Friday, July 23, 2010

Just A Squirrel Tryin' To Get A Nut

Hey y'all! Thank you so much for your great comments from my post about my Mom coming in to town. I love reading about your collections - and my Mom has too! We're still running from pillar to post and estate sale to thrift shop. We have been going like crazy and only stopping to eat and sleep. We've found tons of fun stuff and yes, my Mom did indeed find two Pyrex pieces. I knew it! She attracts that stuff like a magnet!

I can't wait to show you everything that we've found in our hunts. For now, I'm just going to show you a highly debatable item. We were in this rather dank, creepy basement of a Kentucky thrift store and let me tell you - each item was more horrible than the last. It was all lit by flickering florescent bulbs and there was this smell that I can only describe as "public restroom in the mouth of Hell" and even though we were told that everything was half off, we decided that nothing was truly worth considering.

And then I saw him. Amongst the shelves of knick-knack horrors, I saw this little squirrel with his big green eyes, pleading paws and a tail that had been broken off and glued back on crooked and devoid of care with thick yellow glue. I held him briefly and then put him back on the shelf. I walked away and felt a gnawing in my gut. Then I walked back to him again after convincing myself that he didn't deserve to stay in such a place.

I clutched him in my palm and showed him to Mister Kitsch and my Mom and they both pretty much thought that I'd lost my mind. I told my Mom that he couldn't be more than a quarter and that I had to "rescue him". My Mom says, "She ought to GIVE him to you." When I went upstairs and to the counter, I held the little guy out to the shop owner and chirped, "how much for this little squirrel?" and she shuddered (visibly shuddered!) and croaked out, "Uhhh..take him."

So, in the end, nobody loves him but me. I asked my Mom to name him and half-joking about having to think up a name for a little guy that she clearly wasn't crazy about, she said, "he ought to be called 'dust collector'. I replied, "Then his name will be Swiffer!" Mister Kitsch thought up "McCluster" and so now, I bring to you the newly rescued addition to the ranch - Swiffer McCluster!

I think that he looks pleased. Don't you?

I hope that you all are having a great start to the weekend! Talk to you soon...

Until next time,
x's and o's,


Betty2Tone said...

He's cute! I def. would have bought that if I found something like it

Anonymous said...

that squirrel is off his meds, i love him.

Sara In AZ said...

I think I have had the same exact experience with Mike and my Mom. For some bizarre reason I am always drawn to old stuffed animals – esp. the plastic face ones. So I will pick up one to show it to them and they both look at me with grimaces like "What ARE you thinking Sara!" But, then I get it anyway! :)

Love the squirrel girl! I would have gotten him too – even with the broken tail. It seems like I am always bringing a project home to fix-up and repair! Can't wait to see all the goodies you found!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Awwww bless him, well at least he has a good home now!

Poodle Superstar said...

You do realize that when shopkeepers shudder and give you things it means that they're cursed. You DO know that, right?

Sparkleneely said...

I love him.

Charm and Poise said...

I'm always pleaded to the Mr. that I have to buy something because it's sad or ugly or neglected. I'm so happy, then, that Swiffer found such a good mom!

Monica said...

HE IS ADORABLE! I love him!

Sherrie said...

Oh...see, animal shelter volunteer training! Loving the least of us. Dolly and Porter would be so proud. Conway, not so much.rol

Kitsch and Curious said...

Aww! Look at his little dopey smile!
Swiffer wuvs Eartha!

59KUSTOM said...

I like him!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Betty2Tone: Thank you! You would have? That makes me feel better. I was getting ready to question my taste! He’s living happily next to the basil in the kitchen. Much better than that nasty pit of a basement.

lynxymama: Haaaaa! You’re hilarious! Yes, I think that he might be tweeking.

Sara: Ha! You’re doing the right thing. Sometimes you just have to listen to your heart, you know? I’m also an old stuffed animal sucker. If I ever have kids, they’re going to be doomed to sleep and play with dusty, decades old stuffed animals! And thanks - Swiffer is doing nicely here. I might color his tail glue in with a brown marker. I wish that I could send him to your salon/repair shop. You’d probably recast his tail and make him brand new with those mad skillz of yours.

Straight Talking Mama!: Ha! “Bless him” -yep, that’s what we say here when we feel sorry for something too. : D

Poodle Superstar: Bah! Oh no! It would figure that I’d get a cursed squirrel figurine. Okay, since he came to my kitchen, I have found both a brown recluse spider (eeek!) AND a cave cricket (eeek!) in my kitchen sink. Don’t tell me that Swiffer is of the damned??

Sparkleneely: Aww....He’ll love you too, you know.

Charm and Poise: Thank you! Does Mr. give in most of the time? I wonder if there are guys that do this too? Is it just a maternal instinct?

Monica: Thank you! I feel much better about my decision now. You’ve got mad taste.

Sherrie: Ha! Oh, Conway.... And you may be right - some folks just love those who need it the most, you know?

Kitsch and Curious Elaine: Hee! “Wuvs” - wuv that! And thanks! : )

59KUSTOM: Thanks so much! I think he’ll be our website mascot.