Thursday, March 29, 2012

Earl Scruggs Will Be Missed

The world lost an amazing man and musician yesterday when it lost Earl Scruggs. He died at age 88 here in Nashville. I sorted through tons of videos of him and Lester Flatt being the monster musicians that they were but in the end, decided upon this one.

It reminds me of when I first became aware of Flatt and Scruggs back when I was just a little kid watching The Beverly Hillbillies. They not only performed the music on the theme song (and also the one to Petticoat Junction) but were on the show seven times. I remember getting so excited when they were. I found them so charming and thought that they were just the coolest. This is how I'll always remember them the most.

Rest in peace, Earl. You and Lester had some differences but I'm pretty sure that you've gone on to meet up again in that great wingding in the sky.

You all can read more about Mr. Scruggs' life and legacy here.

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Laura said...

Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs music always reminded me of my Grandad, who was an Arkansas mountain boy. "Roll in my Sweet Baby's Arms" is my favorite, because it's just that kind of winking naughtiness that my Grandad reveled in. Bluegrass lost its heart yesterday. :'(

Dakota said...

Such sad news! I was never a huge bluegrass fan, but it was the Flatt & Scruggs version of "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" in Bonnie and Clyde converted me. It's really sad to see that generation of amazing country artists dying off :(

E said...

Bluegrass Nights at the Ryman will never be the same ...

Sara In AZ said...

RIP Earl Scruggs, you definitely will be missed.