Friday, March 9, 2012

Antique Mall Visit

Hey all! We made it through the storm just fine. We only spent about three minutes total in the hall closet and after that, smooth sailing! The Mister has been on vacation this week so we've been able to get some fun time in amongst some more hectic happenings such as a visit to court. No, we didn't get arrested. Not this time at least! More on that later.

Yesterday, we stopped into the Tennessee Antique Mall where I found this awesome couple.

I think that they have the kindest faces ever.

I know nothing about them (and you know that's killing me) besides that this picture was taken in Murfreesboro, TN in 1957.

I also stopped in to see Jamie from Owl Really's booth:

Of which I took pretty horrible photos that do it no justice. Sorry Jamie!

She has much, much better photos here.

Jamie has a really great eye and some awesome items. And if you love owls like I do, you'll have a hard time deciding because she has so many. Stop by and see her if you're Nashville folk. And if you buy that adorable little horse sweater before I'm able to have kids, I'll completely understand. Maybe.

In other antique store news, my heart wanted this. It's got squirrels! Eee!

But then I remembered how our last cuckoo clock fared:

That poor clock is now living in the witness protection program (the Mister's office at work).

So we bought an enormous piece of furniture instead - that the Mister and the antique store owner are going to be careening through here with it in about an hour. If if fits through our doors. We did that hopeful measuring that one does when faced with something that they really want in an antique store. "Oh sure! It's bound to fit!"

Time to clear a path! Gotta run!

Until next time,
x's and o's,


Straight Talking Mama! said...

They really do have the kindest loveliest faces, makes me smile!

Can't wait to see your humongous piece of furniture! said...

What a sweet couple in that photograph!! Thank you for posting about my booth and for posting photos - now I don't need to stop by today to see if anything sold - pretty much everything is where it should be!

I'm intrigued by your humongous piece of furniture!!! Can't wait to see what it is!

Sara In AZ said...

Oh Pip! That poor clock! :D

I love those pics you picked up, if I know you one day you will figure out who they are!

Totally excited to see your new HUGE piece of furniture!!!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

hahaha that clock picture made me laugh out loud!
i love that horse sweater too. if i was pregnant it would be mine!

Betty Crafter said...

Gah! The cuckoo clock! Squirrels! (cardiac arrest. death.)

Vanessa said...

I'm completely charmed by this space! Gonna drink it in before I hit up my antique mall spaces to revamp them!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Love the action shot of kitty attacking the cute. I love cats, but sometimes think I cannot have nice things because of them.

Jen said...

Oh, can't wait to see what wondrous new thing you have picked up! I'm totally living my vintage life vicariously through you all now.

May non-locals visit Owl Really's booth, too? Even though I already have those gold birds propped up on the mantle back there? If we see something we like in the picture, do we just wire you money plus your finder's fee and gas bucks? ;)

suzieQ said...

Aw, how could someone let those sweet people leave their home? Makes me a little sad. Cats are evil, aren't they? I have one of those kitty's with the swinging eyes and tails and Boo worries the tail until it stops...naughty. I am so, so anxious for yard sales, though gas prices will curtail the traveling that I usually do, rats.