a pink '59 Caddy and took us all to a 50s style diner. That was a loong time ago but it's probably the best birthday I've ever had.

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

Well well, july sounds quite eventful for you! I'd say my most memorable relocation was from a tiny beach town to a big city. I was like country folk there. I didn't know what a tram was.... enough said. Loving your blog :-)

ACE said...

OHhhhh I love finding new awesome blogs! I currently don't really write a blog. I had to do one for a Graduate course so its a pretend blog? haha.

So here's my entry for your contest. My worst birthday would have to be my 22nd birthday. My husband, then bf, was graduating from military school in Chicago. (Im from NYC) I wasn't planning on going because it was very expensive. So my sister in law offered to pay for me. So I snapped at the chance because I haven't seen my now husband in like months. Long story short I had to spend a whole weekend alone basically with my 5 in-laws and their 2 kids cramed into a suite that was made for like 4 people tops. There was a big fight and to this day its awful. This was over 3 years ago. But we were engaged like 2 months later so I guess there was a happy ending of sorts!

Thanks again for the contest!


Carla(LoverofWords) said...

Let's see I have relocated three times. The first is when I moved from New Orleans to Dallas with my family back in 97.. Wow what a culture shock and the heat almost killed me. Texas may be in the bible belt but when summer hits I swear it is like living right outside the gates of hell.

Okay so then I moved to Atlanta all by my lonesome. I knew no one. But true to myself I quickly made several very good friends whom I still miss to this day.

Then I moved back to Dallas for a few years and once I again I relocated. This time to San Antonio, honestly it was a nice place to live and I would have stayed except that Hurricane Katrina happened and left me feeling so empty after the loss of so many people that I loved.

So I moved back to Dallas but I am seeking my next relocation spot.. Any ideas? I work in the Insurance industry so no place is off limits.t

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eartha!

Anonymous said...

HURRAY!! I have missed you.

Happiest of birthdays, girl. I have another friend turning the same age today and I'll tell you what I told her: it's actually a pretty okay age. (Even if i do have a few reservations about it still.)

Went to the thrift again yesterday for the first time in ages. Took you along as usual. :)

- Dane

Sparkleneely said...

Happy Birthday, Eartha Mae! How come you gave US a gift on your big day??? We're so lucky to have you...

Okay, I've had lots of memorable birthdays, and lately I've been trying to tone it down to psychologically battle getting older. (It doesn't work, BTW.) But I do have a favorite:

I was rapidly approaching 27, and none too happy about it. I was unemployed, living with 2 sisters that didn't get along, and spent a lot of time in my room in tears, wondering how I was going to pay rent and not go insane. I didn't know what was going to happen -- I needed a job and I needed to move, but was so depressed that I couldn't motivate to do the big things, much less throw a birthday party for such an un-thrilling number. 27? Big deal.

But a group of my friends, without me knowing, planned a trip to Las Vegas for my birthday, and chipped in to take me there. Not only was THAT wonderful, but the most touching part was that all of them bought me a charm for a charm bracelet they built, all little tokens that reminded them of me. A Princess phone, dice, lucky clovers, hearts, a high heeled slipper... all things to say, "We know you're having a bad time, but look at this bracelet and remember we love you." It was the nicest gift I had and ever have gotten.

And the icing on the cake was that we were getting all decked out ala Ocean's 11 and going to the Tropicana for the fun of it, and the surprise guest that night was SAM BUTERA, who serenaded me. Buona Sera indeed! I looked around at all my friends that night and realized how lucky I was to have such fun and generous people in my life, and despite all the bad things, my life was pretty good.

So yeah, that birthday had all the coolness factors going for it, but the best gifts of all were my crazy, drunken, good-hearted friends and you can't put a price on that.

I hope YOU have a wonderful and lucky birthday too, Eartha dear!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Yeah for YOU! Hope the time away fed your soul and now you are ready to give us more YOU.

I will jello wrestle (maybe a recipe from the salad book) for the chalkware hussy and the avon lady.

ps- my word verification was "mator" -perfect, made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and my most memorable birthday was my 29th. My now husband and I rented out the last remaining (now demolished) roller skating rink in these parts. I made a killer mix tape (yes, 29 was a loooong time ago) and skated old school with our best buddies. Had I known you, you would have been there.

Jen said...

Happy happy birthday, it is so good to have you and the Mister and the critters back in the wild, wild west of the interwebs again! (Yes I owe an email, we were in Georgetown...Ohio...)

Memorable birthday...Well, that would be the one where Mom actually went all out and bought an ice-cream cake for the family get-together. She brought it out of the fridge, everyone salivating despite its being March, and when she tilted it a smidge so everyone could see the top...Splat. Splat, right onto the kitchen floor, and top-down at that!
Oh well. We scraped the top off and ate it anyway (Mom keeps a crazy clean house).

How funny that y'all were engaged during this week...Happy engageaversary, too. ;) We were engaged 5 years ago July 1st. :)

krissy hart said...

my bathroom needs that fishy!

Una said...

Happy everything! :)

My most memorable relocation was in 1998 when my landlord had given the next tenants permission to move in a few days early... I'd said to him that I might get to move out a bit earlier than my contract said, but he never returned to the subject or asked when exactly the appartment was going to be free... So one night when I came from work after 10 pm I found out that someone had tried to call me and there was a message in my answering machine telling me that I should get my things out the same day... It was crazy. I wasn't goin to get to my new appartment for two more days and I had nowhere to go to. I managed to find shelter chez my ex boyfriend who was living with his new girlfriend, but still had an appartment of his own...

That fish is cute! I really need it! :)

Sherrie said...

Oh and hey! Thank you for including HOKAFI animal shelter in your links, thanks much, honey!

Anonymous said...

The most memorable birthday for me was my 17th. My parental units went out of town and I threw a huge party and all the kids in the neighborhood came. It all went fine till there was a car accident in my front yard!

Kally said...

Gorgeous new blog!

What a wonderful giveaway too :)

Courtney said...

Please enter me! This is a delightful giveaway!

punk in writing said...

Like some of the other gals here I came via Mary Deluxe.

My most memorable relocation must be moving from Sweden to Belfast, Northern Ireland as a student.
I didn't know a soul when I first got there but I made a lot of friends from all over the world and learned a lot about myself.
I got a job as a bouncer at the biggest nightclub in town, started my first "blog" on geocities and drank Guinness at the student pub.

It was supposed to be for 6 months but I talked my way into staying for a full year.
Living in another country was one of the best things I ever did.

srk1941 said...

Hmmm... let me see....

I don't remember what age I was turning, I would say about 20. That makes it about 1902.

I woke up on my glorious Birthday morning energized and excited!

Of course, the first thing one does when one awakens is make one's bed, isn't it?

I pulled back the covers to proceed, and to my horror, shock and awe, what did I find curled up in the warm spot which once was very close to my sleeping body? A CURLED UP LIZARD!!!

The adrenalin began to surge, because if this uninvited Birthday guest woke up and realized I was about to make sure it didn't see its next Birthday, it would make a run for it in my bedroom, which I would then have to abandon for all eternity. How would I ever sleep again?

Thinking quickly, I ran to the kitchen to get a saucepan, so that I might quickly jail the unwanted beast.

Luckily, I came back to find the lazy lizard still resting quietly.


With one swift move, the Gila Monster sized reptile was in a stainless steel jail.

Now what?

Back to the kitchen for a cookie sheet, to slide quickly underneath, trapping the monster inside a steely cell.

That worked... so I took the poisonous, long fanged beast outside.

Going back inside for a long-handled broom to turn the pot over, I realized the bloodthirsty fiend might try to run back into the house immediately, so I prepared myself.

Turning over the saucepan, just as I had suspected, he LUNGED AT ME!

Luckily I had armed myself with a spray bottle of Formula 409, so I sprayed him in the eyes, blinding him, and stopping him in his tracks.

I slammed the door shut and went to the movies.

The coward had left by the time I got home.

It was either that story or the time I came home to a house I was housesitting, and found a full sized Buck swimming in the Doughboy pool, but that didn't seem as exciting.


Charm and Poise said...

I can't pretend to remember much about my childhood birthdays -- I just don't have that kind of brain! But I did have a memorable 35th birthday with 3 friends in the wild and wonderful Mexico City. We stayed at the W Hotel where you can request anything using the "Whatever/Whenever" button on the room phone. We had delicious Mexican cookies and coffee upon waking every morning!

My most memorable relocation story is yet to come. In 4 weeks I will be driving across the country to move to Baltimore. I'll be living by myself -- no cats, no Mr. -- and I'm terrified. I hope I will at least have some good stories to tell!


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!
What a happy occasion for a post and blog giveaway :)

Hmmm...since my memory isn't the greatest, I'll just share a bit from my most recent Birthday.

Turning 27 is hardly a milestone, but I still never pass up an opportunity to get my friends together in one place for drinks. I know better than to forgo food before a night out drinking, but I foolishly snacked all day and skipped dinner before heading out. All my loved ones showed up for drinks, I got some lovely thoughtful presents, and had a delicious upside down pineapple cake baked by a very talented friend.

Fast forward to the end of the night. Upside down pineapple cake (with cherries) in my stomach. A few bright red Washington Apple shots (heavy on the Crown). A LONG drive home with my head out the window. And a trail of "pink" leading from the party to my house.


Julie said...

Happy Birthday!

My favorite birthday was my 31st. I'd just moved to New Mexico a month earlier and eloped. (I didn't really know anyone but my husband here.) That day he took me to the state fair and we ate all kinds of junk food and had our pictures taken in a photo booth. After the fair I went to meet some of his friends and they had a cake and gifts for me even though they didn't know me. It was a great day.

Dottie said...

First off, the name of your blog is genius. And I found it by way of the lovely Karen Finley and color me sold on this grand blog! I've already bookmarked it.

Can't wait to read about your upcoming high jinx in kitchland.

mary van note said...

lovely giveaway and I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

alix said...

HURRAY! Eartha Kitsch has a blog!!!
It looks super snazzy (of course) I'm so happy to see ya here!

And of course, stylin' giveaway.

WELCOME to the bloggie world!
(aka galexiegirl from flickr)


Kitsch and Curious said...

Hooray! You're back! This blog looks marvellous. You've done a bang-up job as ever! Don't know if your giveaway is international, but I'd like to join in the fun anyway.

Last May Mr Kitsch and I celebrated 20 years together with a great party, ...but our 10th anniversary party was unforgettable! We went out for a meal with about 15 friends, we had the balcony area of the restaurant to ourselves, and we arranged to pay for all the drinks. We gave silly little gift bags with toys and bubble blowers etc to our guests, and before dessert, everyone had to pair up with someone they hadn't arrived with, and then answer a very silly quiz about Mr K and me. I have to say that was a recipe for a great night out! We also handed out disposable cameras, so we still have the photographic evidence...

Millie Motts said...

Ok, it's official. I love your new blog. It smacks of vintage loveliness! Thanks for letting me know about it!

Michelle said...

Oh I just got the Mister and Mrs. Fish for my daughter's bathroom revamp. Yours is in beautiful shape too! Let me know if you want me to send a picture of Mister Fish for her.

Pilgrim said...

thanks for your comment on drawpilgrim.com, ms kitsch! i love your blog too - the name alone is fabulous. thanks again

Monica said...

I missed you !!!! so glad to have you baaaaacccckkkk~~~~~~~ :) :)

I am not going to enter I will let your new friends have fun!!!!! YAY I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK!!

Alexandra Bitchford said...

I found a link to your blog from No Pattern Required. I'm so glad I did!

A relocation story...hmm...I had just gotten married and moved to a small southern town I'll call Eastwick. We bought an awesome 1951 brick ranch from the original owners. They hadn't changed a thing. I remember vividly trying to move our belongings in. My husband, now ex-husband, had a taste for the 80's. I did not. I'm a mid-mod girl through and through. He would bring in some horrible silk screen painting, and I would haul it to the street. Some of our new neighbors pulled up some lawn chairs and laughed at us. While the marriage didn't last, my love for that house did.

Barbara said...

Welcome! Smashing new blog!!

My favorite relocation has to be when I moved to Los Angeles in 1993. First time alone, first time in a "big" city, first time for a lot of stuff. Marked my independence!!

Look forward to watching your blog, I'm a follower now!

McKitty said...

Eartha! YAY Birthday girl gets a blog. How fun! And I see with your White Gloves and Party Manners Book, you are ready to play Hostess with the Mostess! I have my copy right here on my desk. Just in case a party randomly shows up - you never know.

My favorite birthday was 31. Mr McGarry took me on a secret trip. I had no idea where we were going, only what type of clothing to pack. On the plane, we played hangman and one of the answers was our destination: Martha's Vineyard. We had a delightful weekend running around the small island eating seafood and staying in a Whaling Captain's house from 1675. On the way back to the airport, we stopped at Salem. Since it was the middle of October, it was all decked out for Halloween. Something about that town was really creepy-scary! It made for a great ending to the trip.

So glad you're back! --dara

Andrea said...

Hi there, your new blog looks great! I'll definitely be following it!

My most memorable anniversary is mine and my hubby's current one - July 15th. Not only was it the day that we started really dating, it's also the day that many years later, we got possession of our lovely house! Funny thing is that he can never seem to remember the date, LOL.

Modern Suzie said...

My most merorable birthday was my 7th. My parents rented part of the local pool for a pool party.
Two of my friends got in a fight and one started holding the other under water. The girl being pushed uner had her locker key pinned to her suit and it got caught on the other girls suit. As my one friend was pushed down, the pusher was pulled down too. They ended up almost drowning and two lifegaurds had to jump in to save them.
They didn't talk to each other for at least a week.

MonsterAteMy said...

Looks like it was my comment that was deleted. Of course, now my brain isn't working nearly so swimmingly as it was this morning, but I'll do my best to recall what I said.
It was something like: nice blog!
Then I think I mentioned that I was also newly 40ish and thought it was going to be a very fine decade. Then, I imagine, I launched into a weird story about how the month of October was usually associated with some sort of large event. Over the years hubby and I have had many big, great things happen in that month (like closing on our first house, buying our first "couple" car and conceiving our littlest guy), and we've also had several big, awful things happen in that month (like loved ones dying or weird illnesses that spread through the whole family). Yeah, it's freaky. We never know what's going to happen. Last year was bad, so I'm hoping for something good this time around. (That's kind of an anniversary story, right?)

Eartha Kitsch said...

Whew! Thanks for coming back and reposting, MonsterAteMy! I felt like a clumsy oaf for deleting your comment. And your story is SO not weird. Since I have the same thing going with July, I know just what it is to see the month coming and think, "hold on...what's about to happen??" :)

sputnikhousewares said...

Hi Eartha! So glad you are back.

My favorite b-day was my 39th.
I am kind of a poop when it comes to birthdays. I'm never into it, so when my husband said he was taking me out to dinner at a swanky restaurant I said no. I was in my sweatpants and just wanted to order pizza. He insisted, and I being very stubborn said he can't make me because it's MY birthday. Finally he guilted me into it and we went and had a great dinner. As we pulled into the driveway I told him "the neighbors must be having a party, look at all the cars on the street." Still oblivious, I walked in the house all my friends popped out and yelled surprise! I guess I was so scared my knees shook as I screamed. He still likes to tease me by acting out the whole scenario..not funny!

lindybug said...

My favorite relocation was when my husband and I moved to San Diego last July. He had just gotten out of MOS school, and it was the first time we were able to live together since he joined the Marines 9 months before that.
We'll be making the move to San Diego again in Sept when he comes back from deployment! Just in time for our 2 year wedding anniversary! :)

Unknown said...


I've never relocated, and I'm having trouble remembering any of my birthdays for some reason. For our wedding anniversary, my husband and I go to Eureka Springs, where we got married. Our anniversary is during their off season, when lots of restaurants are closed. There was a restaurant that we wanted to try, but they were always closed when we were there. One year, the restaurant opened a little earlier. We finally got to eat there and it was as fantastic as everyone said it was.

Ladybug said...

Nashville? You're in NASHVILLE?!? I don't live here but I work here....you're gonna have to tell me all the good places to shop!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Little Rosy Runabout: I remember that birthday! That was so much fun! You deserve laugh-full days like that.

Anonymous: Well, hey! Thanks! Wow! That must have taken a lot of planning to put that birthday surprise together. That shows that you are very loved! I'd like to say that I'd like a surprise trip but I think that I'm too much of a control freak. : )

cheshirecat666: Wow, now THAT is a switch to a different world all together! And I think that a first trip to Disneyland would be an amazing way to spend a birthday. I've still never been to Disneyland OR Disney World. Maybe for my 41st!

Welcome to Deluxeville: Thank you! Glad to finally be here! Thanks again for mentioning the blog opening on your site. : ) I hope that I can keep you chuckling!
Well, hot dog to you and your new "bus"! I can think of worse ways to spend the 4th!

erin: Oh, wow! That DOES sound like perfection. I'll run over and soak in the pictures!

Lisa: Hey, hon! It's good to see you too! That is the best little kid story EVER! I can just hear her voice saying huskily, "Thanks Doll!"

Miss Patti Darling: Thanks so much! We'll do great...I just know it! : )

Joules: Thanks! It's good to see you! Please stop by again, okay? Tang, Cheez-its, tartantulas and dead lizards sound like a pretty memorable story to me! That's half picnic and half yikes! : ) It worked out well though now that you're in your beautiful home in that beautiful setting.

La Dama: Thanks for blogging about the giveaway! I appreciate it so much. Isn't that fish cute? Good luck on the drawing! : )

Jennifer: Thanks so much! 1956 ranches are pretty good stuff, huh? : ) You got gold pinch pleats too? They certainly bring drama to a room. I'll look to see if you have photos on your blog. That was really cool of your Mom to give you a real sweet 16 party like that. You'll never forget that.

Chelsea: Hey, how about that! Your 21st birthday was poof! transformed into something fantastic! I wish that all birthdays were like that. : ) Please come by and "stalk" anytime!

Ellyn: Aww! It's my sweet Ellyn! I've missed you too. I peek in to see what y'all and the new beautiful baby girl are up to. She's growing like a beautiful flower! She's definitely an amazing birthday gift. AND you got salsa which ain't half bad. Hugs!

Theresa Thompson: Hey, you! I just KNEW that you would throw a great 40th party! That sounds like so much fun. Sugar filled fun! I hope that you're doing well. Hugs!

Straight Talking Mama: Hi! Thanks for coming by! That Deluxeville blog is pretty swell. I hope that you'll come back again and see me over here. Even I don't know what's going to happen next! : )

Kari: Thanks! It's lots of fun so far. So, another 40 year old (round abouts). Mine was on July 6th. I'm glad that you feel happy about 40. There's really no reason to fear it. Like Miss Theresa said above, it's really "just a number". And I have to agree that there is a little something creepy in that Avon lady's face. Something that says, "I will keep on coming back too! Again and again and again and..."

Sara: Yay! You! Thanks so much for profiling my blog over on No Pattern Required. You're the best! You have any questions or concerns about forty, you just let me know, okay? I'll talk you through it. I've got to say though that you look nothing like 40. You look about 30! Is it hard having a birthday on Christmas Eve? I mean, during the times that you aren't in the ER? (My gosh! How awful!)

Kerry: Hey you! Congratulations on your 15 year anniversary. That truly IS something to be proud and excited about. Especially if you still feel excited about a date with your fella. That is pretty special! Here's to many more anniversaries for you two. : )

Eartha Kitsch said...

idontknowher: Oh wow! What a party! For some reason, I thought that you were going to say that the house was haunted. Where was my mind? An earthquake is even scarier! Oh no, you slept under the table? Now THAT is a birthday party that none of you will ever forget. Bless your heart.

miss jille: Yes, that's my Pip. She's a hurricane trapped in a cat's body! How exciting - your move to Canada. What a fun, fresh start. I hope that you find a wonderful new house and that your new area is ripe for the pickin' with magical thrifts!

Margaret Cook: Well, hey! That's so cool that your Mom had one of those rooster towels. It is pretty cool. I better mail that baby off quickly before I fall any more in love with it. : ) Thanks for stopping by. Please come back and see me! I hope that you and your sweetie are having a great Summer.

Averyl: You see, I can definitely believe that you are one of those people who will be happier and happier with each year. You have the perfect mindset for it. Here's to at least 40 more! Heck, 60 more! You'd make a pretty fun old lady! : D

jesse.anne.o: Indeed, I am under the sign of Cancer. I hope that you had/have a great birthday too! Oh my gosh...that story is both crazy and hilarious! I can see that happening to me in the same situation. Sounds like you've got NYC mastered by now though. I can just see you eating thawed frozen bread and crying. Now THAT is a relocation story! An air mattress under his desk? Ha!

Carleen: It's those times that are the most memorable and the sweetest though, you know? When we're forced to appreciate the simple things in life. It can be quite beautiful. And here's to cake with candy for sure! : )

Tart Deco: Oh yes, I'm pretty addicted to Blog Land already. I can click on a link and two hours later, not even know where I started. So many interesting worlds to peer into, you know? I hope that you and your husband have a great anniversary! I bet that the wedding was really cool. I'll be seeing you around your blog. Please stop by and say hey here too! : )

SusieQT: Hey, thanks so much! I appreciate your linking to the giveaway! : ) That sounds like a really amazing birthday. That was SO cool of your Mom to do something like that. I bet you felt like you were on top of the world!

Eartha Kitsch said...

The Long & Winding Bobbin: Oh, my gosh! I can feel for you. Nashville isn't that big but when I moved here from my own small town world, I felt like my head was going to explode! And thanks. : ) Please stop by again!

Anita C. Evans: Ha! Well, pretend blogs are still blogs so let's just say that you are a blogger! : ) And my dear heavens....that birthday story sounds pretty awful! And you say that it's still awful to this very day? I can believe it. Family stuff can get pretty intense. I'm glad that ended happily with you and your husband getting married. Congrats!

LoverofWords: Wow! It seems like you've had to relocate a lot. I don't envy you there! I'm sorry to hear that you had to lose loved ones with Hurricane Katrina. What an awful event that a lot of people are still feeling repercussions from. So much sadness and loss surrounding it. You know, I've never been to Texas but people that I know there say that there is just no relief from that heat there. I bet that you stand a good chance being in the insurance business - that's one business that never stops. I don't really have any towns to suggest. I say that you should think of a place that you've always wanted to live and research, research, research. Maybe you can find somewhere to make your "I never want to leave here" home.

Anonymous: Thank you! : D

alleyesandears: Aww! I love that you take me along to the thrift! Did you find anything? I hope that if you did, it's not anything so tacky that you'll blame me for it. : )

Sparkleneely: Um...that sounds like the best birthday ever! I bet that the bracelet is really beautiful. That just goes to show you that you were and are very, very loved. People don't do that for someone that they feel so-so about. You're a good egg!
And thanks! Birthdays are going to come whether we want them to or not. I guess we just have to take them in stride, huh?

paperdollsforboys: "Chalkware hussy" - haa! "Mator" - are you serious? Double haa! That skating rink party sounds ah-mazing! And thanks, I'd be there with bells on. I'm sorry to hear that y'all have no skating rink now though. : ( Thanks for your well wishes! My freak flag is raised and ready to fly again!

Jen: Oh my gosh! You know what? I just LOVE that you all ate that ice cream cake anyway. I mean, most of it didn't touch the floor and who wants to throw out the fantastic cake / ice cream combination? That's like taking glee and stomping it to death! Happy engagement anniversary to you and your sweetie! : D

krissy hart: Isn't she something? Good luck on the drawing!

Una: What a nightmare story! I bet you were running around like crazy. Thank goodness for that ex's apartment. I think that Ms. Fish is pretty cute too. Good luck on the contest!

Sherrie: You are very welcome! I hope that everyone goes there and sees what a wonderful job you all do!

supinternets: Oh no! Were you able to cover THAT up? It sounds like the plot to a John Hughes movie! : )

Kally: Thanks so much! Please come back again sometime! : )

Miss1941: Thank you! Consider yourself entered! : D

punk in writing: Thanks so much for coming over from Mary's turf! That sounds like an amazing and enlightening time, for sure. I wish that I could have done something like that around that age. You're very fortunate to have had such a time.

Eartha Kitsch said...

SRK: ohmygosh! I just LOVE the way that you describe that whole thing! What a frenzied chunk of mayhem! "I slammed the door shut and went to the movies" - that sounds just like you too! How in hello operator did you get that buck out of that pool? I'm guessing that it didn't involve a saucepan. But if it did, don't tell me about it...it can't be pretty. And thanks! It makes me pleased as punch to see you here. You better come back to see ole Eartha Mae now!

Charm and Poise: Wow...don't you wish that the "W" button could be everywhere??
I can guarantee you that you are going to have some great stories to tell. A brand new crazy adventure. I can't wait to hear them!

Jennie: Thanks so much! And oh my gosh, you poor thing! I bet you (or the people in the cars behind you) will never forget that night!

Julie: That sounds like SO much fun. And my gosh, how cool was it for his friends who didn't even know you to buy you gifts and bring a cake? VERY cool. Wow!

Dottie: Thanks so much! I'd hoped that folks would like the blog name. : ) That Karen Finlay is the best. Thanks for coming over from her world to check out my little Ranch Dressing! And yes, please come back to see me. I have no idea what is going to happen but sometimes, that is half the fun!

mary van note: Hey, thanks! Please come back and see me! : )

strawberry lemonade girl: Well, hey you! And thanks! I'm glad that you like the blog. Please come back to see me. It'd be good to have your great vibes here in my fledgling new home. xo!

Kitsch and Curious Elaine: Hello, you! It's good to see you over here! : ) The giveaway is definitely international so your name is going in the hat. That 10th anniversary party sounds perfect - you guys thought of all of the fun touches too. I bet people laughed and smiled the entire time. Congrats on your 20 years together too - that is really something to be pleased about. Here's to many more decades!

Mille Motts: Hey! Thanks so much! I hope that you'll come back by!

Michelle: Aww! If she sees that handsome Mr. Fish, she's going to fall absolutely in love. : ) Maybe you'll win the drawing and Mr. Fish will have two lovely fishy ladies competing for his love. : D

Eartha Kitsch said...

pilgrim: You're welcome and thanks for your comment as well. Thanks for your kind words and I hope to see you around again. I love your blog as well!

Monica: Hey honey! I'm soooooooooo happy to see you here! It feels like when we were kids in school and we'd return from Summer vacation to see our bestest friends again! : )

Alexandra Bitchford: Thanks for stopping over from No Pattern Required. Those are some great gals over there. My gosh, what a nightmare move-in story. There's no accounting for taste and I tell you, when a couple has differing taste, it can be UGLY. Both emotionally AND in the decorating sense. : D

Barbara: Thanks! I bet that was a very exciting time! I've still never been to L.A. and I think that it might just blow my mind. : )

McKitty: Hey you!! You're very smart to be prepared! One never knows when a party situation might arise and we always know how to keep that thing going! The world depends on us really. : ) My gosh - what a fantastic birthday story! I can just picture it in my head and there is a whistling Fall wind soundtrack and it's all simply delicious. Hugs!

Andrea: Ha! I am the same way that he is. I'm so bad with dates. Hey, your anniversary is just a few days away - leave some hints around for your hubby! : )
I think it's wonderful that after 15 years, you still say "lovely house". Congratulations! And thanks...please come back by to see me. : D

Modern Suzie: Oh my gosh! What a dramatic 7th birthday! I hope those two girls cut out the "horseplay" after that. Pool rules say "no" to that. : ) And I am glad that they were both okay!

sputnikhousewares: Hey you! Long time no see! Wow, I feel for you. I'm not sure that I could handle a surprise party either. I am pretty sure that I'd pee myself and people would tease me for years after too. You poor thing! I bet your husband had some moments of angst when he thought that you just might not leave the house. : ) It was nice of everyone to do that for you though, shaky knees and all.

lindybug: Bless y'all! You must be so excited to have him home. I wish you both the very best and I know that you'll hug each other for hours and hours. : )

Jennie@Wedgwood Tulsa: You guys must have felt like you'd hit pay dirt when you found that restaurant open! : )

Ladybug: I sure am! Drop me a line through e-mail and tell me what kind of shops that you're in to if you want to. I'll see what I can tell ya. I know some good vintage shops and a couple of decent thrifts depending on what side of town you are on. I see from your blog that you'll be moving away to a new adventure soon!

Eartha Kitsch said...

If I missed anyone, please forgive me. Blogger kept telling me that I was talking a lot (like I've never heard THAT before!). :)

I promise that you'll all be entered in the drawing though. Good luck!

Eartha Kitsch said...

We have a winner - Millie Motts! Congrats!

Thanks to everyone who entered! :)

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

I can't stop reading your blog!! Love it. I checked out your first post, laughed out loud and then couldn't stop reading. Looking forward to following along.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my bathroom - I am so glad others appreciate the bathroom. I just found amazing vintage lavendar porcelian wall scones to install. I need to get new lighting hardware though. Can't wait to do some more retro-renovating.

Have a great weekend!