Friday, July 30, 2010

Cowboy Songs For Little Buckaroos

I wonder how you all would feel if I started calling you "my little buckaroos"?

Remember the creepy crawly junk store basement where we found the Ranch Dressing squirrel mascot, Swiffer McCluster?

Hi Swiffer!

We also found a great album there called "Cowboy Songs for Little Buckaroos".

That's Champ Butler and I'm pretty sure that those other guys aren't the Range Riders. See how his boot seems to be propped on his own name? I love touches like that.

Is anyone as in love as I am with the aqua and orange number of the little cowpoke on the right?

The album is put out by Golden Tone Stereo and sadly, they thought so little of the album that they didn't even write anything on the back about the album itself - only ads for their other albums! Oh, Golden Tone... I had to do some research myself and learned that Champ Butler kind of danced on the edges of stardom in the 50's but never really hit it as big as some others did.

There IS a sweet little handwritten note in cursive at the bottom of the album from a young Danny Brock who lived in Richmond, Indiana. In my usual fashion of wanting to delve into history, I looked up the address to try and see if the family still lives there. I wanted to bug them and find out how Danny is doing these days and if he's still into buckaroo tunes ("Buckaroo tunes...why can't I quit you?!"). Apparently, the family has now moved away and the address is now home to a registered sex offender. Doh! So, I left it alone just like I think that cowboy troubadour, Champ Butler would want me to do.

Thanks, Champ!

So, my little buckaroos....that's how I'm going to leave you - with a sense of what Nancy Drew-ing can lead to AND a cowboy tune from Champ himself. Let me tell you - the ragtime really consumes Champ's entire being in this little ditty that I found on the web:

Until next time..
x's and o's (and clippity clops)


Lynn said...

Oh, I love that little outfit on the right too.
It is a little bit scary what you can learn with a little internet Nancy Drew-ing.

Charm and Poise said...

Let's all do a clippity clop for Champ today!

Jen said...

The turquoise number is great, but give me the red & white!

The sex offender thing is sad and scary. However, it kinda makes me want to look up the address of the first house I grew up in (my parents are still in the second) to see who is there...

Sara In AZ said...

Wellllll, hello Swiffer McCluster! I've been wonderng where you are. And yes, you can call all of us your Little Buckaroos!

That is a great album Eartha! How can you go wrong with Champ Butler!!!

Hmmmmm, what is his boot REALLY on is what I want to know?

And, I am promptly going to have an adult version of the aqua and orange cowboy outfit made up for me! Love it!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I love the idea of being called Little Buckaroos ha ha!

mmm just goes to show that sometimes snooping doesn't lead to where you think it will....Sad huh?

Eartha Kitsch said...

Lynn: It definitely is! I always have to research though. I LOOOOVE researching.

Charm and Poise: And a yodel-ee-oh!

Jen: You should! I recently learned that my childhood house nearly burned to the ground. You just never know..

Sara: Well, hello Little Buckaroo! :) And I think that you should!

Straight Talking Mama: Consider yourself a buckaroo then! :) And yeah, I thought that I'd find the family and reunite them with their favorite album ever. Boy, was I wrong.

Shane Tenczar said...

That album would be perfect for my cowboy room. I must find a copy!

Opal (Mel) said...

That little buckeroo in the center is eyeing Champ's guitar.
And I reckon those red boots shoes be a size 9, thankyouverymuch.

Anonymous said...

My fathers name is Danny Brock and he is from Richmond Indiana. I am interested to know what the note says.

Eartha Kitsch said...

Anonymous: I'd have to look back but I'm pretty sure it was a home address.

Unknown said...

Champ Butler is my Great Uncle. I also live in Nashville.

I started a facebook page today to collect his pics and music. I will see what I can find out from the family.

- Jason Galaz from Muddy Roots Music.